Unknown Prey Chapter 811

Unknown Prey Chapter 811

A faint halo emerged, indicating that Qing Shui's Heavenly Thunder Slash has reached the Obscure Realm. This was one of the techniques which took Qing Shui the longest time to master.

His palm caused everything to shake violently as intense flames raged out, scorching everything in the vicinity as they formed into the shape of a huge hand. The flaming hand radiated a power of extermination that could kill anything in body and soul. It could eradicate souls!

There was even a nine-headed tiger running amok. Fragrant Cloud Peak was thrown into complete chaos.

"Hahaha! This place really is like a holy land for me!" Bai Xiaochun watched excitedly as his cultivation base continued to climb. Just when he was thinking that breaking through to the late Gold Core stage in this place wasn't just a dream after all, he got the intense feeling that someone was watching him.

Nature Energy!

After all, not even their own Li Clan patriarch had been able to stand up to him!

"I'm sorry." Qing Shui felt that he had lied to her in the past and apologized. He felt that he had done Ye Guyan wrong.

It was strange that Yiye Jiange came to his place this morning, so Qing Shui looked towards the goddess, not knowing what she was thinking. He only understood that she was in a daze, watching him and Luan Luan.

Qing Shui waved his hands and retrieved the Jade Emperor Bees, in his panic, he also retrieved the Gold-Silver Colored Butterflies. However, he left the Jade Emperor Poison Queen Bee outside, it had casually evaded the attack of the black-haired man.

Bai Xiaochun thought about the vague words the Grand Heavenmaster had just spoken, but after a moment, still didn't understand fully. However, he did get the point that their true goal should be¡­ the north!

Ten Thousand Great Thunderbolt!

At one point, Qing Shui has also thought about using this kind of method to get Demonic Beasts and become a Beast Tamer. But as soon as he saw the success rate, he immediately chickened out.

He was aware that in order to gain a social standing on the Greencloud Continent, he'd at least need to reach the peak of the Fifth Heavenly Layer. By that time, he should be able to fight a Martial King Grade 10 evenly.


"Eee? Why does that little turtle seem so familiar...?" Almost as soon as the words left his mouth, others in the crowd began to look more closely at the pill. At first, they had all been so surprised by the three spirit designs that they didn't look at anything else. But now they all noticed the turtle etching.

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She was exquisitely charming. Her eyes were as soft as silk!

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