To Be a Power in the Shadows! Chapter 2075

To Be a Power in the Shadows! Chapter 2075

After all, men of great strength did not need to reveal it to the public.

When the guard heard it was about Blood Devils and a disciple from the Black Sect, his arrogant expression vanished instantly. A few Blood Devils had appeared outside Yellowstone City during the last few days, and everyone was scared of them, including this guard. Besides, he couldn't afford to neglect someone sent by a disciple of the Black Sect.

Jian Chen could only shake his head with regret. He sighed. "Aunty, your child has searched without end, but nothing of importance has come up."

"This is horrifying. Nine Mortal Core warriors and three Mortal Core demon beasts have all been killed; this group is just too ferocious! The Mayor's mansion and the Liu family have suffered a big loss that can't be covered up!"

"Jian Chen, you££ you££ you've actually already become a Saint King. How is that possible!? You only participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries not too long ago. You're not even fifty, so how did you become a Saint Ruler so fast? No, this is impossible, this is completely impossible." The bandit boss was also greatly astounded and great ripples brewed in his heart.

Jiang Chen cupped his first towards Daoist Black. It was actually pointless for him to try and explain what happened. In the end, it was all up to who the Sect Chief decided to blame. If he really wanted to punish Jiang Chen, no matter how good his explanation was, it would be useless. And, if Daoist Black didn't want to pursue these matters any further, it would only take some simple words.

Jian Chen's eyes swivelled upwards to look at the owner of the great sword coldly. It was the middle aged mercenary that had first spoken out before; the man was looking at him with an extremely overcast expression, but his eyes were filled with intense killing intent.

This elder had been an elder of the Shi family with the wind affinity. Back when Jian Chen had been chased to practically the ends of the earth, this feeling of hopelessness caused by the elder had given Jian Chen an unforgettable memory of him.

But the elder shook his head expressionlessly, "My enemy is far too strong. Even I am helpless to fight them. Are you not afraid that your Sect of Dragon and Tiger would be destroyed as a result of having me join?"

With each observation, Jian Chen could feel his thoughts grow more and more chaotic as he felt his mind expand. It was almost as if his head had become a constantly expanding balloon, and since he couldn't bear the "air" expanding within, his head was hurting badly.

"Qin Xiao, come in!" Jian Chen's calm voice from within his room.

"It's a bronze plate! After Han Yan killed the biggest dead spirit, the bronze plate fell out from its body!"

At this moment, all the Late Divine Core warriors who were trapped let out loud shouts. The men who were trapped in the same area began fighting each other, they all engaged in violent battles.

Jiang Chen behaved like a powerful Firethorn Savage as he unleashed a bright golden light all over his body. Countless energy swords crashed into his body, but Jiang Chen didn't put in any effort to counter them. Each of these energy sword could merely leave a white trail on Jiang Chen's Firethorn Combat Armor, but none of them could break it. Only the real Bloodthirsty Sword had the possibility of breaking through the defense of the Firethorn Combat Armor.

Reacting to Jian Chen's words at last, the shop owner wiped away her tears and spoke to Jian Chen skeptically, "My lord, do you know of my Kendall? He is my husband and father to my Sans."

Jiang Chen lowered his head said.

Thank god Jiang Chen offended the Lee family, giving Mu Rong Zhan an opportunity to kill with someone else's hand.

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