Amidst the sand Chapter 969

Amidst the sand Chapter 969

She had seen through the secular world and was now nonchalant about the things that happened in the human world. Qing Shui now felt very bitter. Di Chen had practically forgotten about him, or rather, she wanted to forget about everything here.

Voice quavering, he continued to back up as he said, "Uh... Wan'er, it's you... what are you doing here...?"?

"Just like back in the Wildlandsˇ­." he thought, shivering.

Rumbling sounds filled his mind as both his cultivation base and thinking ability seemed to grow stronger. He felt unprecedentedly focused, with more control over his cultivation base and energy passageways than he had ever experienced.

The worms were fed blood essence by the person controlling them since their youth, they would only obey one person for their whole life. As long as they were inserted into the target's body, they would nibble away their target's bones in a few breaths of time, eating the marrow. If they were inserted into the brain, they could cause the death of the victim almost instantly. Their two mouths allowed them to move around the body like fish in the water, they could go anywhere. These were the most terrifying existences among the poison worms.

? ? ˇ­ˇ­

"Shut up!" Mistress Red-Dust retorted furiously. She was so angry she couldn't even come up with words to speak. She simply hovered in the air, staring at Bai Xiaochun behind his protective ranks of corpse troopers, and gnashed her teeth angrily.

"Normally when the bell in the Heavenly Palace rings nine times, it could be a ceremony to worship our ancestors, a ceremony to promote someone to an Elder, or a ceremony to sack Elders... " said a seemingly wise-looking young man.

"How do you differentiate a good person from a bad person?" Qing Shui's interest was piqued.

Qing Shui recalled the Old Ancestor had said that there were some some items in there that he could give to those precious to him. Did he mean these?

As of this moment, Bai Xiaochun truly was like nobility to these cultivators, a grand figure who existed on a different level than them.

A perfect example was the blue-eyed nethermoon ape, one of Sunset Peak's two holy beasts. It was reaching the end of its lifespan, and still had not produced any offspring. It was a very critical situation.

"Fellow Daoists of the Eternal Immortal Domains. It has been years now since the Vile-Emperor was killed by a clone of the Enemy from Beyond. He was skinned, and then replaced. This bizarre creature you are looking at is none other than that clone!" Gasps rang out in response to his words, and immediately, people began to spread word to the rest of the Eternal Immortal Domains.

"Give me those souls," said one of the young men, the one whom the salesman had addressed as Prince Cai. Although the young man had spoken in a relatively calm voice, from the look in his eye, he clearly viewed himself to be vastly superior to Bai Xiaochun. One of his servants immediately stepped forward with a bag of holding to take the soulhoarding pagoda.

Shockingly, the defensive measures he had thrown up with his cultivation base were absolutely powerless against these flames.

And obviously, Bai Xiaochun had won this round. Gradually, opinions were shifting regarding Bai Xiaochun, and some people were even considering throwing their lot in with him.

"Get up!"

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