The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1889

The King of Hell is Genius Pampered Wife Chapter 1889

Jiang Chen nodded his head and descended from the sky. His main purpose here was to find Heavenly Yuan Pills, and he didn't want to get involved with unnecessary trouble. Also, with his current cultivation, it was rather difficult for him to deal with the four major powers of the Liang Province, let alone this Heavenly Tower.

Many guards immediately spoke their disapproval and anger at the situation.

Seeing how Jian Chen didn't even expend much energy after killing 20 mercenaries so quickly, the leader of the Zhou Mercenaries had felt an icy cold fear within his heart. Hidden behind his stone cold helmet was his pale face. In his mind he had felt a great deal of puzzlement; he didn't know just when the Zhou Mercenaries had offended such a strong person, but without even saying a single word, this person had attacked the Zhou Mercenaries ruthlessly.

When Jian Chen grabbed 30 Monster Cores, the teacher evaluating him became astonished, along with the other teachers behind him as they watched this inconceivable sight. Only a few teachers who had inside information on the matter had a smile on their faces while the students lined up behind him had been dumbstruck when he had pulled the 30 monster cores out.

The elder nodded his head, "That's correct, this old man is a part of the Harido clan. Wu Yun, I only desire the battle skill you have; the two Class 5 Monster Cores, I care not for."

"What a strong head."

"This Jiang Chen is much stronger than we imagined. Let's focus our strength, don't let the attacks be dispersed."

"Jiang Chen, I'm afraid your arrival at the Martial Palace will soon spread to the Jian Province. The Shangguan Clan and Myriad Sword Sect won't let you off easily, so I'm afraid even the Martial Palace isn't a safe place for you."

Yin Zhong Cheng said. They had locked down Jiang Chen completely, and they were surrounding him from all corners, removing all possibility of escape.

Many people within the inn had been talking about the death of the Saint Ruler, but just as many people were talking passionately about Jian Chen himself.

Exhaling, the elder's gaze grew complicated once more. Regret could be seen along with rejoicement, but then even an eager expectation could be seen, causing people to be confused.

Those people were the core members of the Flame Mercenaries that Jian Chen initially then into the mountain range to train. Every single one of them was undergoing life-or-death training and was extremely loyal. They were reliable, as well as the first group of elites that Jian Chen really trusted and spent a great fortune in raising.

"Can it be cured?"

"That's right, I have absorbed half of the Freezing Crystal, and I'll try to absorb the remaining half some time in the future. Once I have completely absorbed it, I'll be able to break through to the Heavenly Core realm!"

"It was so fast that we couldn't even see it clearly. That speed is a bit too terrifying." Deere said in a low voice.

"Let's go!"

The carcasses of a Class 5 Monster Core was very valuable, so Jian Chen couldn't abandon them like he did the Class 3 or Class 4 Magical Beasts. With these two carcasses alone, Jian Chen could sell them for a high price since any corpse of a Class 5 Magical Beast or higher was usually an object that had no standard price in any city. The reason was because the blood and meat of a magical beast of such a high class was good for the body when consumed. The high quality meat of a magical beast could even increase one's strength or alter the body in a certain way.

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