Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 1050

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing Chapter 1050

The tricolors on the dead Tricolor Scorpion King gradually disappeared, revealing a crimson red shell. Because of the tricolors previously, he only found out that the Tricolor Scorpion King was also a crimson red colored scorpion. However the red was extremely translucent.

He took over the stone and tried to feel it. After not discovering much, he released his Spiritual Sense and took a peek into the green stone.?

Bai Xiaochun had just hurried out of his blessed land. Looking back over his shoulder at the place where he had lived for over a year, he sighed.

"Not a bad physical body. Plus she's strangely connected to this kid. I guess she would make a good choice for an apprentice." Having made her decision, she waved her arm, sending the unconscious Hou Xiaomei flying into her sleeve. With that, she turned back to the bone galleon.

"Only people in the top 10 of the Wildlands Execution List have rewards like that attached to their names. Congratulations! Xiaochun... you're already in the top 10!

"Please give me your guidance!" Qing He smiled, and cupped his hands respectfully.

Whatever it was, his words sounded pleasant to Qing Shui's ears. Qing Shui could tell that he was, at least, a straightforward and open-minded man who followed a set of principles whenever he did his business.

After the young girl received the passion fruit, she stopped crying and laughed, Qing Shui took advantage of that to quickly pick up the young girl. The young girl who was eating the passion fruit did not mind, this caused Qing Shui to be excited.

"I already have no way to love someone wholeheartedly. Sister Chen, someday, there would definitely be a heavenly man looking for you, to only love you wholeheartedly." Qing Shui discovered that when he said these words, he felt weird.

Considering how well-practiced he was, and that his clone was helping, everything went very quickly.

"This guy¡­ seems different from the other people of Heavenspan that I've seen!" That was what most of the demigods were thinking. Eventually, they looked away, and followed Gu Tianjun to formally escort the newcomers into the Saint-Emperor Dynasty.

Canghai Mingyue was sitting on the bed, her legs stretched out and her arms dangling down! Her wonderful figure highlighted by that black-colored nightgown gave her a lethal quality of seduction, especially the rounded peaks under the nightgown!


The Golden-Armored Violet Crystal Beast left like a breeze of wind as its golden body streaked off to a distance, traversing over mountains and rivers as if it was flat ground. In a flash, the Old Ancestor headed ?quickly towards the Demonic Beast Sect.?

The darkness couldn't be blocked! In the briefest of moments, it poured into Daoist Heavenspan, inundating him¡­ and extinguishing the candle flame!

AST 759 - Tragedy of Gongxi Hao, Donggong Taiqing's Assertiveness


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