Not Lily Chapter 346

Not Lily Chapter 346

"Whenever I forge a broken part with the Heavenly Saint Sword, its strength will increase significantly. I have now found three of them, and perhaps I'll only be able to find the last four in the Divine Continent. I'll now forge all three of them together, that will give the Heavenly Saint Sword the strength of a King Weapon, more than enough for me to fight some ordinary King Weapon.

"What? Kill the Blood Devil? Isn't this a suicide mission for Jiang Chen? Didn't Sect Chief yesterday say that the incident had come to an end? Why does he suddenly want to punish Jiang Chen?"

A few Dimensional Creatures were staring at Jiang Zhenhai and the other men while evilly laughing. They started walking toward Jiang Zhenhai and the others, step by step. It was if the fear within these humans' eyes was their biggest joy.

Shao Hua threw away the sword in his hand and start rapidly scratching his chest££ but it was useless. Green smoke kept pouring out from his chest, and it didn't take long before this green air covered Shao Hua's entire body.

"Yes, honored Imperial Protector." Cao Keqin cupped his hands together and left.

Just when the fat old man was feeling bored, three figures flew in from afar. When the fat old man looked into the direction, his eyes instantly lit up, as he saw young man in white clothes and a dog following him.

Right as Jiang Chen entered the light curtain, the scene in front of him completely changed. What Jiang Chen saw was a colorful world that stretched as far as his eyes could see. It looked like a dream; there was no earth below his feet, and no skies above his head, it was only a variegated, beautiful world where everything seemed so illusory.

Right after Jiang Chen's voice sounded out, four powerful energies suddenly appeared right in front of them. Four shadowy figures flew up from below and surrounded Jiang Chen and Big Yellow from four corners. These people had obviously been waiting here for a long time.It currently says 133$ in queue, but I'll still do 4 sponsored chapters. I had manager change it from 30$ per chapter to 60$.

After saying that, Jiang Chen turned around and started walking toward the manor. There was nothing to see in this trade fair which looked like a food market. Ordinary treasures couldn't catch Jiang Chen's interest, and if anyone possesses real precious treasures, they wouldn't sell it here, they would auction it away in two days.

"What degree of strength have you reached?" The man began to write on the piece of paper with a pen.

No one could compare with Jiang Chen's fighting experience and the ability to judge his opponent during a fight. He knew that with his current combat strength, even if he attacked with all his strength, he could at most have a balanced fight with Nanbei Chao; there was no way he could kill him at all. Therefore, Jiang Chen decided to target Nanbei Chao's mind, then he would use other skills to attack him, such as the Great Illusion Realm.

None of them could hardly dare to believe their eyes. The twenty something year old youth in front of them was££.actually a Heaven Saint Master? A person like this was a golden existence even in the entire Blue Wind Kingdom. Even the king of the kingdom himself would have to treat Jian Chen with the utmost sincerity and manners.

Daoist Black said in a cold manner. He had suffer quite a serious injury just now, but Granny Feng was in a much better condition. Together with Big Yellow's help, there was no way Duan Jianhong would be able to resist this combination.

No one could remain calm! An Emperor Weapon, even if it was a broken part of a whole, it was still enough to astonish all those who saw it.

Nangong Wentian spoke with the same tone Nangong Wenyen used to speak to him just now. At the same time, there was a mocking expression on his face.

Wu Jiu glared at Wu Lang.

Waving the tree branch in his hands, Jian Chen's eyes flashed once before the tree branch suddenly distorted in his hands, causing the bent parts of the tree branch to slowly straighten. In the way it had been warped, it was almost as if it had a life of its own, since it was moving in the same manner as a snake would. It slowly started to move around in midairÿthose who saw the sight would only be able to describe it as weird.

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