Ancient Astral God Chapter 2247

Ancient Astral God Chapter 2247

The savage who had just struck the pill furnace screamed as the energy overwhelmed him, wiping out most of his body as he was flung backward.

As the door opened, eight waitresses wearing neat uniforms entered in succession, each carrying eight smaller dishes on their trays. The dishes looked appetizing, with the delicious aroma filling the room within seconds.

"It's been so long, Master´."

On the Blood Stream Sect side, they were just as willing to see Nightcrypt make a fool of himself. That was especially true considering how Master God-Diviner had worded things, which ensured that none of them would say a single word to intervene.

After a series of weakening effects, the old men's abilities were brought down to be at about 1,200 stars while Qing Shui's strength was around 1,100 stars. However, Qing Shui could make it up with the Nine Palace Steps in terms of his speed.

Even as he looked at the four-leaved immortal grass, he suddenly remembered something that he had acquired from one of the disciples from the Blood Stream Sect. Back in the Fallen Sword World, so many disciples had besieged him because of the heavenstring energy that he couldn't remember them all clearly. However, there was one disciple who had made somewhat of an impression; after being killed, he had seemingly transformed into a mask and then tried to flee.

"Xiao Bei, don't spew nonsense," Qingqing said in embarrassment.

There were now less than 1,000 cultivators remaining, and after two days passed, more left. By the ninth day, they had less than 200 members.

"Go ahead. I won't get angry no matter what you say." Qing Shui rubbed his nose. He knew what she was going to ask even by using his toes to think.

"Heavens! It's an invasion! We're being invaded!!"


She almost didn't blink her eyes as she stared at Qing Shui's body. It's as if she was trying to imprint Qing Shui's actions into her mind.

Qing Zi nodded in understanding. "There's no rush. We are still young."

AST 526 - Strength of the Heart of Seven Orifices, Absolute Genius

There were many encounters inside the forest as well. Group encounters were a common occurrence, but nothing at the sort of difficulty that he wouldn't be able to handle.

"Maybe instead of being so cautious, I should go all out from the beginning?" After some more thought, he gritted his teeth and nodded. It wasn't that he suddenly didn't fear death. Rather, considering that he would be part of a large group of people, as long as he was careful and didn't get greedy, his celestial cultivation base should be enough to protect him.

Qing Shui tapped the acupuncture points around the area continuously with his other hand. A Golden Needle was also inserted into the heart area, but unlike the other areas, the needle was inserted in a shallow manner.

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