One With The Heavens Chapter 1833

One With The Heavens Chapter 1833

"How dare you!"

A sharp light flickered in Jiang Chen's eyes.

Simultaneously, Jian Chen's entire body was covered by the green fog of poison.

Han Yan said.

"Fuck you."

The Third Emperor furiously said.

"How brazen! To kill one of our Zhou Mercenaries, you are impatient for death!" Immediately two Saint Weapons flew at Jian Chen as the last one retreated in between the gates to report the commotion.

In Jiang Chen's past life, he was from the Divine Continent.

Because of Jian Chen's efforts, the Light Wind Sword had flew at a speed and direction that made it impossible for Zhar to take notice, so he was completely unaware of what had been used to hit him.

By the time the glow had dissipated, the only thing to be seen was a thin and slender, silver sword already dyed with a red tint.

The place where Jiang Chen and his friends were staying was an exquisite and serene courtyard. On the surface, the Heavenly Tower treated their guests quite well.

Shangguan Wei's expression changed, it seemed like he had just recalled what happened just now. He turned his head down, and he immediately saw all the dead bodies covered with blood. There were no men around him, he was the last one, and he was in bad shape.

"Yes!" Each person saluted in response before transforming back into the shadows and out of sight to blend in with the surrounding of the ravine.


As Jian Chen trailed off, the Flaming Cloud Beast roared, and opened up its jaws to release another serpent fire.

The old man bowed politely towards Big Yellow before happily walking towards the door leading to where Jiang Chen resided. His face was filled with happiness, and the feeling of dismay was now all gone. He had learned a Sacred Heavenly Demonic skill; this really was his lucky day.

The monk said in a serious manner.

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