Beautiful Defender Chapter 2687

Beautiful Defender Chapter 2687

At Jiang Chen's residence, there were 4 or 5 men waiting outside. The man in front was Wang Yun, and there were a few other outer circle Mortal Core disciple as well. When they saw Jiang Chen coming, their eyes lit up.

All the disciples of the Black Sect carried excited looks on their faces. Jiang Chen's reputation had left an eternal mark in their hearts.

Four corpses laid on two separate fighting stages, and fresh blood was flowing out from them. Even their internal organs were scattered across the stage. It was an extremely savage scene. Jiang Chen stood on the fighting stage like a demon king, showing no signs of discomfort toward the miserable scene surrounding him.

"By your wish!" Saiya responded affirmatively before flying to the base of the mountains as fast as he could to send someone to the Changyan Manor.

In no time at all, Jian Chen's entire body had been covered by a dense amount of stones and tree. Under his control, four separate but gigantic blades made from these fragments were formed within an instant. Each blade had a faint azure and violet glow to it as it levitated around him.

"Yes, master. Aside from Qingsuo and I, I estimate that no one else would be able to tell these are materials for forging a weapon." Ziying replied.

"Wargod Aergyns of the Bai clan!" Huang Tianba exclaimed as soon as he heard the name, "I've heard of him before! According to the legends, Aergyns was the strongest person in the Bai clan, and he was seen as a god in even his own clan! He was respected by countless of people and his strength was terrifying--he became a Saint Emperor at one point in his life!"

"Why did I fall down from the sky? I am a Combat Soul warrior, I can fly whenever I want, so why can't I fly here?! My cultivation?!! What?!! Mortal Core realm?! What's wrong with this place?!"

"The highest safety warning? Your Majesty, quickly, into the labyrinth!"

"Out of the way, out of the way! Everyone get out of the way££"

"What's going on?"

"Big brother, please tell Little Spirit okay? Where is my master now? Why hasn't he come back for Little Spirit? Little Spirit misses master." While Jian Chen had been quiet, the young woman's eyes had already begun to grow teary and pitiful.

Wu Ningzhu let out a long sigh, then she raised her head and looked at the bright moon. She took a step forward and continued speaking with a voice so soft that it could only be heard by herself, "A beautiful appearance is a girl's biggest pride. However, I have been hiding it all this time."

"He's right. In this world, there are no treasures Big Yellow can't find. If this is the case, let's leave this place and proceed to Inferno City."

Boom! Followed by a deafening rumble, the sword and the several Heaven Tier Battle Skills collapsed together in the middle of the sky. The powerful energy ripples wreaked havoc on the surroundings, lifting up the water below to a height of a dozen or so meters. Even the ferry was greatly affected, with huge cracks appearing on the deck. It soon covered the entire ferry, while the bow of the ferry was essentially destroyed.

The elder nodded his head, "That's correct, this old man is a part of the Harido clan. Wu Yun, I only desire the battle skill you have; the two Class 5 Monster Cores, I care not for."

The two Sword Spirits gave each other a look before looking at Jian Chen hesitantly. For a quick moment of silence, Ziying finally said, "Master, using a special method, you would be able to continue cultivating with Saint Force, however, the Saint Force of this world is far too weak."

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