The Lord of Darkness and Light Chapter 372

The Lord of Darkness and Light Chapter 372

He also realized that while circulating his Saint Force, his blood was also doing the same. A few of the strange genetic factors in his blood began to accumulate and enter the various organs of his body.

Yan Chenyu said in a worried tone upon seeing how badly wounded Yan Zhanyun and the others were.

Jiang Chen's eyes were glowing brightly. As the once greatest Saint in the world, he was well verse with all types of formations. The secret of the Gargantuan Formation in front of him was nothing.

"Haha, who dares touch me!?"


However, since Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's bodies were powerful, the tornadoes, although very terrifying, were unable to harm them.

He quickly recovered himself however. Staring curiously at the Origin energy in Jian Chen's hand, he exclaimed, "What a powerful energy."

Huang Zheng bowed deeply towards Jiang Chen.

"It's right under there."

"Dad, look at it this way. If you let them go today, then they might return tomorrow and harm you££ I was being merciful when I said I wouldn't kill them."

Just like that, a powerful Class 5 Magical Beast had been killed so easily.

After saying that, the genius of the Invincible Sect charged toward Tyrant. He was going at full speed, and was attacking aggressively. He waved both hands and unleashed numerous runes, which weaved into a large silver-colored shield, then bashed the shield toward Tyrant.

Right now, what made Jian Chen worry the most was that the king of the Gilligan clan would not follow the agreement it had made with the humans and would leave Cross Mountains in order to personally find and kill the tiger cub. This king was a terrifying existence that could easily kill a Saint Ruler; so Jian Chen didn't dare face against the king of the Gilligan clan by himself without sufficient strength.

The sudden arrival of this speaker caused Huang Tianba to falter slightly. His face grew dark before he whirled around to look at the two black-robed elders, "What brought you two here?"

"Who do you think will win££?"

"That's right, I'm Jiang Chen, is there anything I can help you with?"

Seeing that the beast had finally died, Jian Chen and Tie Ta could not help but exhale in relief. The Class 2 Magical Beast Flaming Cloud Beast wasn't that amazing, but its defenses were extraordinarily high. Thus, killing it was an extremely difficult task.

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