Starlight Life of the Sage Chapter 2223

Starlight Life of the Sage Chapter 2223

As for the Wood of Five Elements fruit, Qing Shui gave it to his mother. Even though it was quite difficult for Qing Yi to increase her cultivation level, but the effect of this fruit in terms of strengthening the vital energy and the toughness of the body was still really significant.

"Not bad. Not bad at all." Despite being very happy, he did feel that the place was a bit empty. However, that afternoon, one of the major generals in the Skin Flayers arranged for about a dozen handmaidens to come over and help take care of the place. At that point, Bai Xiaochun felt that everything was perfect.

But now, Qing Clan's strongest person was Mingyue Gelou, and Qing Yi did not wish to put her in danger. She was also her son's woman, and Qing Yi could see that long ago.

Any amount pledged is deeply appreciated.

The palace itself was in the violet clouds, surrounded by countless bolts of lightning. There was something frantic, even maddened about this city that made it completely different from Saint-Emperor City.

To be exact, everyone was researching formations except for these few little fellows. He figured that they could wait for another few more years. However, the rest still had to research it. While they were at it, they'd coordinate with each other every day to practice the Five Elements Minor Formation for a short while.

Feeling extremely pleased with himself, Bai Xiaochun laughed loudly and continued to fan himself. As far as he was concerned, he really was incredible; by consolidating and then revealing all of imposter Nightcrypt's skills and knowledge, he had left everyone completely flabbergasted.

Bai Xiaochun had always naively believed that because of Du Lingfei, the Celestial wouldn't do anything too harmful to him. Furthermore, he had the gravekeeper and Bai Hao on his side, and a vast array of secret weapons that had filled him with confidence.

Qing Shui still enjoyed looking at the Tiger's Descend painting, which depicted a scene of a mountain with great majesty. It was displaying a full aura of a leader. Qing Shui recalled that there was a technique by the name of Tiger's Descend in the Tiger Form. When he saw this painting, he had a very strong feeling that it would be very beneficial in his training of the Tiger Form.


It was the light of 361 shots of Archaean Luminescence, which shot out from the various Go pieces on the game board. Each and every one of them thrummed with the power of the great circle of the Archaean Realm. Although they did not match up individually to Daoist Heavenspan, who was a half-sovereign, their combined force was enough to light his eyes up with shock!

The Profound Stream Sect was located on the Heavencraft Continent, and bordered the Pill Stream Sect. Because of the years of warfare, the Heavencraft Continent was in a very sorry state. Magical combat had left the land riddled with craters, and the explosions of spell formations left the spiritual power of the region in chaos. The entire place was a very dangerous location.

Qing Shui cultivated madly. He thought that if he could break through to the Sixth Heavenly Layer sooner than expected, he would be able to advance into the so called "Martial Saint" grade.

A person dressed in a fiery red dress, that was not only not tacky but also brought out a cold and elegant feel, walked to the front of Qing Shui.


However, things weren't over yet. The light continued to spread, and in the blink of an eye, had filled 1.5 kilometers. Then 2.5 kilometers! And finally, 5 kilometers!!

"I'm sorry, I like you, I really like you a lot!"

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