The Flames of Darkness Chapter 1992

The Flames of Darkness Chapter 1992

"Looking to die!?!?" the young woman said with an enraged laugh, the killing intent in her eyes bursting with intensity. Her cultivation base was in the great circle of Foundation Establishment, and she was an extremely adept killer. In fact, she had killed quite a few other cultivators in the great circle. Were it not for the fact that she was on a special, urgent mission, and Bai Xiaochun was clearly beyond ordinary, she would never have just fled.

"The Heavenly Palace has turned into this because of the lot of you worthless things. The generations of the Feng Clan is going to stop here." Qing Shui's voice wasn't loud, yet his statement was carried to many people, instantly making them felt hot-blooded.

And that was only the beginning. As time progressed, Bai Xiaochun came to find that the effects of the smoke were unbelievably dramatic.

The devas finally noticed what was going on. The crazed behavior of a few of the disciples led to an investigation, and the truth was revealed. In less than a month, almost all of the disciples in the Cloud Order had begun consuming Fantasy Pills on a regular basis!

"Let's go eat something!" Di Qing kept smiling while she stared at Qing Shui. Her eyes were lit up with curiosity.

Its two big intelligent eyes were purple-colored, making it appear even more spiritually intelligent, and they were filled with the radiance of lightning. All three "Purple-eyed Golden Spirit Monkeys" were holding a sturdy wooden staff that was about four feet long and as thick as an adult's arm.

"Xu Gangze, let me repeat this again. I do not feel anything for him nor do I want to be involved with him in any way. Stop always associating me with him." Xi Yue suddenly said angrily.

The item was only one foot long, and was a crimson red all over. At one look, it was just like a flaming lion but with nine small heads. This was a plant with dense roots and branches. It looked very real and was much better than other stuff people called art.

Situ Nan Tian - Situ is a surname, Nan Tian literally means Northern Skies

Canghai Mingyue's overwhelming aura had no tie to her level of cultivation, but it was an aura she had from the start. It was an prideful aura, reflecting her strong self-esteem, but not her arrogance. It gave others the feeling that she was standing of a high and unattainable spot that was out of their reach. The pair of black, profound, and beautiful eyes had an intoxicating charm, causing one to sway together with her emotions. At the same time, it also exuded an indifference which kept others away.

Bai Xiaochun looked dejectedly at the wall of flesh in front of him, then gritted his teeth and began to rotate his cultivation base. The power of his spiritual seas surged, and the image of a heavenly demon appeared behind him. When his cultivation base was at its highest level, he howled and then lashed his right hand out with lightning-like speed. At the same time, his thumb and index finger closed in on each other as he used the Throat Crushing Grasp.

Explosive rumblings sounds could be heard as Bai Xiaochun was propelled by the full power of the stone golem, transforming into something like a shooting star that pierced through the air of the second trial and right into the teleportation portal leading to the third trial!

Mu Lang looked at Qing Shui gratefully and left the arena. Qing Shui looked at the guy, his Nature Energy circulating automatically. The same went for his Diamond Qi, Diamond Protection and Diamond Crossing Rivers.

"I've come late, but I'm going to take all of the people of Heavenspan in this city with me!" As soon as he was out in the open, he sent his divine sense spreading out through the entire city.

"Based on what?"

"God of Beasts!?That sounds way better than Saint-Turtle! You know how long I sat around waiting, hoping, wishing you would come? But you never did. So of course I had to come looking for you!" With each sentence, the little turtle spoke with greater resolve. And by the end, he was glaring directly at Bai Xiaochun, who glared right back at him. A tense moment passed, whereupon Bai Xiaochun started laughing. He was obviously aware that the turtle had been joking with him. And the turtle knew that he had also been joking. Even as the two of them laughed, Bai Xiaochun released his grip.

Even as such cries began to rise up, the young man suddenly turned and trotted back into the village. Looking very determined, he cleared his throat and said, "I've made up my mind. I'm not going. I'm serious! I don't want to become an immortal!"

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