Ravenous Exchange Chapter 1976

Ravenous Exchange Chapter 1976

The conversation between Jian Chen and the four Imperial Protectors lasted for four whole hours before reaching an end. After falling into silence for a short while, Qin Yunlong cleared his throat and said, "Jian Chen, the reason why the four of us got you to hurry to the Qinhuang Kingdom is because we actually have something extremely important to discuss with you.

"Kill them."

"This is amazing, a Perfect-Ranked Combat Weapon was just destroyed in an instant! Don't tell me he's using a King Weapon? Impossible, there are only a handful of Combat King warriors in the entire Eastern Continent, and they are all from the Martial Saint Dynasty! I'm sure Jiang Chen doesn't have a King Weapon! But, the sword he uses is really frightening, if I wasn't here to see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it at all!"

Jian Chen had cultivated the Azulet Sword Law since his birth and so practically every cell within his body was strengthened. Not once had he ever tried to alter his body and had allowed nature to run its course instead. Therefore, no matter whether it was his body or his appearances, the Azulet Sword Law was the cause. From the beginning it had developed him perfectly so that even his appearance would become handsome looking. As he grew older, he had also continued to train his body and strengthened it, causing his appearances to follow suit.

Although he already knew how abnormally insane Jiang Chen was, Big Yellow still rolled his eyes in shock. Doesn't matter if it was a demon soul or a devil soul, none of them could be absorbed by a human being, because they contained too much non-human elemental impurities. Absorbing it by force would seriously impact the person's cultivation, and it could even make them enter a state of psychosis.

"Jiang Chen, take this, Soaring Heavens Sword!"

In the next two days, out of Jiang Chen's expectations, Lord Blood Moon had yet to show himself. But, his Blood Devils had organized another two rounds of major attacks, and the results were the same as the previous battles. No matter how strong or powerful leaders they sent, all of them eventually died miserably in Redsun Town, and there were no survivors.

Tiangang Yi said.


Kai Er had long since had his family prepare the most fanciful of rooms for Jian Chen and his entourage to rest in. Aside from the servants of the Kai family tidying up the broken bits and pieces of the courtyard and gates, only the sounds of the night could be heard.

The young lord had already anticipated this outcome however and continued, "Jian Chen, those Class 5 Monster Cores will only bring you trouble if you continue to keep them. You are risking your life, and even as a mercenary captain, those Great Saint Masters under you are not enough to guard the monster cores. Even an Earth Saint Master would be attracted to take a Class 5 Monster Core; you wouldn't have the ability to stop them if they tried. So it would be in your best interest to sell them to me. This way, not only will you make a nice sum of money, but you will also be one problem shorter."

Daoist Black was startled as well. He didn't have any good feelings about this. The Martial Saint Dynasty was such a powerful existence, and although Jiang Chen was capable of fighting the Imperial Emperor, that didn't mean that the small Black Sect could take on the Martial Saint Dynasty. When faced with such a gigantic mammoth, who would simply jump in and fight it?

"Big brother, watch closely." Saying this, Jian Chen took the branch and lightly waved it in the direction of a small tree, about the thickness of his wrist. When the branch approached the small tree, the skinny branch directly left his hand and silently pierced through the small tree, as if there were no obstacles at all. It seemed almost as if the small tree was originally only a mirage.

Jian Chen watched the army leave before returning back to the imperial palace. However, the overly large palace was now empty without a single person to be seen, giving off the sense abandonment. Only the sounds of the tempered steel of the treasury could be heard being stripped from within, giving a small bit of life to the palace.

"Hmph! Guo Shan, take a look at the training grounds, this guy didn't show any respect to his seniors! He even hung up Sect Elders and beat them, and he killed his fellow disciple through a ruthless approach! He is an evil man, a man like this should be killed immediately!"

Jiang Chen said with an extremely cold voice. Compared to the life of this Second Grade Combat King, Jiang Chen cared more about the treasures stored in his Qi Sea space. Although Jiang Chen could kill a Second Grade Combat King, he couldn't do it like how he killed a First Grade Combat King; taking control of his Qi Sea and taking all his treasures first.


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