Cultivator in Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1083

Cultivator in Cultivation Chat Group Chapter 1083

Qing Shui left expressionlessly. "This foul-mouthed man. I had intended to kill him at first, but it would probably be better to make life a living hell for him."

Chapter 128 A Name that Shakes Hundred Miles City.

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Cracks spread out across her face, and then the rest of her body. In the blink of an eye, the surface of her bodyˇ­ shattered like a mirror!

Furthermore, as the seventeen different colors flickered, it was possible to seeˇ­ another color!!

By this point, Master Cloud-Dao was actually quite confused, and was already furious at Li Yuansheng. Furthermore, if the hallmaster was connected to Bai Xiaochun in some way, why hadn't he said so earlier?! "In the immortal's cave of Eccentric Earthvile. Zuo... Zuo Hengfeng was recently accepted as Earthvile's new apprent--"

"How... how can we keep fighting now?!?!"

"I'm going into your room tonight to fuck the sh*t out of you and let you know the power of a real man."

Pain wracked him both physically and mentally!

Seeing that Bai Xiaochun was finally reacting like people usually did when hearing about these things, he went on to talk about the third person: "Of course, there's also Shangguan Tianyou, who's even more amazing. He has a Sword Spirit Body, and some people even say that he's the reincarnation of an almighty sword cultivator. For some reason, it's like the heavens are guilty, and have blessed him with an entire life of good fortune. When he was three, he was walking down the road and happened to find an ancient sword; when he was seven, a baby crimson cloudbeast fell out of the sky and instantly accepted him as its master; when he was thirteen, he acquired a golden light shield. That is why his name is Tianyou, and as soon as he joined the sect, the prime elders were completely shaken."

Another head of a country, and he was a low grade Martial King expert at that. It seemed like Cang Lang Country really was the weakest in the Greencloud Continent. This made Qing Shui recall that Yang Jiang Country's Yan City was one of the best, and he felt that the weight he was carrying on his shoulders was very heavy.

Qing Shui was the only one feeling uncomfortable as they began dining, the table erupted with laughter as Yu He constantly flashed the thumb up gesture, complementing Qing Yi on her cooking.

"Hell-Emperor!!" cried the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods, expressions of profound reverence on their faces.

After everything had been settled, Qing Shui left for home while Qing You stayed at the Shen Residence for dinner. Everybody has the ambition to rise higher in society. But Qing Shui felt that parents should never use their children's happiness in exchange for anything regardless of the circumstances. It was lucky for the Shen Clan that their daughter was blessed with good fortune. And because of that, the Shen Clan was able to rise in rank due to their daughter's connection with Qing Clan.

"I...." mumbled the Heavenhorn ink dragon. After a moment of contemplation, it was sure that this was the same huge toad. However, the scene playing out before them seemed completely unbelievable. The dragon couldn't help but look over at Bai Xiaochun, reverence rising up in its heart.

Instantly, the pressure of a deva weighed down in all directions like the will of the heavens, casting the cultivation bases of everyone down below into full chaos.

"Well, I don't have any other options. You were the ones who provoked me." Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, and a strange glint appeared in his eyes. He had reached a critical stage in the operation; he knew that if he tampered with the medicine and people realized it, then it would be exactly as Bai Hao had reasoned. However, Bai Xiaochun was confident, and it all went back to what had occurred back when he first arrived in the Wildlands and worked with soul medicine.

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