Awakening Chapter 1736

Awakening Chapter 1736

Despite the kingdom being involved in a war, the palace was filled with people without any anxiety to be seen.

Realizing that Lord Zhanlang was now furious, Daoist Profound River dared not neglect. In an instant, he took out a long spear and used it against the flaming beam.

Nangong Wentian cried out in shock. He couldn't control his body, and was nearly sucked into it.

"Damn it, that dog is eating better food than I, his father! This is infuriating!"

Yan Chen Yu lowered her head until her face almost touched her breasts.£¦Why does this man have to touch my belly button?This is so embarrassing.That's not a place anyone can simply touch!I've grown so big, and my hand hasn't even been touched by a single man.You're here, and now you want to touch my Spirit Gate?This££this is so embarrassing!'

"It's called being filthy rich. Looks like Jiang Chen is going to get this Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm no matter what, and he doesn't even care that doing so is the same as offending the Shangguan Clan. I wonder if the Shangguan Clan will make an even higher bid."

Li Wu Ling roared again.

Jian Chen floated a hundred meters up the mountain before looking around. Sometimes, he would refer to the map in his hands as he searched for the area where the cave was.

Suddenly at that moment, a silver ray of light flew from the tall grass at high speeds. Before the soldiers could even react, it slashed through his neck completely.

Guo Shan's eyes shone brightly as he spoke. Although it was just a mere fantasy right now, it wasn't something that was completely impossible.

"200 million."

"Little Chen, does it still work?"

Four people were standing opposite of the Blood Devils. They were three teenage guys and one girl with just an ordinary cultivation level. One of them was an Early Mortal Core warrior, the other two were at the peak Qi Hai realm. The teenage girl wore blue clothes, and she seemed to be 14-15 years old. She was so scared that she couldn't stop trembling and her face had turned pale.

Since the crisis with the Dimensional Creature, many cities in this region were still being rebuilt, including Fragrant Sky City. As the ultimate leaders of all the people in this region, the Jiang family had contributed a lot. During this period of time, the Jiang family had brought people out from aftershock. Many cities were nearly fully rebuilt, and the Fragrant Sky City was that one that took the least amount of time to recover. Most of their buildings had been repaired or rebuilt, causing it to look much more luxurious than before.

"Who are you? Are you the one who killed our men?"


Very quickly, a loud sound could be heard throughout the tavern as a furious person roared from the second story, "Mother f*cking bastard, shopkeeper, just what kind of broken inn are you running?! Just how could there be a hole on the ground, f*ck, I goddamn fell from the third floor to the second floor!"

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