The Font-Loving AI Chapter 2632

The Font-Loving AI Chapter 2632

The shopkeeper had experienced much and met countless people in all his life. He wouldn't be wrong about anyone.

"Damn it buddy, you can still talk while absorbing the demon souls? But, what you said is right, it will really affect master dog's reputation if I still can't kill it."

This type of development frightened the entire Hua Yun Sect. The flames that filled the sky was extremely dazzling and reflected red upon the entire place, attracting everyone's attention. Many more disciples from the sect began to gather along with the higher echelons of the sect who leaped over roofs to arrive.

Jian Chen could only chuckle in response. "What are you hurrying for? Being able to become a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master at your young age is not something most can do. With your current strength, I don't even know just how many people are envious of it. There's only a short amount of time before you become a Heaven Saint Master anyways. Give it two years or so before you become one. For now, just focus on refining your foundation and listen to uncle Tian ¨• you can't go wrong listening to him."

The men from the Lee family were acting cruelly. A man swung down a whip, hitting a civilian who was unable to move away in time and instantly cutting him into 2 pieces.

Jian Chen turned around to look at the mercenary who spoke to him. He looked to be around 20 years old and had a suntanned face. With his coarse leather clothes, the man looked to be quite ordinary.

The Black Sect's Chamber of Commerce is the Black Sect's main power in the Whirling Sun City. The sect's flying demon beasts are all kept here. When they arrived at the Chamber of Commerce, Han Yan arranged a nice courtyard for Jiang Chen.

"This one is Jian Chen, I pay my respects to patriarch Huang!" Jian Chen smiled as he cupped his hands.

The Azulet Sword Law was divided into 12 different layers. The first layer was cultivating the body. A common saying was that if one wanted strong martial arts, then one must first have a strong body. After all, martial arts relied on the efficient use of the body; hence why the first layer of Azulet Sword Law was pertaining to the body.

The moment Jian Chen entered the room, a faint but transparent barrier enshrouded the entire room.

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the young girl wearing a purple veil. Their eyes brightened when they saw her. None of them were stupid, they could tell that even with the veil, this young girl was amazingly beautiful.

"Looks like older brother knows about these Blood Devils pretty well."

"My Solunar Bow was able to lock onto his aura so that he shouldn't have been able to run away, but there was some sort of mysterious escape technique he used to completely erase his aura. Even now I still can't find him." Huang Tianba spoke.

The atmosphere was trembling as a gigantic golden seal appeared in the sky. The seal looked like a treasure mountain, and it surface was covered with mystical symbols. When it appeared, it immediately descended toward Jiang Chen's True Dragon Palm.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were speechless. Even an ordinary Mortal Core warrior couldn't withstand Yan Chen Yu's frost, not to mention an ordinary Qi Hai warrior. That guard was just looking for death. Sometimes you could eat whatever you want, but you couldn't say whatever you want. Yan Chen Yu was not the same na?ve girl she was in Red City. After being with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow for so long, she grew accustomed to killing.

Hearing this, the elder went quiet for a moment. He had traveled the continent himself for many years and experienced many things so he could understand Little Fatty's desire perfectly clear. The problem was that he truly did not wish for Little Fatty to venture out into the outside world. With his countless experiences, he had seen straight through the very essence of the world and now he only desired for Little Fatty to live safely within the valley. If he stayed in this valley, then Little Fatty would stay as pure and innocent as snow without being polluted by the mortal world.

Jiang Chen casually shrugged his shoulders and responded with a smile. He decided to put all those questions behind him, because it was useless for him to think about that right now. The Imperial Emperor was a Combat King warrior, and the gap between their cultivation was not small. To be honest, if the Imperial Emperor decided to kill him and Wu Jiu, all they could do was sit back and wait to be killed. Therefore, what he needed to do now was to improve his cultivation as soon as possible. In this cruel world, only strength could help him survive.

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