Universal Mercenary System Chapter 2774

Universal Mercenary System Chapter 2774

With such a tremendous cyclone appearing in the courtyards, the surrounding walls of the courtyards began to violently shake. Even the soldiers charging at Jian Chen were nearly sucked into it. Unable to keep their balance, it took everything they could to remain attached to the ground. However, the cyclone did nothing to affect Jian Chen's group.

Wu Lang's eyes flickered with wonder. He gave up the idea of fighting with Wu Cong, and strode away as well.

Hearing that Yu Feng Han be beaten by a child, Bai Yushuang could not help but laugh merrily, while Ling Long sat there with an expressionless face.Chapter 11: Kargath Academy

No longer than ten breaths after Jian Chen had escaped into the forest, the loud roar of a tiger could be heard. It had appeared that the tiger was getting closer to Jian Chen.

"Little brother, your elder sister admits defeat."

"The Demon King Palace has lost three great guardians this time; this is a huge loss for them. I don't think they will make any movements in the near future. However, we still need to prepare for the worst and prepare ourselves for war. Ning'er, you and Elder Shan Ying have been injured. You should go back and have a good rest."

However, Wu Jiu was not moved by the Old Emperor's words. With a smile on his face, he said, "Imperial Uncle, I think that the only reason why you said those words is because you know I've broken through to the Combat King realm. If I was still the same Combat Soul warrior now, perhaps you would just kill me with a single slap, instead of talking so much garbage. As for me, when the Imperial Emperor tried to kill me; all the ties between me and the Martial Saint Dynasty were severed! Don't blame me for not cherishing my family when in the eyes of you people; there is no family but power! Those good brothers mine, neither of them could wait to swallow me alive! Should I, Wu Jiu have just stood there and waited for these people to slaughter me?"

"Hou!" Suddenly, five kilometers away, a three meter tall black Devil Panther had discovered Jian Chen and instantly flew toward him like a speeding bullet.

Lin Bai chuckled and clasped his hands at Quan Youcai, "When the time comes, perhaps I really will need to trouble master Quan Youcai for some directions."

"Yes!" Each of the leaders had replied out at once. They were all smart people, now that they were in the Flame Mercenaries, they knew where they stood.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. He just stood there without moving a bit, because he knew someone was going to show up. Besides, with his current strength, even with the Heavenly Saint Sword, there was no way he could be a match for these Late Combat Soul warriors.

"I'll assign tasks now. Clan Chief Shangguan, Sect Chief Tiangang, the Qi Province is where Jiang Chen came from. You two superpowers will control those people there who are related to him."

This was the rule for survival for the Tian Yuan Continent; everything was decided by the fist. Whoever was strongest would have the last laugh.

"Thank you, senior disciple Jiang!"

Jian Chen opened his eyes slowly and looked around himself with a stunned look. With a sudden thought, one of the trees near him flew out of the ground and floated ten meters in midair.

"The fuck, what is this?"

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