in the dark of the mind Chapter 769

in the dark of the mind Chapter 769

Zhao Chongyang suddenly let out a crazy laughter toward the sky. He was laughing with blood and tears filling his face, giving him a miserable look. Despair had completely engulfed his heart, all his dreams had burst to nothing, like soap bubbles; this was the reality he was facing.

"That is the Teleportation Formation."

Jian Chen's announcement caused them to feel speechless. With a helpless look to each other, Xiao Tian spoke out, "Let's go to the Gesun Kingdom then."

"Hou!" The warbeast let out an angry snarl as both of its eyeballs stared at Jian Chen with a bloodthirsty glare and threw a hand at him.

"Who are you!" The middle-aged man from the Xia clan sternly asked as he glared sharply at Jian Chen.

With that thought in mind, Jian Chen no longer hesitated and agreed to be an Imperial Protector.

"It's just a city at the most remote region, but it's so huge! This is amazing!"

The elder sneered with disdain at Jian Chen's words, "What? You still wish to seek revenge? Hmph, for someone who hasn't even reached the Great Saint Master level to want to take revenge on my Harido clan, you are an imbecile. To think you want to know my name, then there's no harm in telling you. Remember this, this old man is called Yan Kaizer."

"Great then. I, Tie Ta, will follow in whatever you guys will do. Wherever you go, I will go." Tie Ta responded with an excited face.

Seeing the nervous expression on their faces, Jian Chen couldn't help but continue to smile. Waving his hand, he spoke, "No need to be worried, just come with me."

With a muffled sound, the stone door continued to tower over everyone else with only some dust being shaken down.



"Chief, this boy is really mysterious. Even the men from the Heavenly Sword Sect can't kill him££ Do you think Chen Shuang and Ruan Ling were killed by Jiang Chen?"

Then, Jian Chen swapped out his Space Ring for the other one. The Space Ring with his more precious items went into a small box which he began to find a hiding place for it.

"Pah!" A mouthful of blood immediately sprayed out of Yun Li's mouth after having been injured by Ming Dong.

Everyone wore excited expressions on their faces. A brand new chapter was unfolding in front of them; there was nothing that could make them happier.Chapter 266 ÿ Saving Han Yan

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