When The Inland Sea Rose Chapter 69

When The Inland Sea Rose Chapter 69

Not too long after Jian Chen's group returned to their inns to rest, news about the heads of the three major clans in the city made its way around. Such a tremendous piece of information lead to an equally large reaction, leaving everyone who heard it stunned in disbelief.Chapter 570: The Change in the Yun Family

Back in the Black Sect, the human heads were still hovering in the sky. When the mighty group who had just arrived saw it, they were all immediately enraged.

When the Heavenly Saint Sword struck; what could stand in its way without breaking?

Yan Zhan Yun immediately stopped Jiang Chen. The rest of the men furrowed their brows. If it was any other young man who dared to be so rude in front of them, they would have slapped him. But, this young man had helped their Yan family, and they had to admit that he looked different from the other youngsters.


Seeing all of the gathered high ranking officials here, the captured king could only sigh before quickly ordering them to stand down. Then, without needing to be ordered to by Jian Chen, the king immediately issued out an imperial edict to bring back all of the soldiers stationed by the Gesun Kingdom's northern stronghold.

The blazing sun in the sky disappeared at that moment and the originally-bright sky was suddenly shrouded by darkness. The darkness was stifling, as if an apocalypse had occurred. Also, the moving air from before froze at that moment. It seemed as if time had been frozen.

With a look toward the three other men, Jian Chen had a meaningful smile on his face as he walked over, "Fellow friends, what might your names be?"

Jiang Chen nodded his head. He now finally understood why Nangong Wentian left home. It looked like the current changes in the Nangong family was related to their internal conflict as well.

"Hmph! You're courting death by killing so many of my men. I don't care who you are, today I will torture and kill you."

Laughing, the Saint Ruler answered, "The Qinhuang Kingdom barely has any time to look after itself. How could it spend extra time trying to reach here? Jian Chen, if you were hoping to look to the Qinhuang Kingdom for support, then you should give up now and obediently hand over the tungsten alloy. I won't make things troublesome for you, but if you don't comply, then you'll know the consequences." Unless he was forced to, the Saint Ruler didn't want to kill Jian Chen in front of everyone. It was true that Jian Chen, as a Heaven Saint Master, was as weak as an ant to him, but he was still an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom. Even a Saint Ruler would hesitate to kill one of them so quickly.Chapter 641: Fighting With the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger (One)

"That's right. Everyone is taking what they need, and trading for treasures that they need. Who wouldn't want to participate in a trade fair like this and try their luck? Also, there will be many Combat Soul warriors in the event as well."

"We will make sure that we repay them in kind. The palm of Heaven does not neglect anyone and would strike down anyone with their hand." Qin Wuming was furious as well as he growled.

Just as the Light Wind Sword returned to his hand, the blood on the blade of the sword, almost as if it was alive, began to concentrate at the sword's tip. Drop by drop it fell onto the dusty ground below as the previously bloody Light Wind Sword became clear once more. The seemingly mirror like metal reflected light off of the blade and radiated a hazy white glow of silver light. The forest was basked within its glow and would have dazzled the eyes of anyone that saw it.

Jian Chen had his Chaotic Force covering his entire body so as to increase his defenses to the maximum. As of now, his fist was several times harder than steel as it struck at Situ Qing's Saint Weapon. Despite his fist having a small split from where the Saint Weapons truck, the flesh quickly healed back up over itself as if it didn't happen to begin with.

For a man, the most painful thing was when your own brother betrays you.

To see Jian Chen immediately cross over the Primary level to the Middle level of Sainthood, the headmaster couldn't help but be extremely happy. With this, his Kargath Academy could finally be proud of having such a talented student.

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