Release that Witch Chapter 1766

Release that Witch Chapter 1766

"Don't tell me he got caught?" Considering what Bai Xiaochun knew about the little turtle, he didn't have any confidence that he could keep a secret. Surprisingly, though, the Saint-Emperor never came knocking. A few days later, the banquets came to an end, and the turtle still was not back. Bai Xiaochun was extremely nervous at this point.

The first time the Gold Needles were used, was when he had killed a Xiantian; and now the Coldsteel Needles had crippled the old blind chap who was a great expert. While it could be said that he was resorting to trickeries, Qing Shui knew that the cold poison definitely would have a tremendous role to play.

The Ten Thousand Turtle Swamp!

As the sea of souls faded away, Bai Xiaochun hovered there in midair, his chin stuck up, his expression tranquil, but his heart leaping with excitement. In fact, he had to repeatedly remind himself that in this moment, he needed to keep his cool.

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Upon entering the grand hall, Bai Xiaochun heard the voice of the red-haired old man he'd just seen.

He had never seen any medicinal pill like this one. The power of the life force he had just felt was almost unbelievable, and was also terrifying to the extreme.

But within a few months, Bai Xiaochun had managed to collect an unthinkable amount.

"I'm going to find something to eat. It's alright. There isn't any danger around here," Qing Shui said as he looked at the girl who was currently feeling slightly unnatural.

Therefore, despite the words of concession he had uttered, Bai Xiaochun's eyes merely flickered, and his murderous aura flared as he pushed the sword downward!

Xu Baocai never showed up at the Ovens again, and when Bai Xiaochun left on supply runs and saw him from a distance, he would scurry away, clearly terrified.

Despite being damaged, it sped smoothly through the starry sky like a shooting star.

"Get my second younger brother here. Hurry," Luo Clan's clan head raised his voice. He was extremely furious right now.

Big Fatty Zhang was calmer than ever. However, he had noticed something annoying lately, which was that it had started raining on Violet Cauldron Peak. It was a very strange rain, considering that it only fell on Violet Cauldron Peak, and nowhere else.

Bai Xiaochun left, clutching the jade slip in his hands, the term "Age-Prolonging Longevity-Enhancing Pill" echoing about in his mind. His eyes began to glow with decisiveness.

As the heavenly marquis pagoda collapsed, complete silence filled the area. Everyone in the clan felt like their minds were being struck by lightning from the heavens. To a heavenly marquis clan, their heavenly marquis pagoda was a symbol of how lofty and amazing their clan was!

"No amount of riches is worth more than my poor little life!" Shaking his head, he looked around cautiously before proceeding forward.

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