The X-Squad Chapter 1248

The X-Squad Chapter 1248

Jiang Chen knew what he was doing, and he could imagine that in coming days, Redsun Town would become the target of the Blood Devils. Compared to Redsun Town, the other towns would only suffer minor attacks, therefore, Jiang Chen decided to stay in Redsun Town to fight the coming Blood Devils.

Right when Jiang Chen and the group landed in the Jiang family's courtyard, someone immediately announced his return with a voice loud enough for everyone to hear. When the guards of the Jiang family saw him, they started screaming their lungs out, excite expressions filling their faces.

While the men were joyously chatting together, Chang Wuji's expression suddenly slipped before standing up with a serious expression. Cupping his hands, he spoke, "Honored Imperial Advisors, my leader, this slave has an urgent matter to attend to!"

"Fifty purple coins, good heavens, that is a villainous deal." Qing Yun cried out with a flustered look.


The moment the man's giant two handed sword made contact with Jian Chen's Sword Qi enhanced sword, the two handed sword easily scattered apart the Sword Qi after some minor obstructions. At the same time, Jian Chen suddenly moved toward the man a few meters in front of him in a way that made him resemble a blur with his Light Wind Sword ready to attack.

"Dad, when Yu'er is not by your side, you need to take good care of yourself! Yu'er will always miss you!"

After arriving not too far away from the Mercenary Union, Jian Chen walked into a nearby restaurant since it had been a long time since he had last eaten meat. He had been rushing for so many days that the taste was almost forgotten to him.

There had been a tremendous commotion from the entire audience from such a proclamation. From this, everyone knew just how much the dust was worth.

Qing Styx suffered pretty serious injuries during his battle with Firethorn Savage, but he had now fully recovered from that. The first thing he wanted to do now that he had fully recovered was to kill Firethorn Savage and get rid of the Green Sanctuary Sect's biggest rival.

Tian Yishan shouted. He and Guan Yiyun led their men and stormed into center of the enemy group.

Dugu Feng slowly put down the wine cup in his hand as his eyebrows knit together in thought. "He was also from Lore City, could it be him? Could it be that when he went to the Holy Lands, he managed to make the breakthrough to become a Heaven Saint Master?"Chapter 462: Illusion Array (One)

"I do not have any barrier with me." The girl didn't deny it.

Although he wasn't very proficient in it, Jian Chen's Tai Ji Jian made the man's strong strength seem practically non-existent. However, it was taking an extraordinary amount of effort on Jian Chen's part. Despite Tai Ji Jian allowing one to deflect and divert another person's attacks, Jian Chen was only just a Saint, so it was taking all of his energy to break away the man's monstrous strength from his Guan Dao and send it elsewhere. So while it looked easy to do, it was actually hard to pull off.

Within a courtyard located on Heavenhawk Island, Zhuang Fan kneeled down in front of Jiang Chen and kowtowed a few times.

Clearing away her negative thoughts, Yulian loudly said, "The Harido clan bids eleven hundred purple coins, are there any other takers? Eleven hundred purple coins, going once!"

"Apologies, but I am not selling the monster cores!" Jian Chen spoke with no hesitation at all.

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