The Cultivation System Chapter 1682

The Cultivation System Chapter 1682

"Come, let's go check out some other places."

"Are we being attacked by a group of magical beasts?"

"Is there something wrong with this dog's brain? His master wanted to save one Earth Restoration Pills for him, but not only did he refuse, he actually wants to pay double? What an idiot."

"Damn you, damn you! Master dog just adopted a human pet, but you killed him! I don't care, you have to pay me back!!"

"I believe you can do it."

This stronghold had protected the Pingyang Kingdom for many years and had weathered many storms, but it had been easily destroyed by Jian Chen. With the stronghold destroyed, Jian Chen could see the million remaining soldiers who were staring back at Jian Chen blankly. A look of abject horror and dread could be seen from their eyes at the floating figure of Jian Chen.

Another tiger roar came from behind, this time closer than ever. The roar was so loud, it shook the eardrums of the Flame Mercenaries, causing them to go deaf for a moment, After the roar, the gigantic figure came bursting in from behind and headed toward the Zhou Mercenaries.

These three men were unexpectedly Tian Zhou and two other brothers from outside the Tianqin clan.


With a word of thanks, Jian Chen stepped through the Space Gate. Jian Chen already had a good understanding of Mercenary City, so when he heard that he needed to travel through a Space Gate, he no longer found it strange since he was used to it already.

"Elder brother speaks correct." The one eyed person spoke without a single hint of emotion, "The Seal of Treasure Mountain is an heirloom of the Shi family that came to be after a special refinement method. Only those of the Shi family will be able to wield its power. To you, the Seal of Treasure Mountain will be an useless piece of iron that you cannot use."

Big Yellow was startled.

"What, resurrection!" Jian Chen said startled as he stared at them all with disbelief.

Laughing, Qin Ji spoke, "Welcome, welcome. How could I not welcome you? Sisters, princess of Funan, please come sit and eat. Maid! Another three sets of dinnerware!"

Yan Kaizer slowly lifted his head to look at Jian Chen's young face. Kaizer's face was very terrifying to see since it lacked blood because of the severe wounds he had sustained.

Big Yellow's face was filled with pride. His big goal almost made Jiang Chen and Yan Chen Yu lose their footing.

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