The Dragonfyre dynasty Chapter 2116

The Dragonfyre dynasty Chapter 2116

Jia Lie let out a bloodcurdling scream, and tears streamed down his face.

When he met a demonic beast group, he'd land. If he met the demonic beast group down there, he'd soar up to the sky. With this, he could avoid quite a number of demonic beast groups. But Qing Shui's happiness did not last long as he started laughing bitterly.

Qing Shui felt that his comprehension level was still quite high. Otherwise, he would not have been able entered epiphany for so many times.

"Let sister Lan Tong go!"

"Cloudgyre...." Bai Xiaochun looked over his shoulder in the direction they had fled from. He felt like he had just barely made it out of that situation with his poor little life. If the flying skiff hadn't been able to rip free from the gravitation vortex, what would have happened...?

Qing Shui was gloomy because he felt that this youth had some negative feelings towards him. However, his personality was straightforward and upright. Qing Shui always had favorable impressions towards these types of people. He didn't like those two-faced liars who acted one way in front of a person and another way behind his back.

Bai Xiaochun gave a sarcastic chuckle and kept walking. In his mind, he would be crazy to fight with this deranged woman again. Besides, what would happen if she passed out again?

Battle boots, provide 20% increase in speed; 300 increase in strength, 100 increase in endurance, 200 increase in agility! Enhanced the effects of the Frenzied Bull's Strength by 20%, and would only take effect when equipped with at least three armors or weapons with similar attributes!

The four heavenly marquises who had not joined the rebellion were now looking at Bai Xiaochun with very serious looks. Even Duke Deathcrier was sighing inside. He knew¡­ that the Giant Ghost King now cared deeply about this Bai Hao!

Ironback Azure Hawks!

The entire tide of battle had been reversed in the shortest of moments. The shield continued to advance, and more cultivators were returning to its safety, but too many of the five legions' forces had been separated, making it difficult for them to extricate themselves from danger.

After putting the soulshake bell in his spatial realm, Qing Shui began practicing his forging techniques. He still had many items that he wanted to create - boots, armor, pendants¡­ Just thinking of them caused Qing Shui to be excited. His personality was always as such, as long as he had a goal, he would work to achieve it like an idiot. An example was his practicing of the [Basic Sword Techniques], if not for this, how could he cultivate it to the True Realm, not to mention the current Obscure Realm.

In retrospect, he wished he could go back and do something to put Bai Xiaochun in check before he reached his full potential. But now he was a true chosen of the sect, with a limitless future. He was not the type of person to provoke, and thus, smoothing things out with him right now was obviously the best choice.

Most importantly, Qing Shui was the person he had been looking for during the past 300 years, the one who could be turned into a Nine Yang Marionette King. If he could successfully turn him into one, the Marionette Sect would definitely gain a surge in power. No one would look down on them ever again, not even the clans from Sky City and Demon Gate.

This time, Qing Shui was truly not confident. He made changes to what he thought was the problem, the order of adding the ingredients. In his second attempt, he had already changed the order of three of the herbs. This time, he changed the order of another three herbs.

When Qing Shui lifted his head, he noticed that the ladies were nowhere to be found. The two ladies had already gone back to the living room. Qing Shui rubbed his nose and proceeded towards the living room as well. He felt quite uncomfortable wearing the bloodstained clothes.

In that exact moment, the stone gate that was the entrance into the ancestral land... finally succumbed to the clan chief, and opened!!

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