The demon of the seven sins Chapter 564

The demon of the seven sins Chapter 564

Jiang Chen did it like Guo Shan had told him. He could tell that Guo Shan was a man with a true nature, and he would never limit himself to an old pattern. Jiang Chen liked this kind of personality. Besides, being able to become brother of the Black Sect's best alchemist wouldn't bring Jiang Chen any harm either.

Jiang Chen hurriedly asked through his Divine Sense. There was only reason why this dog behaved like this, and that was when he sensed some treasure.

In this period of contact with Jian Chen, Huang Luan's understanding of him had grown deeper and deeper. Whether it was his influence, his appearance, or even his moral character, she was not too picky to find fault in any of them. He was even strong as well. His good attributes slowly had Huang Luan changing her mind about Jian Chen, and she gradually threw away the hatred she felt for him. Especially since that first awkward meeting was really just a coincidence.

Both men suddenly had tears in their eyes. They felt like they hack been struck by happiness, and they weren't used to it. The biggest joy in life is to be able to live in, it felt so good to be alive.

The night was dark, and the wind was howling. In the Center Square, blood was flowing everywhere. It was a bloody battle. The Lee family had lost Lee Shan Yue, and not only had they lost their supporting pillar, they had also lost all their spirit. Under such circumstances, what was left for them was the Yan family's slaughter.

Jian Chen brought the mother and son a thousand kilometers above the air before quickly descending to the entrance at the mountain peak.

By now, the patriarch had realized that Jian Chen's personal strength wasn't very strong, but his attack had far exceeded his own. So fearing another clash, the patriarch moved out of the way before trying to land a strike of his own.

Wu Cong slowly stood up from his sear and spoke with a sneer on his face.

A brief vibration could be sensed in the air. Lin Anying had unleashed his Yuan energy on the other hand, and he swung his palm toward Jiang Chen. The energy ripples that came from his palm immediately shattered the old man's stall, frightening the old man and causing him to quickly fall back. There was no way he could be dragged into a fight of this scale.

The elder floating in the air began to gasp for breath with a pale face as he sighed, "Even after using such an explosive wildfire and using up almost all my energy, you weren't killed. But even that, you are still heavily damaged, I doubt that even you will get far now."

"How do you know that?"

Mao Fang took out a longsword as thing as a cicada's wings from his storage ring. Not only was it a high-ranked combat weapon, it was a high-ranked combat weapon of the highest quality. With both hands tightly clenching onto the longsword, he slashed at the Flood Dragon.

"I am not going to let you do that!"

Jiang Chen furrowed his brows. With his current strength and abilities, it would be very difficult to find a worthy opponent in the Mortal Core realm. But when his opponent was a Heavenly Core warrior, he would be at a disadvantage. This wasn't a situation that was easy to deal with, but he wasn't afraid either. With his abilities, even if he was unable to win the fight, he could still escape with his blood wings.

Yu Tian Long had made up his mind. He was not an idiot, he could tell that Jiang Chen had limitless potential, no one could estimate his future achievements. He was a peerless genius that had never been seen throughout history.

Jiang Chen said in a loud voice. With a sway of his body, he once again leapt toward Lord Baoju. He stretched his arm forward and unleashed a frightening blood-red dragon claw. The True Dragon Palm came crashing down from the sky and crashed into Lord Baoju's body.

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