Trapped with the CEO Chapter 1067

Trapped with the CEO Chapter 1067

"Halt! Who goes there!?"

After he heard this, Qing Shui hurriedly retreated. Given that the 2nd eldest Gongsun Sanqian was already 80+, this 3rd Martial Aunt wouldn't be considered young either. Qing Shui didn't want to have anything to do with this ¡®old woman'. Things would be extremely awkward if he was discovered.

When the others saw that Qing Shui was easy-going, they were elated, and even that attractive mature woman revealed a faint trace of a smile.

He was the complete and utter center of attention!

She naturally turned her head to face Qing Shui, but as she did so, she was startled. Qing Shui was showing a calm expression on his face, akin to the serenity of calm water.

The position where the Diamond Gigantic Elephant initially stood at turned into a big pit with a radius of 100 meters and the water of the Stellar Horse Lake gushed into it.

Qing Shui felt constrained that time and wasn't able to enjoy himself to the fullest, so he'd rather wait until he visited the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal again before looking for her. He had tried not to think about Mingyue Gelou and revel in the memories of their intimate moments from before.

Fourteen of them died on the spot!

As for his Gold Core opponent, after being hit by the Mountain Shaking Bash, he was flung backward, and coughed up a huge mouthful of blood. Then he looked over at Bai Xiaochun with complete disbelief and shock.

It was a crisp, clear little laugh that seemed like the rising sun. As soon as Bai Xiaochun heard it, his heart melted!

One of the most shocking things was Gongsun Wan'er's speed. She moved so indescribably quickly that she was little more than a blur that left a string of afterimages behind. As the battle progressed, more and more black rings began to build up around Mistress Red-Dust.

A tremor ran through Chen Yueshan as she followed the line of Zhao Tianjiao's finger to look out at the sea. However, even as the words left his mouth....

The grand heavenmaster looked over at Bai Xiaochun. When it came to his plan to cast him aside, it wasn't the cause of even an iota of guilt within him. As far as he was concerned, everyone in heaven and earth was a pawn to be used at his leisure, and could be classified into only two types: useful, and not useful.

"According to the legends, he reached Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment, Heaven-Dao Gold Core, and used the five elements deva souls method to reach Nascent Soul. The entire time, he walked the heavenly path [1. In Chinese "deva" consists of the characters for "heaven" and "person" put together, so all three of these paths have "heaven" in them]. You've had some contact with the Wildlands, so you can probably imagine what type of position the Celestial occupies!"

This sentence caused her to be distracted, a 500 plus-year-old person, how could he not be lonely? He was even forced to kill his own son and his grandson does not acknowledge his grandfather¡­

The capital of the Eastern God Country!

"Interspatial silk sachet? What's that?"?

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