Undying Will Chapter 103

Undying Will Chapter 103

"This doesn't count. I've seen the women around you. Don't you use that on me." Yu He chided.

"Fine, I guess I'll accept.... Not accepting isn't really an option, huh?" For seven or eight days in a row, he continued to receive the clans and accept their gifts. Every morning at dawn, he would walk out to find a whole host of people waiting for him.

Small clans would usually prefer a grand wedding ceremony because it wasn't that easy for someone get married compared to large and powerful clans. This was why the ceremonies held by the smaller clans would usually be extremely grand and lively.

"The Undying Blood is the true essence of the Undying Codex. If I succeed with thatĦ­ I won't necessarily be truly undying, butĦ­ I definitely won't be dying anytime soon!" With that thought on his mind, he got to work.

"Heavens, what's going on?!?! ThisĦ­ this is crazy!! Did locusts sweep through or something?!?!"

Qing Shui fed it five pills and it gained an additional 50 percent increase in strength. Its total amount of strength had become terrifying with this increase. The strength of fifteen countries was instantly increased to about twenty three countries.

"Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower are still on par with each other!" A short-haired youth from Alchemist Sect whispered.

"Bai Xiaochun has performed a great service. He is someone of extremely high standing from the Heavenspan Realm, a person of such renown and prestige that none can compare to him!

Qing Clan's Blue Lotus Art wasn't complete, but Qing Shui noticed that the incomplete Blue Lotus Art worked well with his subsidiary techniques during the time he came back to Qing Clan. Even though there was no variation of change like his own, at least he didn't have to use the rejected Blue Lotus Art.

Many people from the Qing Clan envied Luan Luan but for the most part, they felt genuinely happy for her. Luan Luan was a member of Qing Clan, as well as a close family member. She had cultivated her powers discretely, not wanting to drag behind the members of the Qing Clan.

Opposite the plot of land, there was a garden about 200m in length and breadth, which was surrounded by a low wall of stone.

It was just that Qing Shui felt unrest in his heart. He was scared of what she would do when she awoke because of the way that he treated her, especially since she had a fiance. In addition, she was drugged with aphrodisiac by her fiance, and was taken away halfway during her escapeĦ­

Feng Yan rose to his feet. After having stayed up the entire night, his eyes were bloodshot as he looked dejectedly toward the jungle. "If he hasn't appeared by now, I'm afraid it means that Bai Xiaochun... has met with disaster. It's all my fault. If I hadn't suggested to go through the jungle, Junior Brother Bai wouldn't have... ai."

"Qing Shui, have you decided on when to leave yet?" Elder Ge asked Qing Shui.

"With the help of the Blood Ancestor, the River-Defying Sect's chances of successfully defeating the Sky River Court will be greatly increased!" The arch-patriarch's eyes were glowing with a profound light; after all, this was everything he had worked toward throughout his entire life.

Trembling, Jia Lie was the first to fall to his knees to kowtow. Then came Master God-Diviner. As the moments ticked by, the previously maddened disciples of Middle Peak began to drop to their knees. As the shocked Spirit Stream Sect cultivators looked on, even Song Que was forced by Bai Xiaochun's blood master pressure to drop down and kowtow.

Putting on his clothes, Qing Shui exited the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal and very quickly fell into a deep slumber after lying down on his bed!

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