The Order of Golden Roses Chapter 1584

The Order of Golden Roses Chapter 1584

As he chuckled coldly to himself, and the other cultivators looked on nervously, Bai Xiaochun's eyes began to shine with determination.

"If they're so awesome, how come they're in the Outer Sect like us?" asked Bai Xiaochun, his mouth twisted in a bit of a sneer. Although he didn't know much about Shangguan Tianyou and Lu Tianlei, he had already encountered Zhou Xinqi. In fact, the jade pendant in his bag of holding had been a gift from her.

Zhou Xinqi, Ghostfang, Master God-Diviner, the three blood masters, as well as Nine-Isles from the Profound Stream Division, were all people who fully deserved to be called Chosen. However, they were now being forced to watch Bai Xiaochun rise to prominence, the first among their generation to reach Core Formation. The emotions which rose up in their hearts were complicated and difficult to put into words.

Bai Xiaochun was finally relaxing a bit now that he had passed the first step of entering the Bai Clan. Steeling himself, he headed toward the main gate.

AST 943 - Encounter, Hurting One's Soul Is To Hurt One's Spirit?

Tiger Tailwhip Kick!

Moon Slaughtering Chop!

It was completely different than earthstring energy, something that existed on a higher level... a completely shocking type of energy!

"It must be that Qing Shui's injuries are acting up! It must be!" Someone from Starmoon Hall exclaimed.

"I am, preciselyˇ­ˇ­"


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"Sounds about right, if not him, what use would it be for the Mu Clan to bring a younger generation member for this occasion?"

Situ Clan!

When Du Lingfei talked about Bai Xiaochun, they could sense how devoted and loyal he was. In fact, he was already the type of person who could be considered Chosen.

He began to pant heavily, and his pupils constricted. He wasn't sure if he was hallucinating or not, but moments ago, just as he had been about to look away from the wall, he'd seen a blurry figure that appeared to be concocting medicine. From what he'd seen, the method was different from what he'd learned about the Dao of medicine.

It was all really very amusing. In fact, Bai Xiaochun decided that from now on, he would have to pretend to be a man of few words; that way, he would seem even more threatening.

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