Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Chapter 1731

Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Chapter 1731

There are no doubts about this being a very difficult step in alchemy. Therefore, when ordinary alchemist concocted pills, they would use a furnace to help control the temperature of the flame. Besides, since each herb had its own smelting point, the alchemist would need to purify them one at a time, or purify herbs with the same smelting point at the same time. If two herbs with different smelting points were purified at the same time, it would usually result in impurities remaining or essence being burned off, which then makes the pill low quality.

Combat weapons emerged at the same time in all of the four men's hands. Yin Zhong Cheng was still using the same mid-ranked golden axe, and the other three were all using low-ranked combat weapons.

"There might be more than two of these bronze plates."

Big Yellow glared back at them.

Putong putong!

Afterward, the azure and violet Sword Qi that were around the crossbolts began to converge in front of Jian Chen before forming a ten meter long sword. Grabbing hold of it, Jian Chen instantly swung it at the stronghold.Chapter 402: Chang Wuji

Wu Jiu said with a smile. It wasn't difficult to tell that he was defenseless against the Imperial Emperor.

There had been no sound as one would expect. When everything had calmed down, one could see that Jian Chen and Dugu Qiubai had changed spots. Each one were now on the other mountain peak away from each other with an equally pal face. A steady stream of blood could be seen flowing from Jian Chen's chest, staining his pure white robes instantly. In that split-instance where the two sides had crossed paths, Dugu Qiubai's sword had pierced through Jian Chen's heart.

The difference between a Class 4 and Class 5 Magical Beast was only one level, but there was a huge distinction between the two. Class 4 Magical Beasts weren't anything special on the Tian Yuan Continent, but a Class 5 Magical Beast was very precious. This was because a Class 5 Magical Beast was a great deal stronger than a Class 4 Magical Beast, which made them that much harder to capture or kill.

As the battle continued, Captain Kendall and Deere had accumulated a few tiny wounds. At the same time, the Black Tiger suddenly faced the skies and released a roar that shook the heavens, destroying the silent atmosphere of the Magical Beast Mountain Range. Right after the shout, the Black Tiger suddenly released another few strikes before dodging both fighters and turning around to run away.

Jian Chen stood up slowly. What uncle Xiu had told him completely destroyed Jian Chen's original plan. Right now, he had to come up with a new plan of obtaining the chance to reach Class 7.

"Give me one, I will sell all my belongings to buy one!"

Li Wu Shuang raised his head and stared at Jiang Chen who was looking at him with a scornful expression, he couldn't hold himself any longer and scolded out loud, "Jiang Chen! If you're a damn fucking man, then come down right now and fight face to face with your father!"


As soon as Jian Chen went downstairs, a multitude of people came forward to greet him. Each one of them wished to pull Jian Chen into their group so that a good relationship could be formed between them.

Jiang Chen laughed mischievously. He didn't have much interest in Firethorn Savage's body. After cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, his body had become extremely strong, and the armor made from Firethorn Savage's fur was useless to him. Big Yellow didn't need it either, as his body was even stronger than Firethorn Savage's.

So when the barrier that had been previously silent as it protected the city before suddenly prevented the elders from stopping this battle, the twenty-second and twenty-third elder had been dumbfounded. For countless of years, they had never seen something like this happen before where even they of the city were stopped.

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