The Taleweaver Chapter 2099

The Taleweaver Chapter 2099

Off in the distance was a volcano, which had obviously been formed by the meteorite. The black smoke which belched out from that volcano was the very same darkness that was binding up the world.

Today, he had finally witnessed the formidable potential of formations. Qing Shui decided that he needed to learn more about formations in the future. Even if he could not set up a formation, it would be good enough if he knew how to deal with enemies who used formations.

The ground was covered with cold-resist vegetation which was covered by the fresh snow. Just like an ice tree, despite the piercing cold, there were many wild beast and bird types which were resistant to the cold.

Because of the effects of Diamond Qi and Diamond Protection, Qing Shui did not have to circulate any other techniques to raise his body's strength to 370 countries and his defense to a terrifying 600 countries¡­¡­

These weren't stupid people; none of them knew Bai Xiaochun, and since this was their first time meeting him, he seemed completely and utterly impressive. Plus, his Soul Convergence Pill truly had shaken the entire battlefield, and left everyone's' minds spinning.

"You're here!" Qing Shui smiled and greeted her.

"Lass, let mommy carry you, daddy has things to do." Shi Qingzhuang smiled as she went over to carry Qing Yan who was in Qing Shui's arms.

When Celestial Aged Spirit heard the news, his anger burned hot, and he very nearly erupted into a rage. Just as the Grand Heavenmaster had predicted, Aged Spirit would come out on the bottom whether he agreed to the matter or not!

The runners up¡­ would get a medicinal pill!

Refined Revitalizing Pellet Alchemy Recipe, Mastery Level Insufficient, Information locked.

"It's been a few days since Elder Sister Yueshan has gone up to the main deck. If she doesn't see you out in the corridor tomorrow, then she'll probably go outside. Therefore, you need to be there waiting for her, in a place where there are a lot of waves crashing against the side of the ship!

Bai Xiaochun smiled. The moment he had seen this old man's face, he knew who he was. He was the owner of the precious treasure that was the hourglass. He was the Master of the Worldly Daoist, as well as the Mortal Daoist, who eventually changed his name to Mortal Renegade. This old man had transformed himself into time itself.

In response to the words, everything in the starry sky that contained Essence or magical law¡­ stirred. A new thought seemed to enter all minds, and within the vast starry sky¡­ a new natural law came into being.

"Someone¡­ has succeeded the Blood Ancestor, and reached the great circle of the Undying Codex!" The despair that had filled the Arch-Emperor's eyes was suddenly replaced with hope.

However, as soon Bai Xiaochun's hand latched down onto it, the bear acted as though a mountain of pressure had just crushed down onto it. Rumbling sounds echoed out as Bai Xiaochun pushed the bear down into the ground.

The place had mountains and waters. It was a beautiful scene. All of the things here made Qing Shui feel like he was in a market. He followed the middle-aged man, as he walked past the fake mountains and stone forests. They only came to a stop when they reached a quiet inner yard.

Before long, it had been six months since Bai Xiaochun started his work on creating a medicine formula. During that half year, he had failed too many times to count. He was in a complete mess, clothes rumpled, hair disheveled, face smudged with ash. And yet, his crimson eyes glowed with excitement as he stared at the pill furnace.

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