The World Online Chapter 2547

The World Online Chapter 2547

Those superpowers who had some grudges with Jiang Chen in the past were secretly rejoicing. Jiang Chen's existence had taught everyone a lesson; there were some people who could never be offended, because once you offended them, you would have to pay a devastating price.

"Looks like the only solution is to return and let master save them. I can't save them with my ability."

"Chief Jiang, you guys came here too?"

Xuan Ye whispered to Wu Jiu. He had stayed in Inferno City for seven years, and although there were constant conflicts and fights, making it seem like human lives were worthless in this place; slaughtering so many people along, like Jiang Chen did, it was the first time something like this had ever happened in Inferno City.

The life force within his body was already beginning to spill out as Tianxiong Lie remained speechless, Slowly, his unwilling face began to fall toward the ground.

But, this world of glaciers was not a suitable place for him to forge a Combat Weapon. The temperature here was too low, so it was extremely difficult for him to merge all Combat Weapons together. At least, it was much more difficult than concocting pills here.

"Brother Tan, just hold on for one more day. I'll save you from this place tomorrow."

Neither of the two had thought that a Peak Saint Master would be able to handle 3 Great Saint Masters with ease and then kill one of them.


The tiger who hadn't climbed up for two days suddenly shot straight up. With a furious blood thirsty glare, it leaped into the group of fighters.

After two days worth of traveling over thousands and thousands of kilometers, Jian Chen's group finally managed to make it to the edges of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Without any time to rest, the group headed for the palace.


The patriarch bit his lips hard enough to draw blood and spat it out. Quickly, he drew a mysterious but grotesque pattern with his blood in the air before it flew to Jian Chen.

The four geniuses increased the pressure once again, hoping to send Jiang Chen back down. Looking at Jiang Chen's progress, he was definitely going to reach the top of the Stairway to Heaven. Forget reaching the top, just by being able to reach the 95th step, it was already degrading to them. This was something that had been impossible in the past years.

The elder from the Shangguan Clan, Shangguan Chong coldly harrumphed. After that, he bid 20 million.

The Third Emperor furiously said.

Jiang Chen explained without telling Tyrant how he learned the combat skill. After all, the ability to absorb any bloodline underneath the heavens brought by the Dragon Transformation skill was just too amazing and unbelievable; it wasn't good to let too many people know about it.

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