Unicus: Memories of Us; Only Remembered by Me Chapter 1674

Unicus: Memories of Us; Only Remembered by Me Chapter 1674

"Then if you feel like joining us one day, please feel free to do so. The Medicine Emperor Yi Clan will always welcome you!" The old man left his parting words when he realized he could not force someone like Qing Shui to join unwillingly.


Then he looked down and realized that the lands below looked almost like an enormous lampstand¡­.

"Brother Ying Kong, Brother Xue Guo, welcome welcome!" One of the front line elders spoke with an imposing voice. It looked like he was familiar with the other party.

"It's like I said before. They won the first battle, but will lose the rest!"

Qing Shui did not have the time to feel happy when his opponent sent an even stronger gush of saber intent his way. Qing Shui now realized that his Nature Energy was something absolutely ?powerful. It was a pity that his level of cultivation for this was too low, and while he tried very hard to fend off his opponent's saber intent, he could not get away from it.

"Leng Qi, look at his age!"

"Grandpa, you don't have to feel worried about this. Didn't you always want the new generation of Qing Clan to be successful? I can just let them all join Heavenly Palace." Qing Shui chuckled. At present, he was already the Patriarch of Heavenly Palace, it would only be natural for him to let his clan members join Heavenly Palace. In fact, it's something that the Qing Clan members would really look forward to. This way, it would make them feel more secure.?

It almost seemed like a casual motion, without any hints of containing a magical technique or divine ability. And yet, because of it, everything in the area seemed to grow dark. It was as if the entire world were spinning as a huge vortex opened up, a gaping, sinister mouth ready to gobble up the two patriarchs.

"Second Dumbo, shut your fucking mouth!" Another skinny looking youth interjected when that muscular youth from earlier unintentionally blurted it out.

Dark Crane!

The war was certainly causing heaven and earth to shake violently. Bai Xiaochun couldn't help but wonder if hostilities would soon break out between the Blood Stream Sect and the Spirit Stream Sect.

Yiye Jiange did not find it strange that Qing Shui could cultivate medicinal pills. She knew that he was an extraordinary disciple, and indeed an enigma.

"My Seven Life-Locking Candles have reached a critical stage. I can't just leave...." Taking a deep breath, he sat back down cross-legged and then issued orders to the clan.

Bai Xiaochun was delighted, but continued to maintain vigilance. He proceeded carefully through the throngs of souls, and the entire time, not a single one showed even a hint of paying attention to him.

Qing Shui brought out his Violet Star Thunder God. No matter how weak his opponent was, he planned to do his best to deal with him. He hadn't expected this guy to have an inborn poison physique and this made him gave the thought of using poison.

The entire time, her gaze was soft as she looked at Bai Xiaochun, and seemed to be filled with regret and sentiment.

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