The Great Conqueror Chapter 37

The Great Conqueror Chapter 37

"Changyang Xiangtian, the Changyang clan and our Hua Yun Sect have been friends since a few hundred years ago. I hope you will forgive us for our mistakes. Although Saiya's actions yesterday were not right, it didn't end in disaster, I hope that you will forgive him." A grand elder began to speak with a pleading voice. He and the other grand elder had no wish to fight against Jian Chen's strength.

Everyone from the Wu family were busy fighting, including Wu Tianyang and all their Combat Soul warriors. None of them had time to help the others. As for the innocent and weak people of the city, they were just food waiting to be served, as most of them were too weak to even fight back. They could only wait to be slaughtered.


The fortitude of the man was evidently very weak as he began to scream out in pain continuously in a suffering manner.

With a serious expression, the man replied, "Did your mother not contract a serious illness?"

Entering the monster core shop, Jian Chen felt that despite being such a large store, there weren't many people inside. There weren't even any monster cores arranged out, with only a few female clerks that were working, but other than that, this place didn't seem like a monster core shop at all.

Bang bang bang££

Big Yellow jumped up from where he stood and moved aside. He and Jiang Chen both lowered their heads and looked at the ground. Then, they saw an entire skeleton lying where Big Yellow had just stepped. His foot he caused a hole to appear on the skeleton's chest.

"How is this possible? He was clearly a fire attributed Saint Force cultivator, just how is he using the wind attribute?"

"What a violent flame, it actually carries a divine aura. Even the poisonous miasma doesn't dare try to corrode it."

Hearing Kabolds' words the smile on everyone's faces slowly dissipated. What he had said wasn't false; if they were to try and take the cub of the Golden Fur Tiger King, they would encounter a multitude of trouble. Even if they didn't come across the parents of this cub, bringing it back to Wake City would still be a tremendously difficult task. After all, a cub was a living animal; it could not go into the space within a Space Belt without dying, since the inside of the belt was uninhabitable. Thus, they would have to transport it from the outside. But since the road would have many groups of people, the news of a Golden Fur Tiger King cub would quickly spread about. By that point, many strong factions would come and try to provoke the Flame Mercenaries. With their current strength, this would be something they wouldn't be able to fend off.

Jiang Chen smiled lightly. If compared to a Divine Core warrior, then his strength was indeed weaker. However, defense mechanisms were something different. It was something that was set up by a cultivator who used some tricks to communicate with the qi that exists in the universe. As long as he could find the weak spot, it would be easy to break it open.

There were a few Divine Core Sect Elders who had come from the Valley of Happiness. Not only this, all the disciples from the Valley of Happiness had temporarily moved to the Black Sect, and they were getting ready to combine forces and fight back against the Burning Sky Pavilion.

"Yi!" The elder's face changed as he gave a small start. Looking at Jian Chen fly into the air with an flabbergasted face, his eyes contained a glint of disbelief and astonishment.

"Yan Zhan Yun, that little bastard Jiang Chen has killed a man from the Heavenly Sword Sect. He is going to die for sure! Even though he unleashed a poison attack, without proper preparations it wouldn't be easy for him to succeed. Do you really think that with his Mid Qi Hai realm abilities, he would be able to defend himself from a Mid Mortal Core warrior? As for your Yan family, by stopping me today, you have offended the Heavenly Sword Sect! You are going to meet the same ending as Jiang Chen sooner or later. Sadly, I can't kill Jiang Chen personally and slice him into a thousand pieces. But even after Jiang Chen is dead, I won't let the Jiang family in Fragrant Sky city go!"

Jian Chen smiled and nodded in a friendly manner. Despite the people in front of him being the lowest of the low in terms of social hierarchy, Jian Chen treated each and every single one of them as equals without arrogance.

Amongst the bandits were a few strong ones, but the majority of them were fairly weak and so a few dozen of them fell victim to the storm of arrows.

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