My Offers For You Chapter 150

My Offers For You Chapter 150

Waving his hands in a carefree manner, Ming Dong spoke, "We are of the same side, and this was nothing more than for entertainment. If I were to really injure you, I'm afraid my brother would not let me off easily."

"Alright. Brother, take this halberd, use it when you attack later."

A force pulled the group. They immediately held their breaths, and didn't dare resists the force.


"Nono one asked us to do this, it was us who wanted to drink your blood."

"I thought that Yan Chenyu was only an Early Combat Soul warrior? How could she possibly have hurt the Crown Prince?!"

After the ceremony ended, the people of the Changyang clan finally began to officially move in and recruit some more guards. Although the Changyang clan was well known without anyone in the Gesun Kingdom daring to go against them, there was still plenty of work to do.

"I am he!" Jian Chen's smile had a strange look to it.

The moment this man emerged with his black horse, all of the surrounding mercenaries began to call out his name.

This time, the power of the spear was way stronger than before. It penetrated Firethorn Savage's solid golden armor. The spearhead even went deep into Firethorn Savage's body.

The Imperial Emperor coldly harrumphed. He waved his hand, unleashing a golden light toward the three Dimensional Creatures. In an instant, all three Dimensional Creatures let out miserable shrieks, then their bodies exploded and turned to ashes. This was how powerful a Combat King warrior was, any existence below this realm was like ants to them; no one could withstand a single strike.

When Bi Hai saw the rainbow clouds in the skies, his face could hardly contain his excitement. "He's done it! He's broken through!"

Nangong Wentian said.

"I have no interest in fighting Sect Elder Liu right now, so I'll have to say goodbye to you now. Don't worry, we'll be brought together by fate in the future."

Wu Jiu nodded his head, then the trio started flying towards Inferno City.

Big Yellow suddenly appeared behind Duan Jianhong. His head was glowing brightly, and without any hesitation, he rammed into Duan Jianhong.Chapter 261 ÿ The Ultimate Showdown

"Damn it, if we drift into a dimensional turbulence, we'll be trapped for more than a hundred years!"

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