Boredom kingdom! Chapter 1126

Boredom kingdom! Chapter 1126

"Hahaha, it's such a coincidence. So which brothers of mine from Di Clan have migrated here?"

Zhou Hong's heart was racing as he looked down at Bai Xiaochun. He felt like his head was swelling from the pressure, just like it had back in the Necromancer Kettle. Little Wolfgod and the other chosen all had similar reactions. The fact that this Bai Hao went about things differently from everyone else was actually completely terrifying.

Fei Wuji didn't utter a word from the start till the end, his eyebrows were slightly raised. But a happy smile still hung on his face. And Cang Wuya didn't miss this.

Soon the bells had rung seven times, and then eight.... Finally, when the ninth tolling of the bell could be heard, rumbling sounds filled the air as the cultivation bases of all of the eighth level disciples exploded out with full force. Like arrows loosed from a bow, all of the disciples shot into action!

In fact, the other four devas on the blue rainbow sent their divine sense over to watch as well. However, neither Patriarch Steel Veins nor Li Xiandao or Bai Zhentian did anything to interfere.

AST 0140 The Dignified, Pure and Holy Diamond Fruit

Qing Shui loved the looks of envy and jealousy on those young men. It was very enjoyable!

"Yes. I regret letting your mother die so quickly. I should have made her die screaming in pain! And I also regret the day you were born! I should have crushed you to death that instant!!" The clan chief truly had descended into madness, and even began to cackle maniacally. However, as he laughed, the light in his eyes slowly began to fade, until he simply toppled over onto the ground....

Qing Shui nodded his head with a smile, indicating to her that he would keep her words in mind.

It was hard to tell that old man's age, but he gave out a noxious aura. The people behind him were all old men, and even the youngest had white hair. In Rainbow Light City, no one dared to challenge the Shan Clan. They must be experts who were passing by and thus Shan Long had led the strongest people from his clan here without any hesitation.

Suddenly Qing Shui felt that his heart was faintly in pain. This was a strange feeling. He had rarely felt this sensation. Perhaps it could be said that every since he got slightly more powerful, this situation stopped appearing.

"Oh, look at you, Nightcrypt. Think you're tough stuff now, huh? If you don't come back this instant, then you can forget about ever?coming back!" With that, she turned angrily and headed back toward Middle Peak.

If he could only pick fear of death, or loyalty to friends, he would pick the latter!

This feeling made Qing Shui feel like laughing. It was an indescribable feeling. He stretched his hands out to touch this huge fellow, trying to sense its abilities. He was actually unable to tellˇ­ˇ­

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as the power of the rotting swamp combined with the effects of the previous Daogates, causing the heavenly canopies to begin to break apart. Howeverˇ­ with the bolstering of the longevity characters, the lampshade held!

Expressions of madness appeared on their faces as they realized that things had already reached the point of no return. The storm had come, and calming it would be no easy task!

Qing Shui greedily sucked on her soft tongue and taking in the bejeweled nectar within her mouth. One of his hands was fondling and kneading on her perfectly round and perky buttocks, making Shi Qingzhuang quiver in delight.

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