The Box of Another World Chapter 2872

The Box of Another World Chapter 2872

"Fourth master, this is the chamber of our young miss. She has stipulated that should the fourth master arrive, walking in directly would be fine." Elder Feng gave a meaningful stare and smile while elder Yun stood on the other side with a similar expression.

"Big Yellow, do not show any mercy. From now on, we will kill all who gets in our way."

In the blink of an eye, the previously sparse strip of street Jian Chen was on had became a cacophony of sounds. Merchants and mercenaries alike had abandoned whatever they were doing to fly over to the area as soon as possible, whether it was on foot or on magical beast.

After a mere few breaths, Jian Chen had already appeared over several dozen kilometers away, far away from the base of the Flame Mercenaries. The prosperous and lively city below him had also disappeared, replaced by a desolate grassland.

Fan Zhong Tang turned his head and looked at his grandson, Fan Kun.

"Guardian!" The moment she heard the man speak, she had a displeased look on her face and turned to her older brother to speak gently, "Elder brother, the situation is not like that. Don't trouble them too much, the cause of this situation is because of these guardians with no etiquette."

"Brat, do you know where this place is?"

Jian Chen's face grew solemn as he thought; against a Class 5 Magical Beast, other than running away, there was no other way to win. And right now with the frightening speed of the Golden Fur Tiger King, even if he wanted to flee, he didn't have the power to. After all speed was the specialty of a tiger type of magical beast, and even more so for a Class 5 Magical Beast.

"What's your name?"

Yang Shuo's clothes were fluttering in the wind. The Bloodthirsty Sword flew far away from his hand, and started floating in front of his chest.

The old man wouldn't dare refuse any order. He hurriedly stood up from the grounds. He stood in front of Big Yellow respectfully, like a kid who had made some mistake and was waiting to get lectured by an adult.

The fat old man said without any hesitation. There were unique and different logos on the pills sold by the Mu Rong family and the Jiang family, so it was very easy to differentiate them. In addition, only the Mu Rong family was selling 70% effectiveness Restoration Pills.

As the azure and violet Sword Qi bounced around Zhar's insides, it continued to whittle away at his chance to live. Not only was a man's interior body their weakest point, it was also the most fatal area. With the azure and violet Sword Qi destroying his insides, in less than a few breaths, Zhar had already suffered several serious injuries.

Jiang Chen asked, but all the girls had frightened expressions, and none of them spoke. With a smile on his face, Jiang Chen said, "Don't be afraid, I'm a disciple of the Black Sect. The reason why I'm here is to kill these Blood Devils. Now, all of you are safe."

Dugu Feng gave a nod of his head, "Understood!" With that, Dugu Feng left the inn with the monster cores.

After he had left the halls, Jian Chen immediately walked toward the resting room where the king of the Gesun Kingdom was. Within, the Heaven Saint Masters Khafir and Ye Ming were both inside.

At this sudden call, Huang Luan was so startled that she jumped up. Her dainty body gave a violent whirl to turn anxiously toward Jian Chen. She knew in her heart that whether or not she would be able to leave this pavilion in joy in the future was solely up to Jian Chen's words.

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