Eternal Sin Chapter 428

Eternal Sin Chapter 428

Qing Shui smiled speechlessly. He had accidentally let the truth slip out.

Qing Shui who was about to stand up and take his leave could only sit down again to hear what Lady Duanmu had to say. It might be something that would be useful to him, so even if he was in a hurry he should stay.

Before he knew it, the Snow Lion King had slumped to the ground, its body becoming an empty shell, completely devoid of life. Qing Shui sighed deeply and then used his Primordial Flames to completely cremate the corpse.


It was a sound that surpassed heavenly thunder, and caused everyone to be shaken to the core. Even the plants in the jungle were trembling, and all Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment, and ordinary Core Formation cultivators felt their cultivation bases teetering unstably.

He could still tell who two of the corpses belonged to. One was his grandson, Situ Shang, while the other one is a grade 8 Xiantian cultivator Yan Xu. While he could not tell from the last one's appearance, he could sense who it was.

"We won! The south bank won!!"

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"Mmm? It's not against her?" Qing Shui knew that the lady from earlier was called Gongsun Jianwu. Then Gongsun Jianyun was also part of the 3rd generation of Gongsun Clan since his name also started with ¡®Jian', just like Gongsun Jianwu.

Before he could finish, he was interrupted again. "Screw off!"


During his period of recovery, he continued to get reports from Zhao Long and the rest of his regiment. That was how he learned that both Great Wall City and the Wildlands had taken the matter of the black pillar of light very seriously. In fact, quite a few people had entered the pit to explore the area.

Even though Qing Shui hadn't spent a lot of time in the Greencloud Continent, he could still remember most of the country names among the 81 countries in the continent. General Country was one of them. He could clearly remember it because the Yan Jiang country wasn't far away from his home, and the name was simple to memorize.

Back when Bai Xiaochun left for the Great Wall, Big Fatty Zhang had been forming his Will Core. Neither he nor Xu Baocai had qualified to leave the sect, and thus had no choice but to stay behind in Sky City to manage the business at Bai Xiaochun's inn.

Looking at the old man with his torn and tattered clothes, as well as a face filled with a lean and hungry expression, the body of the old man still looked fit and strong. Both his eyes were filled with the hope of living, and somehow, the countenance of this old man caused Qing Shui to remember his father from back in his past world.

"Stay your hand!" Suddenly, a newcomer appeared on the scene.

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