Reborn To Be an Idol W/ a System Chapter 857

Reborn To Be an Idol W/ a System Chapter 857

"Really? I do want to witness the Myriad Returning Swords skill."

"Hehe, it's fine, it's fine. Brother Jian Chen is a valued guest of my Tianqin clan. The welcomes you very much." Qin Xiao's father, the patriarch of the Tianqin clan, stood up from his chair and said kindly. He then extended his hand to gesture at a empty seat not far away, "Brother Jian Chen, please sit, please sit."

Jiang Chen then stopped a pedestrian and asked, "Brother, where is the best restaurant in this Silver Moon City?"

Those of the same level of strength would find it a very challenging task to defeat one another in a one on one battle. However, the Qinhuang Kingdom was known as one of the Eight Great Powers. A title that was second only to the Three Great Empires on the Tian Yuan Continent. To become an Imperial Advisor, the best of the best had to be chosen.

"Big Yellow, can you finish this fight faster? That guy only has half his normal combat strength right now. Wasting so much time fighting him, isn't this an insult to your mighty reputation?"

The arrival of this unknown object was so sudden, this monster didn't even have time to react. Also, the object carried a massive amount of force when fell onto his head, this monster cried out horribly and started rolling on the floor.

"No comment!" Jian Chen replied.

However, there was still a year before his fight with Nan Bei Chao, there was no need to rush it. Jiang Chen was still in a period of rapid growth, and what he needed now was just time. Besides, with Nan Bei Chao's talent and potential, he might have broken through to the Divine Core realm by now.

A huge explosion sounded out and caused the whole valley to shake. Golden lights reached high into the sky, bright and shining.

Jiang Chen spoke without any emotions. Although he sounded calm, his words were like a lightning strike to these people.

With a slightly less loud explosion, the ten Primary Tier cannons fired straight at the magical beasts with an extensively large amount of firepower. The bursts of energy landed firmly against the incoming crowd, completely obliterating large large groups.

The final conclusion between Jian Chen and Ming Dong had been far beyond what anyone had expected. Only those who had some familiarity with the two had a look of smugness on their faces. They knew that Ming Dong and Jian Chen had been with each other for some time, and while they knew that Ming Dong was extremely strong, he had always treated Jian Chen as the leader almost as if he was the boss.

"But this place doesn't look as big as the Black Sect."

Upon hearing that the person in front of him was the Imperial Advisor for the Qinhuang Kingdom, the captain was immediately startled, "Yes, your servant will send one right away. You there, escort senior into the palace." The captain commanded a person to escort Jian Chen while he himself used some sort of movement technique to disappear into the palace.

Following the expansion of the Black Sect, more and more people joined them and became their disciples. Daoist Black had also broken through to the Combat Soul realm, causing the Qi Province to no longer be the lowest ranked province in the entire Eastern Continent.

Nangong Wentian started rushing toward the trails of light.

Jian Chen quickly made his way out from the room and cupped his hands to the patriarch, "Jian Chen respectfully greets patriarch Tianqin."

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