One Flower Blooms Chapter 1503

One Flower Blooms Chapter 1503

"I challenge you!" A loud voice could be heard.?

Lady Duanmu couldn't help it, but open her mouth slightly to let out a gasp when Qing Shui embraced her suddenly. He took the opportunity of the moment and slithered his tongue into her mouth, locking his tongue with hers as they continued to share a few kisses passionately.

From there, it was possible to see an enormous green city rising up where the land met the ocean, part of which was a huge harbor.

Thankfully for them, after the black pillar of light shot up and destroyed the spell formations and natural restrictive spells, the enormous ghost hand didn't appear again.

Back on the battlefield outside the Great Wall, the sudden appearance of a 30,000-meter area of emptiness resulted in complete silence. Atop the Great Wall, the cultivators of the five legions all gasped, their eyes going wide and their jaws dropping.

Meanwhile, a similar situation occurred among the Wildlands forces. Because of the fierce fighting, one powerful expert after another rose to fame, the vast majority of them being... necromancers!

Another of the prime elders carefully managed to take the pearl away, somehow keeping his clothes intact in the process. Then he kicked Bai Xiaochun hard on the rear end.

Bai Xiaochun's eyes flickered with a vicious gleam as he suddenly leaned to the side, allowing the bones in his left hand to snap as his right leg shot through the air and slammed into Chen Heng's body.

"Bai Xiaochun is one of my major generals, grandfather! Maybe I couldn't do anything to stop you from trying to exterminate the River-Defying Sect when he was missing. But now that he's back, I can't believe you're going to do thisĄ­. WellĄ­ you're forcing my hand!" Bai Lin had a short temper to begin with, so once it sparked, he flew into the airĄ­ and headed toward the Hall of Steel Veins!

"Hahaha! I really am a Chosen among spirit enhancers. A twofold spirit enhancement! I can't believe it! I succeeded!!'

The famous landmarks such as Skysword Mountain was occupied by the Skysword Sect, the Star Moon Lake had the Star Moon Sect, the Incense Valley had the Incense Valley Sect, the Joyous Forest had the Joyous Forest SectĄ­

?"Qing ShuiĄ­"

The first time the Gold Needles were used, was when he had killed a Xiantian; and now the Coldsteel Needles had crippled the old blind chap who was a great expert. While it could be said that he was resorting to trickeries, Qing Shui knew that the cold poison definitely would have a tremendous role to play.

Of course, if the two parties were evenly matched, they could have a spar. However, it would only be a friendly one. Even if one was able to defeat his opponent, one would still leave some leeway.

Ximen Langyuan finally realized how much trouble he was in. He began to panic, and he was so afraid of saying the wrong words, he kept quiet and lowered his head!

"What a reckless man!"

How could she ever have imagined that Bai Xiaochun, with his incredible luck and multitude of magical items, would actually be so monumentally ahead of her in skill with plants and vegetation?

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