Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor Chapter 2614

Eldest Son of the Heavenly Emperor Chapter 2614

"Chen Jiang youngster, when I, Shangguan Chong am speaking, you're not allowed to interrupt! Get lost!"

At the same time, a big yellow dog who was glowing in a golden light was coming towards the square, and he was bringing tens of people next to him.

At this display, every student in the audience could only watch the match in shock. No matter how fast Jian Chen was with his martial arts, his speed had far outstripped the average person, causing all of the students to look on with great interest, as it was something they had never witnessed before.

The leader let out a furious shout. In an instant, a bright blade appeared in his hand.


The Imperial Emperor said.Chapter 454 ÿ The Day of War

After the two Heaven Tier Battle Skills had clashed, Ming Dong had came out unscratched while Ka Zhafei was split in two.

A shocked mercenary mumbled to himself.

"Tzzk!" Under the unflinching hand of the woman, the dagger buried itself so deeply within the man that not even the blade could be seen.

A buzzing sound could be heard from this silver spear. The air surrounding the spear was trembling violently, and huge energy ripples could be seen around it. At the same time, Nangong Wenyen launched his attack. With the pike in his hand, he charged forward with incredible speed, causing the powerful spear to collide with the energy beam unleashed by Nangong Wentian.

"Captain, that's a warbeast. Its defense is strong, but its offense is relatively weak. What should we do, should we fight it, and force it away?" A Loyal Spirit Mercenary asked.

Jian Chen did not say anything in return. He slowly walked up to the white rock and after hesitating for a while, he slowly extended his right index finger. In just a second, a faint layer of white light appeared where Jian Chen's finger was, before quickly growing in brightness. Quickly it became a white ball of soft light. With the appearance of the ball of light, the darkness of the surrounding room disappeared.

While speaking with an angry voice, Jiang Chen kept looking at Jiang Ru Long's facial expression, trying to discover his true colors. But Jiang Ru Long was good at hiding his feelings. Being the greatest Saint, however, Jiang Chen had eagle eyes. He could notice the smallest of changes on Jiang Ru Long's face.

"I never expected it to be you."

Above the skies, far away, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were leisurely sitting on a cloud. They were watching the fight in the Green Sanctuary Sect from far. From where they were sitting, they could clearly see everything that was happening in the Green Sanctuary Sect.


"There are a lot of things in this world you don't understand, Jiang Ru Long.You could've had a bright future, but you ruined it all by yourself.Now, let's end all of this."

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