Blood Count Chapter 431

Blood Count Chapter 431

Within the center of the desolate island, the monk was sitting cross-legged within a quiet valley. A sarira was hovering above his head, emitting golden lights. Its surface was fully carved with Sanskrit.

For the entire night Jian Chen sat on his bed, and refined the Saint Force within his body endlessly, to ensure that he would be able to use it efficiently.

What happened caused all the people of the Shangguan Clan to nearly be frightened to death. Both Combat Soul warriors had been killed, so how were they going to fight? With their strength, how were they supposed to be a match for these beings who were as ferocious as tigers and wolves?

A large group of people had already congregated by the gates of Lore City by this point. Each and every single one of them stared curiously at the silver-armored soldiers and began to talk to each other in curious wonder.

Big Yellow then left and started rushing toward the Southern Continent. The situation was considered somewhat stable right now. Before Jiang Chen shows himself, the imprisoned people should be safe.

Yun Can's eyes widened as he gazed at Wang Yun and Huang Zheng. Yun Can would not take someone like them to heart.

"This is a rare treasure, I have never seen one before. However, I am sure it is an extraordinary treasure! There is no way for the three of us to possess this rare treasure alone, let's bring it back to Sect Chief, maybe he can recognize what it is. By submitting this treasure, we can receive huge credit, and I'm sure he will reward us greatly! We will be able to enjoy this treasure together, or perhaps even break through with its help!"

Back in the Black Sect, Jiang Chen went straight to Guo Shan's mountain. After he had checked on Yan Chen Yu and Han Yan, he entered secluded cultivation.

"The old woman swept her gaze across the manor. She seemed to be able to see through the walls, observing everything clearly within the manor. She sighed gently in her heart and thought, "Just who did this Jian Chen offend to actually have several Saint Rulers to move against his parents and do such despicable things? Sigh, this time, Ling'er didn't hold back and even got the old man to help guard the Flame Mercenaries. Looks like Jian Chen's status in Ling'er's heart is greater than normal. However, my Tianmu clan has helped Jian Chen greatly this time, and I don't think Jian Chen'll forget. The matter about the tungsten alloy mine should be easier to handle now."

"Looks like something big will happen today. Six Pirate Lords, and there is even a Second Grade Combat King among them. If they really fight these geniuses of the Asura Palace, I'm curious about how many will die."

Jiang Chen took two steps backwards and steadied his body. He looked at Mu Rong Zhan and realized that he had only taken one step back, but Mu Rong Zhan's expression was more shocked than before.

After killing Yun Can, Jiang Chen swiftly threw his gaze towards Huo Yuner. Sensing the killing intent coming from Jiang Chen, Huo Yuner's heart trembled. Right at this moment, all off Huo Yuner's arrogance and maliciousness had disappeared, and his hot temper was annihilated. No matter how much confidence he had in himself, he simply didn't have the courage to fight Jiang Chen right now.

"Did the Blue Wind Kingdom already finish breaking through the eastern stronghold and sent people to assist us?"

The big yellow dog was really mad. It was mad because someone said that it was fat and delicate. Beams of golden light emitted from its body, the eyes expressing cruelty. It swore that it would eat this kid who said that it was fat and delicate today.

"Your humble servant greets sir Imperial Protector!" Behind the head guard, all five hundred guards knelt on one knee in sync and exclaimed with a resonant voice. It was so loud that it had basically spread throughout the entire royal palace, alerting everyone inside.

Jiang Chen said without showing any emotion on his face. Since Big Yellow wanted to show off his mightiness, Jiang Chen could help him fulfill his dream.

Entering the monster core shop, Jian Chen felt that despite being such a large store, there weren't many people inside. There weren't even any monster cores arranged out, with only a few female clerks that were working, but other than that, this place didn't seem like a monster core shop at all.

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