Mmorpg-Assassin Chapter 39

Mmorpg-Assassin Chapter 39

"What!? The second prince has already left the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom?" Jian Chen's eyebrows narrowed together. If the second prince had truly left the kingdom two days ago, then finding him would become more difficult than he initially thought.

Including Xiao Nanfeng, all the Combat Kings retreated from this place. They had no other choice, as none of them had any way of stopping Jiang Chen. Even if a mighty Combat Emperor was to intrude this place, the Asura Palace would have ways of stopping him from doing any damage. But now, this abnormal monster was facing his Heavenly Tribulation here, leaving them with no way of stopping him. Anyone who tried to stop him would eventually be killed, as even a Minor Saint wouldn't dare get close to someone else's Heavenly Tribulation, as it was just too frightening.

"This is Master Blissful's true form, it's truly the most powerful existence in the ocean! Very terrifying!"

The surrounding darkness bore no effect on the figure, allowing him to see everything clearly. Looking around himself, the figure silently entered Jian Chen's room where he saw Jian Chen sitting on his bed meditating.

Nangong Yunzheng's group was bustling with noise. The absence of Nangong Wentian made the people from Nangong Yunfan's group feel extremely embarrassed. This was even worse than just admitting defeat.

As the two men saw the girl speak, the sturdy looking man took a look at the beautiful face of hers and immediately stopped right where he stood. Quickly regaining his awareness, he spoke with a depressed expression, "The miss is quite lively. I've traveled for thirty years and yet I've never seen such a vivid woman before, just what might be your name? I discovered this cave personally and coincidentally someone came in when I just left it. Even then, you are asking me to leave when it should really be you."

After their shocks wore off, every mercenary's and bandit's eyes started to fill with greed. Battle skills were what cultivators in the Tian Yuan Continent desired most; their thirst for these skills far surpassed their desires for cultivation methods. Battle skills allowed one to increase their strength many times more than usual, so many people often fought to the death for these skills. Having a battle skill meant gaining an additional source of protection.

"Kaka, it's time for this master dog to show his mightiness!"

Turning his head, Jian Chen saw a man who was roughly fifty years old. The captain was completely draped in black, and possessed an imposing two-meter-tall figure ¨• an entire head taller than Jian Chen. On the left side of his face, there was a terrifying wound that completely disfigured the left side of his face, but added to his intimidation factor.

"Whatever, since great-granddaughter is so determined, grandfather will not force you. In the future, grandfather will just stay here and will guide great-granddaughter when she has the time." Bi Hai did not force Bi Lian in the end.

Hearing what was said, the corner of Jian Chen's lips curled into a scornful cold smile. However, he did not say anything.


"This Changyang Xiang Tian's luck is quite good, to have dodged it like that££."

Sitting by Jian Chen's side, Ming Dong asked, "Jian Chen, I've known you for quite some time, but I don't know where your family is, did you wish for me to bring some news to them?"

"No, the blood talisman is for the Earth Devil. If I use it before that, the Earth Devil will be able to sense its aura, then it will be scared and go hide itself. If that happens, all our plans and strategies will go to waste. Therefore, we have to depend on ourselves in order to defeat the Combat Soul Evil Devil."

"Jiang Chen, you are courting death by speaking those words! Before I become mad, hurry up and let Sect Elder Li and Guo Lei go!"

"En, that is my plan as well. So, in light of this, does anyone have any favorable plans we may try?" Jian Chen asked.

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