Malevolent Empress Ling Chapter 1016

Malevolent Empress Ling Chapter 1016

The young girl was wearing a long white skirt with a purple silk belt tied around her waist. She had a perfectly curved body. Her hair was silky smooth, falling down to her shoulder. She had a pair of bright eyes and pure white teeth. Her lips were perfect, and even without any makeup, her appearance didn't have a single flaw. But, what made her undeniably beautiful was not only her appearance. Her eyes were as crystal clear as the purest water; she was just like a clean white sheet of paper, absolutely flawless.Chapter 34ÿScolding a Mortal Core Warrior

Seeing how prideful Ka Di Yun was, Ming Dong suddenly felt an idea hit him. Smiling, he said, "How impudent. I know I heard that he and you had some bad blood in the past. Jian Chen, let me play with him." Not even waiting for Jian Chen to respond, Ming Dong leaped onto the arena.

Sensing the three men, Jian Chen pushed aside the foliage in order to see just what was happening from his overhead perch. Just as he looked at the three men, he revealed a surprised look before smiling, "I didn't think that he would be chased in such a manner. It seems that he plans to bring them back to our campground." With that, Jian Chen leaped down from his tree branch and stood right next to a tree in front of the three men.

"Yes, I'm going back soon, I hope I can still make it in time."

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He had no reason to lie to Great Master Ran Feng.

It had taken a long period of time before Zhan Tian took a single step powerful step forward. "Gentleman, what is the meaning of this? Do you wish to start a war with the Flame Mercenaries?"

"I'll use the bronze plate to locate the Island of Ice's current position."

Yan Chenyu emerged from her room after sensing the powerful energies. When she saw that Big Yellow and Han Yan had both broken through to the Combat Soul realm, a joyful expression immediately emerged on her face.

"The fuck?! This is an inherited combat skill of true dragons! Damn it, what kind of secret is this guy hiding?! How can he unleash a combat skill only true dragons can use?!"

Regarding the serious injuries on his chest, the fractured bones had already pierced into his flesh. So whenever Jian Chen moved even the tiniest bit, the wounds on his chest would make Jian Chen feel even more pain. The pain was so intense that the signals his brain was receiving were practically torturing it. Slowly reclining on the grass, he closed his eyes and slowly started to use the rest of his spirit to heal himself. However, Jian Chen had fortunately memorized the entirety of the contents of the Azulet Sword Law, the method of "Recuperation", With the "Recuperation" method, he could slowly regain his spirit.

Listening to his son, the head of the Heiming clan narrowed his eyes before sighing. "The Heavenly Phoenix Auction is currently selling two Class 5 Monster Cores. The auction has sent the entire city into an uproar. For now, let's set aside this issue until this matter with the monster cores has been fully resolved. Several experts have gathered in the city as of late, you'd best keep quiet for now and avoid trouble."

It felt as if the Saint King hadn't heard either of the two. He could only stare at the seemingly ordinary-looking Tian Jian in shock, "Wh¨• who are you!" Fear filled his voice as he spoke. He knew he couldn't treat Tian Jian with the same arrogance as before.

Of course, if Jiang Chen still wanted to exchange more Nine Solar Holy Water for Heavenly Yuan Pills, it was rather easy for him to do so. As long as he was given two more days, he could stay in the Heavenly Tower and focus on drawing out Nine Solar Holy Water, then he would be able to get more.

Wu Cong who was dressed in white clothes turned to Ling Du and nodded his head with a smile on his face. Ling Du was a disciple of the Martial Palace, and he had a pretty good relationship with Wu Cong.

The old man thought slightly before speaking out, "Fourth young master, I'm not sure who the four people are. However, I think I heard that they're people from some Bloodsword Sect."

However, when Jian Chen learnt about the Radiant Arte, it was clearly useless, as he already possessed the strength to kill Fifth Heavenly Layer Saint Rulers.

"Haha, Sect Chief, Sect Elder Guo, we went to the Island of Ice and obtained some enormous benefits, allowing us to see a great surge in our cultivations! Also, Little Chen has killed many Combat Soul warriors!"

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