Lord Shadow Chapter 1807

Lord Shadow Chapter 1807

"He toyed with the Spirit Stream Sect, toyed with the Blood Stream Sect, and toyed with the River-Defying Sect to no end! Later, he ended up in the Wildlands, where he shook down clans, stole wives, and accumulated a list of 100 major crimes! Afterward, he nearly destroyed the entire Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect. Voices of discontent could be heard everywhere! Men and gods alike were outraged!" Heavenly Marquis Liu was clearly very worked up, and actually had a lot more to say. But by this point, the gathered officials had begun to laugh openly.

Qing Shui was not stupid, this sentence from Yu Ruyan allowed Qing Shui to understand everything. Qing Shui was very grateful to Nian Lao in his heart.

"Demonic Stonegold Rabbit King!" Canghai Mingyue exclaimed.?

"Junior Sister Tong!"

"The Patriarch is back!" Huoyun ?Liu-Li could not resist making fun of Qing Shui when she saw him.

A moment later, all sorts of information appeared in his mind.

This attack was completely different from the first three. It was like stabbing a dagger into the heart of a dying person. The spell formation trembled, and the cultivators supporting it from within all began to cough up blood. Yet again, there was no other choice for them but to allow the spell formation to shrink.

"No matter what, we have to send Tian Er up the seat of the Chief Disciple, even if we have to wait ten years," Feng Family Chief said determinedly.

The glow slowly faded away and Mingyue Gelou happily looked around. She then saw the surrounding people were quietly looking at her, and she knew that everyone was afraid of interrupting her enlightenment, and thus had remained quiet. She embarrassedly and happily thanked everyone!

When the identity of the old man was revealed, the surrounding people began to gush their excitement around him. The Medicine Emperor Yi Clan of the Ling Xi Country was very well-known due to their connection to the top ten rankings of famous alchemists in the Central Continent.

The mist covered the corpses, which then started withering up rapidly. In the blink of an eye, they became nothing more than ash.

"You're not going to tell me?" Qing Shui seemed to be very bothered by this question.

Time passed. Half a month flew by, and the day of the trial by fire grew closer. Eventually, Bai Xiaochun had no choice but to rouse himself and start preparing. He got very busy, both concocting pills, performing spirit enhancements, and doing everything else he could to get himself in peak condition.

"Time to go for broke!!" he shouted, a fierce expression twisting his face. Although taking this risk was not something he would normally do, at the moment, he had no choice!

"Miss Ye, is Tantai Aristocrat Clan really strong? I happened to hear by chance people saying that someone called Tantai Xianzi got a World Cleansing Demonic Lotus." Qing Shui smiled.

"1 billion taels of goldĄ­ "

As Bai Xiaochun stood there, the blue light in his eyes grew more intense. After looking around to confirm that there really was no one present, he suddenly closed his eyes, whereupon a blast of intense frigid qi spread out to fill the 300-meter-area around him. Instantly, the blazing heat of the desert was completely neutralized, and the ground even froze up!

Lord Shadow Chapter 1807 End!

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