How to stay immortal Chapter 629

How to stay immortal Chapter 629

At this thought, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel surprised. He didn't know what had happened while he was unconscious, but he knew that reducing every single piece plant life into fine powder within this area was an extremely difficult task to do. Controlling this powerful energy alone wouldn't have been an easy task.

"Brother Jiang Chen, hurry up and accept the offer!We will be able to leave once you accept, I've waited for almost two days here."

After hesitating for a bit, Jian Chen finally tried attempting to control the azure and violet lights. However, after a few experiments, his mood became more and more serious. After some internal inspections, although he could clearly "see" the specks of light, every time he tried to manipulate them, he would suddenly discover that the light specks existing within his dantian would become similar to mirages. He could easily pass through them, and was completely unable to grab ahold of them and put them under his control. It was as if they didn't really exist.

"You will regret this! Be prepared to pay the price, our patriarch will definitely never forgive you!" The middle-aged man roared fiercely. He was a Peak Great Saint Master, but at the moment, he was fighting two Middle Great Saint Masters who pushed him to his limits. With such a heavy battle, his wounds were no longer few and minor. Blood trailed down his body at a fast rate, and if this continued, he wouldn't be able to go on for much longer.

The old man was startled when he found out that Jiang Chen actually was a Qi Hai warrior.His eyes immediately lit up, and a smile emerged on his face, "I'm Yan Meng, may I know your name?"

Jiang Chen said in a mocking manner.

At this time, an elderly housekeeper came up from behind Jian Chen and spoke softly, "4th young lord, it's getting late, and your mother is looking for you."

Smiling benevolently, the old woman spoke, "Yes yes yes, it was naught but this old woman's daydreams. Your grandmother won't speak of it again, so please don't be so mad, great-granddaughter."

Without a single word, Jian Chen dodged the spear before turning toward the middle aged man. With a silver light, his Light Wind Sword flew at his throat.

Jiang Chen thought to himself. This discovery brought him a lot of shock. At the same time, he felt curious, "If there are more mighty warriors hiding within the island, they wouldn't have to fear these geniuses of the Asura Palace, so why did they set up this formation? And the way they set it up wasn't done perfectly either, as if they purposely left a weakness on it. With about ten Combat Kings attacking it, it would break in an instant. So, why did the Heavenhawk Island Master want to put up this seemingly useless formation?"

Overbearing! Domineering! No one could compare with him!

Just like this, the ancestor sat there for two days uneasily. He couldn't calm down enough to cultivate, and in his mind, he was extremely anxious to see whether or not Jian Chen would really be able to bring such a character to help his Huang family. With such a high and mighty existence like this backing the Huang family, they would be able to hold their head up high in front of the ancient clans, let alone such small and insignificant isolated families.

Jian Chen gave several words of greeting to everyone before he was guided into the grand halls. This specific hall was the hall where the nobles of the old Heavenly Eagle Kingdom had conducted business relating to the kingdom, but since the Flame Mercenaries had taken up residence, it had been repurposed and renamed to the Flames Hall.


Chapter 399 - Annihilation

Therefore, Shangguan Sheng furiously roared out, increasing his speed and once again shortening the distance between himself and Big Yellow.

"Where is this place?" Jian Chen began to look around himself with confusion. But when he tried to climb out of the bed, more pain struck and snaked up his body, wracking his nerves.

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