Number One Dungeon Supplier Chapter 2718

Number One Dungeon Supplier Chapter 2718

Everyone were shocked by what they witnessed. It seemed like there was no need for them to attack, just Jiang Chen alone would be able to defeat thousands upon thousands of these creatures. This wasn't a battle, it was one-sided slaughter where no suspense existed.Chapter 229 ÿ Violent Bloodthirsty Devil

At his command, a series of weapon fire could be heard from behind the Eastern Deity Swords. Several spheres of fire fluctuating with an unstable amount of energy could be seen flying over the heads of the Eastern Deity Swords before ultimately landing within the concentrated area where the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom's army was.

Carelessly, Jian Chen wandered the streets before finally coming across the city gates. Instead of a steady stream of people walking in or out, there was a large congestion of merchants and travelers.

The morning sky was quite clear, and the fiery sun had not yet started to increase the temperature of the weather by a large amount. With a warm ray of light, everyone felt quite comfortable instead. On the busy streets, a few mercenaries were hurrying along while a few peddlers were slowly cruising along.

Jian Chen lifted the well cooked magical beast meat, and then ripped of a section, throwing it over to Liang Xiaole, asking, "There are a lot of magical beasts in this forest. Moreover, if we don't stay for 3 more days, then we definitely cannot leave. Aren't you afraid?"

"Then what should I do?" Jian Chen asked the Sword Spirit. This was the very first time he had come across an illusion array. He had never heard of such a thing before, so the existence of one was a complete mystery to him. He had no idea how to deal with it, causing him feel helpless.

Jiang Chen shook his head and stopped paying any attention to the dog. He walked towards the valley exit, and the big yellow dog followed behind closely. After fighting with the dog for so long, it still decided to follow him. But, Jiang Chen didn't reject this idea. This fellow was a Dragon Horse. It was a good thing for it to follow him, and Jiang Chen would have plenty of opportunities to take its blood. When thinking about this, Jiang Chen couldn't stop himself from suddenly laughing out.

At this sight, Jian Chen's eyes frosted over as killing intent began to radiate from his body before he flew toward the fight. At the same time, several stones began to levitate from the dozen people fighting. Glowing brightly with azure and violet light, they flew at the eleven Heaven Saint Masters and gave the remaining four men less pressure to deal with.

Big Yellow shouted with an abundance of excitement, provoking Yin Zhong Cheng with insults.

The second prince wore a luxurious robe with a folding fan held in his hand. He approached them with an elegant stride. Without even waiting for a greeting from either of the two, he sat down on the stool by the stone table without sparing Jian Chen a glance. His face held a splendid smile as he spoke to the princess, "I never would have imagined that I would be able to come across the princess while on a simple stroll. It would appear that the princess and I, your exalted prince, were brought together by fate."

Jian Chen looked around for a moment before wrapping himself up with the wind element and disappearing from the streets in a fast blur of speed.

The two of them were Earth Saint Masters, but they both had been easily killed by the girl and her longbow.


"This one greets the patriarch!" Elder Wu spoke respectfully.


The amalgamation of the azure and violet Sword Qi amazed everyone with its power. However with Jian Chen's current strength, he was unable to control this powerful source of energy. Since Jian Chen wasn't able to control it, he suffered from the repercussions. If this went on for any longer, even if he didn't die from the Heaven Saint Masters, then he would perish by the repercussions.

This feeling hadn't been lost even after she had split ways with Jian Chen. Instead, it had been like a poison that spread through her body. It reached deeper and became even more serious to the point where she could no longer free herself from her thoughts.Chapter 520: Determination

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