Back In Time: Shadow Emperor Chapter 571

Back In Time: Shadow Emperor Chapter 571

Thankfully, not all of the giants were affected, only some of them. Even still, the group that did join in the attack was not small compared to Bai Xiaochun and the cultivators he led.

He had no choice but to let go earlier for the sake of saving a life. His action would no longer be justified if he were to do that again.

After all these years, Qing Shui had never really forgiven the Yan Clan for what they did to his family. Even though he had allowed the relatives from his father's side to live, he had never visited them since then. Sparing their lives was an act of duty and respect for his father, otherwise, they would have been killed along with the other members of Yan Clan.

The living beings throughout the realm were trembling, their gazes blank as the world was destroyed around them. Indescribable terror filled them from the destructive fluctuations they felt.

Qing Shui was shocked to discover that the Old Ancestor was actually Senior Uncle Fei's grandfather. He could sense that this weighed heavily on the old man.?

"Well, if you are so eager to die, let's begin!" Sima Sha unsheathed his four-foot long curved black blade as soon as he finished talking. The blade was shaped like a crescent moon, and an unsettling air of agony emanated from the blade.

Everyone present was dumbfounded, including the Giant Ghost King, the War Champion King, and even the Nine Serenities King. Although they were exerting all their effort to fight back against the sound attack, strange expressions still appeared on their faces. That was saying a lot, considering that this was a deadly battle in which no one knew who would come out alive and who would end up dead.

As he smiled, the gravekeeper began to fade away as surely as if some huge hand were erasing him out of existence.

A wild and barbaric aura erupted out of Bai Xiaochun, along with a howl that truly seemed to come from the forefather of all humanity. At the same time, each of his eyes shone with the brilliance of both a sun and a moon! Dazzling light erupted out as Bai XiaochunĄ­ slammed into the Spear of the Starry Sky!

He didn't ask for anything in return, and believed that others who did these same kinds of things would know. He only wanted to do his part. Some of the poor, wouldn't even have access to cultivation techniques, which sealed them in an unending cycle of poverty. Only through strength, would enable you to lead a better life in this cultivation-oriented world.

Even as they looked around in surprise, the air up ahead of them began to twist and distort, and a figure materialized up ahead, a figure wearing a mask with a plum blossom on it.

"I really want to see how many times you can teleport before you run out of formations!"

It was a voice filled with the deepest faith!

"Why?!" he asked.

With a gentle force, Qing Shui pushed the woman to the other side and quickly took out the Crimson Dragon Bow. He didn't take out the Poison Dragon arrow because he had a hunch the Tricolor Scorpion King had a high resistance to any kind of poisons.

The statue depicted a gigantic xuanwu turtle that pulsed with spatial distortions. The two green lights that Bai Xiaochun had spotted earlier were actually the turtle's eyes.

The ghost face howled in response, and yet, was powerless to defend itself, and shattered into innumerable black sparks that fell down to the Eternal Sea below.

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