Wholly Undead Chapter 2985

Wholly Undead Chapter 2985

"Little bonehead, why did you suddenly choke out loud during breakfast earlier, I'm very curious!" Yu He smiling asked as she looked to Qing Shui.

"I've never smacked a demigod! So exciting...." In fact, he couldn't hold back from delivering another smack.

Last night, in the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal, Qing Shui devoted all his time to training the Third Wave of the and even reached a satisfying level of power under the inspiration of the Thousand Buddha Hands.

A tempting fish smell soon wafted into the air. Although it was partially because of the spices, Qing Shui's own cooking skill contributed a lot to the great smell.

"This is Qing Shui, those kinds of fruits were his. Maybe he could help you on culinary arts." Huoyun Liu-Li and that woman stood up as Huoyun Liu-Li introduced her.

"Hehe, sister is just teasing you. Sighˇ­ a woman like me, who would still want me, who would still cherish me?" Yu He bitterly smiled, as if there was something on her heart, as she glanced at Qing Shui.

From time to time, there would also be the noises of firecrackers. Occasionally, noises of children giggling would also be heard. To Qing Shui, all of these felt really comfortable.

The truth was that it wasn't actually a violet cauldron. It was more than a hundred cauldrons, overlapping to create a glowing violet shield.

The talismans were defensive in nature, and quickly spread out to surround Zhou Yixing. At the same time, all of the paper people near Bai Xiaochun suddenly turned over to look in Zhou Yixing's direction. Completely ignoring Bai Xiaochun, their eyes lit up with madness as they pounced onto the shields surrounding Zhou Yixing!

"If only I had a Xiantian-level flying bison, I wouldn't be fretting like this." Qing Shui rubbed his pounding head and sighed. (Bison will be explained later)

"Qing Shui, Old Ancestor has left a letter for you." Mu Fengyang handed Qing Shui an envelope.

She looked similar to the sister selling tea leaves at Yan City, especially her nose bridge and face shape, and these features of the older sister did not look like her mother. Qing Shui suddenly noticed her surname, Yan. It had not seemed weird meeting a girl with the surname Yan in Heavenly Palace.

"Alright, fineˇ­. I will stop!"

"Elder Xiong, if we can find that person, she might be able to help you." A middle-aged man from below piped up, frowning as he tried to think of a solution.

Qing Shui no longer dared to be careless as he took out the Heaven Shaking Hammer!

"Did you miss me this much?" Yu He let Qing Shui into the room and laughed.

"Elder sister, look, that's big brother."

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