Pokemon - Adventure Chapter 806

Pokemon - Adventure Chapter 806

Right at this moment, another loud shout came from afar. After that, three figures flew towards them with great speed. They were three old men with powerful energies, and all of them were Divine Core warriors. There even was a Mid Divine Core warrior amongst them. With Jiang Chen's current ability, there was no way he could defeat a Mid Divine Core warrior.

"Sigh, we're done for."

The restoration pills in Jiang Chen's hands were smooth and perfectly round, glowing at the same time.There was not even a hint of impurity within the pills, they were 100%effectiveness pills!

After hearing the middle aged man's words, many mercenaries began to whisper to each other. However, not a single person decided to chase after that youth and block his path.

Unknowingly, Jian Chen had already arrived before the front door of the Tianqin clan. This time, he did not even need to use his presence to clearly feel where Qin Xiao was. At this moment, Qin Xiao was with a large group of people in the conference hall of the Tianqin Clan. They seemed to be discussing something important and even the atmosphere of the entire hall seemed rather heavy.

After everyone was ready, someone called out for them all to start moving. Everyone was prepared to move into the night without stopping for rest or sleep. Ever since the ambush by the Boundless Bandits, the caravans no longer wished to stay around any longer. Even taking a break would not do.

"His presence alone is so overbearing! No wonder why Yang Shuo was defeated by him, the strike just now instantly killed a few Early Divine Core warriors! Frightening!"

Jiang Chen's expression still remained indifferent. He knew better than Great Master Ran Feng how to saw Big Yellow. As the greatest Saint underneath the heavens, no Ninth Grade Minor Saint could compare with his knowledge and experience.

With both sides racing and crossing over several major streets, they managed to travel several kilometers away from the center of the city. By now, the father had already closed the distance from several hundred meters to just a few dozen.

Khafir heartily laughed, "So you remember even that child Tie Ta. Unfortunately, Tie Ta left Kargath Academy to return to his hometown two years ago. I originally planned on going to visit him, but I had no time to go on such a trifling visit because of the four kingdoms allying together to attack us. I never found myself having the time to see him."

Straight away, even more soldiers began to halt their footsteps as they fell to the ground in pain. Their mouths continued to spit out blood as the soldiers on top of their mounts fell down from them suddenly. Not long after, two hundred soldiers were all on the ground with blood streaming from their lips. Their faces continued to be stuck in a painful grimace while some soldiers had already fell to the ground dead.

Jian Chen's sword art emphasized speed. Despite the patriarch making a herculean effort to dodge, he was not fast enough to move out of the way completely. Jian Chen knew that an Earth Saint Master had a clear advantage over himself, so it was imperative for him to try to attack the patriarch's Saint Weapon. With this, the patriarch's strength would be limited and so he would not be able to freely attack or defend.

"Young Master Jiang Chen is currently a Late Combat Soul warrior, and not long ago, he killed a Second Grade Combat King, as well as two First Grade Combat Kings in the Eastern Continent. Go back and tell Palace Chief about this, just let them guard the Profound River Palace with a peace of mind. Young Master Jiang Chen and I will rescue all of our people, and we will bring back Lord Nether's head."

When concocting a pill, just having strong soul force and a soul cultivation skill wasn't enough, one would also need incredible flames. If it was in the past, Jiang Chen might have faced some difficult when concocting this Nine Soul Restoration Pill, but with the amazing True Dragon Flames, he was able to burn anything down quickly. Together with the True Dragon Flames and Great Soul Derivation skill, every single herb was quickly melted down.

The person who was responsible for the investigations nodded, "I've naturally investigated everything important, and the outcome isn't disappointing. Jian Chen indeed carries a cub like that. The cub should be what the king wants.

Jian Chen laughed with a collected face and calm heart, "This one has no objections, but only brother Qin Ji can accept.££"

As for Big Yellow, he didn't really care about him, since his only target was Jiang Chen.

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