The World after the Fall Chapter 2970

The World after the Fall Chapter 2970

Jiang Chen didn't waste anything as he completely absorbed the Demon Soul. Unfortunately, after absorbing all four Mid Qi Hai Demon Souls, the sixth Dragon Mark in his Qi Sea was still not completely formed.


As soon as he thought of the words, Jian Chen felt his mind tremble for a moment before Ziying and Qingsuo disappeared from his mind. In the next moment, they had left his mind space and appeared above his head. Right now the two looked like two weak glows of light and mist in human form, but their facial features could not be seen.

"Don't worry, I'll step in before Jiang Chen dies, then I'll get back the demon soul. It is better to let the core disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect kill Jiang Chen, he can save us the hassle. Besides, Huo Yuner, do you really have the confidence you can kill this Yun Can?"

Chang Lin didn't hold back, therefore many people in the square could hear him loudly and clearly. The scene once again turned chaotic.

"Khafir, who do you think the Imperial Protector, Jian Chen is? Why would he rush from a distant kingdom to our Gesun Kingdom to help out? Although our Gesun Kingdom has many rich lands, it isn't enough to provoke the Qinhuang Kingdom's interest, furthermore, the distance between our kingdoms is far too wide for it to matter." The king of the Gesun Kingdom pondered curiously. These were questions he had spent many hours thinking about, but he had not arrived at an answer yet.

The elder patriarch's strongest Heaven Tier Battle Skill had been unable to kill Jian Chen, causing him to lose his will to fight. Immediately flying back, he attempted to run away from him.

Jiang Chen circulated his Divine Sense with the Great Soul Derivation skill and entered Han Yan's Divine Sense, directly penetrating into his soul and making his body tremble. Han Yan temporarily gained back his consciousness. At the same time, a miraculous Heart Sutra flowed into Han Yan's Divine Sense like a clear river stream.

"Zhou££The pill shop is done for, right?"

"My Heavens££ this££"

Actually, with the Great Saint Laws mixed in with this Skymend Formation, it was impossible for even a Combat King warrior to break it so easily. However, when Jiang Chen was constructing the formation, he purposely left behind a loophole. He channeled all the power of the formation into the other side of the crack, preventing the violent energy and Dimension Creatures from escaping. He didn't put any defense on the outer side, so even an ordinary Combat Soul warrior would be able to break it from the outside with ease. That's why the Imperial Emperor could rip it apart so easily.

The next moment, the two fighters spared no more words and waited for the match to officially start.

After spending a few days together, Yu Zi Han had given Jiang Chen a very good impression. Therefore, Jiang Chen started treating him like his own man.

As Jian Chen, the king and the many guests had their merry time, in a small kingdom several hundred kilometers away, there were five elderly people that gather in a small inn, conversing with each other. To others, their mouths opened and closed, but there was no sound at all. It was as if they were doing some unknown lip-reading.

"Damn dog, I'm going to tear you into a million pieces!"

With the same smile on his face, Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward the Imperial Emperor like Wu Jiu did, then he said, "Jiang Chen greets the Imperial Emperor."

In an instant, everyone's eyes flew over to land onto Jian Chen's body with a look of extreme displeasure.

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