Love me oh dear prince Chapter 423

Love me oh dear prince Chapter 423

Yan Zhan Yun said.

Reflexively turning his head, Jian Chen saw a 17-18 year old female standing right next to him. She wore an academy uniform, and had long black hair cascading down her shoulders. She had a refined, but kind smile, with eyes that looked curiously at Jian Chen. With her cherry red lips, there were people who were practically fighting each other to get closer to her. Although she was only 17-18, her body was so delicately refined that the academy uniform nicely accentuated her. Currently, the girl was hugging a thick book close to her.

Even though one of his arms was useless, Ka Di Yun was still able to launch

Of course, this was something that can be forgiven.

Suddenly, Jian Chen lifted up both arms, causing the earth elements in the world to gather near him. Afterward, a large earthen wall began to form by Jian Chen's side and encased him inside. Then, the dirt began to compress so much that by the end, it had somehow managed to turn into solid stone.

Xiao Tian and the others realized that Jian Chen was not going to explain to them, so they didn't bother to continue asking. Instead, they focused on traveling.

"Damn it, where did these abnormal monsters come from? These two brats' cultivations are obviously weaker than ours, so how can they possess such powerful combat strength?"

Yin Zhong Cheng shouted as he turned around and started escaping. There was no point in continuing the battle, Jiang Chen was too strong, brutal and cruel. There was no way for him to get revenge anymore. What was more important right now was saving his own life, and if he continued staying here, then he wouldn't be able to leave alive, he would be following the old white-bearded man's footsteps.

However, the patriarch dodged Jian Chen's hand with ease. Flickering to just another hundred meters away from him, the patriarch shot a beam of sword Qi at Jian Chen in an attempt to hinder his forward progress.

In the next moment, the devilish energy withdrew, it returned to the secret chamber on Guo Shan's mountain peak.

The Seventh Emperor coldly harrumphed.

But Wang Yun's expression had changed dramatically. He stood still, and he didn't show a slight hint of his energy, and Jiang Chen was actually able to tell that he wasn't cultivating the £¦Water Breaking Script'.

"You dare to hit me! Do you even know who my father is? He's the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits, the strongest below Saint Rulers. Do you even want to live anymore? And you guys, are you rebelling?" The youth raised his shoulders in attempt to cover his head and hooted aloud. He clearly did not understand his current situation.

Another older man around the age of ** looked at them with fierce killing intent as he said through his teeth, "The Boundless Bandits killed my brother 5 years ago. Even if I sacrifice my life today, I'll take the life of at least one of them to serve as the funerary mat in revenge for my brother!"

The targeted mercenary hastily brought up his sword to block the strike, but with the Light Wind Sword being so fast, his defenses were quickly overwhelmed, and he was ultimately stabbed through the right shoulder.

In an incredibly domineering manner, Jiang Chen unceasingly bombarded the Ice Demons with his fists so quickly that they looked like phantom fists.

Within a luxurious restaurant of Wake City, a few middle aged men sat together at a table.

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