I Am Unique Chapter 2067

I Am Unique Chapter 2067

"Then let's not delay any longer, let's go now."

The color on Mao Sheng's face kept changing between black and red. At the same time, his heart was pounding extremely fast. It wasn't difficult to imagine how angry he was right now, his trip to the Blissful Island had caused him to lose a lot of face. Not only had he lost a lot of disciples, he even received a huge blow to his face; he had now become the laughing stock for all the bystanders.

Five white-haired elders came walking into the palace. As soon as they entered and saw Jian Chen, they immediately sat down on some nearby chairs.

"Impossible, this is impossible!"

Meanwhile, the strong, pungent smell of greasy blood filled the air, and gradually began to diffuse through the air.


The warrior trio cupped their fists toward Jiang Chen at the same time, then they continued flying toward the Blissful Manor.

"Tianxiong Lie, do you mean to ask if you want our help to capture the assassin who killed your son?" A regular looking man asked.

Witnessing this, Yu Tian Long and Yu Zi Han who were worriedly hiding behind the small hill immediately rejoiced. When the girls started hugging and pushing each other around, their original positions in the line had changed. Yu Zi Yan who was standing at the front of the line and was the one closest to the altar had been pushed to the middle.

"En, not bad, senior disciple Guan is very kind."

Jiang Chen said with a smile. He didn't mention Wu Jiu's name, because during his trip to the Island of Ice, before Wu Lang left, he had asked Jiang Chen to seek him out in the Martial Palace.

"He is really overbearing, a man should act like that££if I can be like him for just a moment, then it will be worth it, even if costs my life!"

Earlier, they had chosen to live by leaving the Flame Mercenaries after being backed into a corner by the Defiance Mercenaries. They had previously thought they wouldn't need to fear for their lives, but who would have known that the situation would have taken such a drastic turnabout. The tides of victory that the Defiance Mercenaries had once held suddenly changed when the captain of the Flame Mercenaries reappeared to toss them into a hole. Whether they could leave or not would depend on the mood of the Flame Mercenaries. Therefore, the Flame Mercenaries who betrayed them felt incomparably embarrassed and ashamed by their actions to the point where they could hardly look into the eyes of the brothers they had once fought shoulder to shoulder with.

After Jian Chen and Tie Ta disappeared from view, a red clad figure dropped down from the trees. The figure was a tall woman, around 30 years old, clad in fiery red clothing. Her appearance was not extremely beautiful, yet she gave off a gentle, calm air.

From his position far away from the situation, the lord of Fengyang grieved as he watched the three Earth Saint Masters killed. Now that they had died, the might of Fengyang City had decreased by a substantial amount. Everything that had happened was something he would have to accept. He didn't have the power to change it after all.

"Three hundred thousand purple coins going twice££"

"Hahaha, the Xiang'er of today grows even more understanding with each passing day! Third sister, you've heard him. He has already forgotten about the matters of the past! You can rest assured now, there is no longer any conflict between us four sisters. There's no need for such conflict between family members after all." The eldest aunt spoke.

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