Smut Anime Game Online Chapter 1862

Smut Anime Game Online Chapter 1862

Afterward, Ming Dong stayed behind in the shrine, and despite his begging, Jian Chen declined to stay as well. Escorted by two elders, Jian Chen was sent to the Space Gate and returned to the poisonous cloud filled mountain range.

"He's right. For any strong warrior, a Natal Weapon is far better than those ordinary combat weapons, and it can help the warrior unleash incredible power. More importantly, a Natal Weapon's strength will increase together with the improvement of the owner's cultivation rare, but it's very rare for a warrior to make his own Natal Weapon. A Natal Weapon is directly linked to the warrior's life, and creating it costs a huge amount of effort and mental strength. It's really difficult, and the success rate is extremely low. But, since Brother Yan has the Ancient Divine Devil's bloodline, I believe he will be able to succeed."

"Could you not learn both of them?" Jian Chen asked.


The item was scorching hot, as if it was hot steel that just came out from a fire pit. Ordinary warriors wouldn't be able to touch it, only Jiang Chen who had such an incredible body could grab it with his hand.

Big Yellow simply unleashed his energy, and the warrior was knocked far away. After that, he immediately devoured the Ginseng.

Regrettably, he was still too slow.

Seeing that Jian Chen had been so smug, the other Saint Ruler couldn't help but give a small smile. "Jian Chen, you shouldn't count your eggs before they hatch. Even if you remove the Imprint of Death, you cannot escape from us still. I've a secret technique that allows me to place a seal to see the location of the person its own. It isn't as powerful as the Imprint of Death, but it will serve us nicely in this situation." At that, the Saint Ruler began to go through a series of hand gestures. Several illusionary patterns began to exude forth from his hands, and with each hand seal, a strange energy began to form in those patterns.

"Honored Five Imperial Advisors, if living here for the past few days has not been to your liking, or if there is something not satisfactory, then please speak up and we will definitely strive to improve." Changyang Ba spoke with a laugh. Although his own son was the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom making the five Imperial Advisors his subordinates Changyang Ba did not wish to treat them impolitely. After all, they were still Heaven Saint Masters in the end.

"Praise from eldest aunt!" Jian Chen laughed, he could clearly tell that eldest aunt Ling Long's attitude towards him had improved. She was no longer so solemn and unmoving towards him.No longer was she like before, always wearing a neutral face.

Hearing the warning, the other two students fighting Tie Ta immediately became more cautious, and tried to avoid his giant battleaxe.

The Blood Devil leader was shocked by what he saw. Now, he could only feel how terrifying the young man in front of him was. He knew he wasn't a match for this young man, and therefore, he didn't waste any time. He immediately flew high up into the skies and started fleeing.

That's right, this was most likely the Heavenhawk Island Master's true purpose. The solution Li Hao and the others had come up with was exactly what the Heavenhawk Island Master wanted, this was the only reasonable explanation. If not, it would be unnecessary for the Island Master to put up this formation. He was only using this formation to temporarily halt them, and wait until all the geniuses of the Asura Palace arrives; only then would he launch a surprise attack.

Yin Ren was one of the Silver Moon City's bullies. He was an extremely hedonistic person, and his character was just like his name, a sex maniac. He liked to bully other men and abduct girls. The young master next to him was Liu, another young master from one of the rich families in Silver Moon City. Both of them had similar characters and were like-minded.

The disciples of the Black Sect all had pretty good impressions towards Jiang Chen. Add more to the fact that they were also all time enemies with the Heavenly Sword Sect, they would obviously hope that Jiang Chen could defeat Li Wu Shuang and become number one.

Both men continued their journey and flew toward the location of the island.

"Big Yellow!"

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