Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 2556

Bone Painting Coroner Chapter 2556

After killing the mercenaries blocking his path, Jian Chen continued onward. Jumping down from the buildings, he ran off to get closer to the the city gates.

"That sword is so f*cking fast."

Jiang Chen waved his hand and retrieved the Heavenly Saint Sword. He swung the sword, causing it to produce sharp sounds. With a sneer on his face, Jiang Chen warmed up slightly, preparing for the grand slaughter.

After this strike, the dark clouds in the sky began slowly dispersing. In just a few breaths time, the clear and bright sky had returned as if nothing had happened. But for those who had witnessed the occurrence of the Heavenly Tribulation, a breathless feeling possessed them, and their hearts were filled with extreme shock.

A happy expression emerged on Fan Kun's face.

Daoist Black said with a deep voice.

Zhou Bei Zhen and the skinny old man sat down beside him, while Jiang Cheng stood behind Jiang Chen, like a loyal bodyguard.

The white tiger cub obediently sat on Jian Chen's shoulders and continued to blink widely with its large eyes. With a nimble leap, it flew from Jian Chen's right shoulder to his left and grabbed onto his neck with its claws.

Yun Can was killed, and Huo Yuner had left. Jiang Chen had once again strengthened his mighty position in the Black Sect.

"Ju-just what was used to make this stone door, it's really hard!" Tianmu Ling stammered as she covered her mouth with her hand in shock.

The city ruler Yun Li was very shocked to hear what Jian Chen said. Originally he had thought that Jian Chen didn't even make it to Mercenary City. Very few Great Saint Masters were likely to survive to join the Gathering of the Mercenaries. Not only did Jian Chen say he had participated, he survived.

Wen Hua was very scared. He had witnessed Tyrant's strength, and he knew that the monk could kill him as easily as flipping his palm.


A bright light appeared in Jian Chen's line of vision. He quickly walked out of Saint Ruler's Cave, arriving above the frigid lake at the bottom of the chilly valley.

The previous step where the body transformation was for the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master. Right now this system of refining his entire body was in according to the Azulet Sword Law's "Record of Bodily Refinement" method to increase his strength.

Everyone were shocked and breathing rapidly. Jiang Chen's actions had a huge impact on them, even a late stage Qi Hai warrior was easily killed by him. The thing was, he didn't even blink his eyes when he killed.

"Run away! Find the captain; he's the only one that can avenge us!" One Saint Master cried out in terror as he ran for the gates to Wake City.

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