Evolution in Another World Chapter 1699

Evolution in Another World Chapter 1699

"What a fast sword, they couldn't even react to it. And what precise control he had! I've traveled the Tian Yuan Continent for many years and never have I ever seen anything like that!"A middle aged man wearing blue robes said. He was one of the few that could catch a glimpse of Jian Chen's movements.

"In the future should your group contribute greatly to the Flame Mercenaries with the utmost devotion, then I will impart an Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill or perhaps even a Heaven Tier Battle Skill." Jian Chen spoke.


Mao Sheng's words were like a subtle way of begging for forgiveness. He had no other choice right now. If he attacked, only certain death would await him; he would die in vain.

Two days later, Jian Chen and the others entered the borders of the Blue Wind Kingdom. Then with another half day of travel, they entered the First Class City that was known as the "Cloud Capital."

Seeing Jian Chen use such an inconceivable speed to attack his throat, the leader's face became extremely serious as his Saint Force began to frantically circulate within his body. With his body in a peak state of fitness, the man's body turned around and then leapt to the side in order to narrowly dodge Jian Chen's otherwise fatal sword.

Jiang Chen didn't leave the city in a rush. He asked someone to build a grave in the backyard of the Jiang family, then buried Jiang Cheng and the alchemist who had worked restlessly for the Jiang family together.

With a mission that had a target like this, there weren't many people that could resist the temptation of ten thousand purple coins. Despite many people telling them that the target this time was not weak at all and had even caused the Tianxiong clan to take a heavy loss, these mercenaries still had no fear.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were both expressionless, but their hearts were steeled with their resolve.

Qing Styx said in a cruel manner.


Discussions could be heard everywhere. It wasn't until now that the true highlight of the Qi Province competition would begin. The battle between the four strongest geniuses. A battle that could make the spectators so anxious that they had to hold their breaths.

Luo Song was indeed a man with extraordinary strength. Without hesitating, he punched out toward Jiang Chen's face. Unfortunately, although he was a powerful man, he only possessed the strength of a Divine Core warrior. Although it made him a rather famous man within the outer circle, compared to Jiang Chen, it was like heaven and earth.

Jian Chen's sword had only pierced through Tian Zhou's chest two inches away from his heart. While it had run through the chest, it wasn't a life threatening injury for a man like him.

"What is Little Yu doing now?"

"Why haven't we seen Jiang Chen? I wonder if Jiang Chen can really deal with the Old Great Emperor. If he can't defeat the Old Great Emperor, perhaps the Black Sect will have to face annihilation, and the Eastern Continent will still be controlled by the Martial Saint Dynasty."

This sudden sound had caused Jian Chen to jump up with a quivering motion before falling down from the tree branch. Looking around himself vigilantly, Jian Chen saw no one around him.

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