Rebirth of the Gaming God Chapter 2273

Rebirth of the Gaming God Chapter 2273

Not wanting to squander any of his precious time, he heeded the Eighth Elder's words and began to travel for the first area so that he could begin refining the Mercenary's Heart.

"First Grade to Third Grade belongs to the early stage, Fourth Grade to Sixth Grade belongs to the middle stage, and Seventh Grade to the Ninth Grade belongs to the late stage. This is the classifications of the Combat King realm. The cultivation realm starts from the Qi realm, Qi Sea realm, Mortal Core realm, Heavenly Core realm, and then to the Divine Core realm. These five realms are the five elementary realms. Breaking through to the Combat Soul realm is considered breaking through the elementary realms; forming a Combat Soul. Once a person becomes a Combat King and comprehends the Spatial Laws, his field of vision and comprehension ability will increase. Therefore, the classifications of the realm will be different as well."

Jiang Chen was breathing rapidly, as if he was experiencing the scene himself. It was like a rerun of what happened 100 years ago. He knew what was going to happen, it was the proudest moment of his life, and yet, it was something he never wished to experience once again. He would never forget about this experience.

Wu Cong instantly struck out with his palm, unleashing a bright palm resembling a huge mountain towards Jiang Chen.

Witnessing Jian Chen's conduct, the president nodded his head in satisfaction. Shortly afterwards, a white cloud quickly gathered under his feet, completely formed from Radiant Saint Force. Under Jian Chen's astonished gaze, he departed on the cloud.

"Guo Shan, I am going to completely kill you today! I will also destroy Yan Chenyu and Han Yan's bodies! I want that Jiang Chen to feel regret for the rest of his life!"

Wu Jiu showed no signs of being afraid. In his life, he had never been scared of anything. He had promised Jiang Chen to protect all of his friends, and if anything bad happened to Yan Chenyu, how was he going to face Jiang Chen when he returned?

Rather than that outcome, Jian Chen threw all of his time and effort toward studying the Illusionary Flash. He was not focusing on getting first place of the Gathering of the Mercenaries since he had a great deal of confidence in getting it already. What Jian Chen truly did fear was the Jiede clan and Shi family. He could anticipate that the moment he left Mercenary City, there would be experts from both powers coming to kill him and take back the Ruler Armaments. The grudges between him and the two powers would never be dissolved since he was far too weak.Chapter 338: Zhar's Condition

Jiang Chen replied.


"Headmaster, what should we do now? Our Gesun Kingdom had much difficulty producing a genius like Changyang Xiang Tian. We can't just stand by and watch a genius with limitless potential die when he had not yet finished maturing. Otherwise, this would really be too major a loss for Gesun Kingdom." Vice headmaster Bai En said in a heavy tone.Chapter 64: Goodbye Chang Bai

Outside the City Lord Mansion, there was an exquisite pavilion. Chang Qing and the other two disciples of the Asura Palace were sitting inside the pavilion, waiting. Suddenly, a figure emerged from a different spatial dimension. It was a man wearing black clothes. He was in his mid-twenties, and he looked very handsome. He was emitting Spatial Force from all over his body, signifying that he was a Combat King.

"Buddy, I heard that the Firethorn Savage has a strong cultivation level, a Mid Divine Core beast, and that's why it can occupy the entire mountain without anyone daring to challenge it. Do you have any good ideas on how to deal with it?"

Laughing, Jian Chen replied, "Haha, how did I beat Ka Di Yun? Big brother, did you not see the match clearly?"

Changyang Ba nodded, but did not say anything and waited for Chang Bai to continue.

Cracks suddenly appeared all over the huge silver cocoon outside of Yan Chenyu. After that, it simply shattered with a loud £¦bang' sound, causing countless ice cold blades to shoot out in all directions.

"But just how old is he right now? Just a few years ago, he participated in the Gathering of the Mercenaries in Mercenary City, so just how did he become a Saint Ruler so quickly? This is just insane."

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