DC Anime System Chapter 2555

DC Anime System Chapter 2555

The other three old men did not call out their mounts or any demonic beasts. It wasn't strange when Qing Shui thought about it. Up at this point, only beast tamers who could call out their demonic beasts were allowed to join the battle. However, be it a poison beast or a fantastic beast or any demonic beasts that were too difficult to control, they would all be annihilated in an instant by a demonic beast of the strength of one star and above. If that was the case, beast tamers should think twice about letting their demonic beasts into a battle they could never win.

"Who said I was scared? With the snap of a finger, I, Bai Xiaochun reduced all those souls to ashes! You think I'm scared of them?"

"Father's the most formidable. Everything was given by Father." Luan Luan said happily as she hugged Qing Shui's arm.

"The people from Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan died?" The old woman asked in shock.

"Chen`er, who do you think will win this?" Qing Shui looked toward Di Chen s he smiled and asked Di Chen.

Soon everyone came to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun... had most likely been killed in that nameless mountain range. That was a place rife with perilous beasts, and numerous other dangers that could kill a person and leave no corpse behind.

It was not yet dark and should still be in the late afternoon. After washing up, he changed into a set of clean clothes. His injuries were completely healed but it would still take some time before the scars faded.

The man buried himself in a deeper frown for a moment. Losing an arm would always be better than losing his life, he thought. So he took out his sharp sword, let out a deep groan, and proceeded to chop off his left hand. He was last seen with his teeth clenched before he left through the door.

When Bai Xiaochun saw how Heretic's eyes were shining with determination, he thought back to how Bai Lin had spoken with such solemnity to him all those years ago, when he had been about to leave through the side door of Great Wall City.

That area was quickly liquefying. There was already a Blood Essence pool which was about the size of his palm. The color of the Blood pool was not beautiful, it was instead rather plain but it still had a jade like quality. It was shaped like an octagon, with one side representing each direction.

It stabbed through the tree, which lurched to a stop and then suddenly exploded. Instantly, the fruit on the tree shriveled up, and yet continued to sing happily even as they died.

Qing Shui suddenly got his senses together, astonished at Mingyue Gelou's charms. It was not that no one would come by this place. Qing Shui lifted his head unwillingly, and Mingyue Gelou had already arranged her clothes properly.

Moreover, their heritage was much shorter in comparison to that of Heavenly Palace and Sword Tower, which was evidence of their stunningly fast progress and the power of the Beast Tamers.

"You fought with the Junior Champion King? He's not dead either?"

"The old ghost is weak now, but once he gets out of here, his cultivation base will go back to normalˇ­. Right now, he has a lot of life force left. It sure would be a pity to let it go to waste.

Thump thumpˇ­...

Instead of wasting time sailing a ship across the Heavenspan Sea, he would go as quickly as he could to the battlefield. He would traverse the Deadmire, enter the Wildlands, and head directly toward Giant Ghost City!

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