The Fallen Gods Chapter 2948

The Fallen Gods Chapter 2948

"Who are you!?" Chang Wuji spoke with a dangerous voice.

"Hmph, old man Yu Ping, you should had stayed behind with your Cheng clan, there was no need for you to come visit Phoenix City." Another black haired elder stood on top of one of the rooftops.

Not too long after, three more scrolls came out from the Space Ring. These three scrolls were made from ordinary beast fur; material so common that it could not at all be considered precious.

The expression on Kaizer's face drastically changed almost like he was filled with regret. If he had known that Jian Chen possessed a High Earth Tier Battle Skill, then he would have done his best to ensure that Jian Chen wouldn't have been able to say a word. Now that news had made its way out, there was no way that the strongest of the kingdom would remain uninvolved.

Everyone backed away another 50 meters and watched for a little longer. After a while, the elderly, children, and women all left and the middle aged men stayed to observe the mysterious dust storm.

Ye Wuyou threw up a mouthful of blood. He was bristled with anger and was furiously roaring out. However, once Jiang Chen gained the upper hand, he would never give his enemy the chance to fight back. So, when Ye Wuyou fell into Jiang Chen's trap, it also meant that death was inevitable for his enemy. Even if it was a Fourth Grade Combat King, there was no way he could escape this destiny.

Wu Ningzhu murmured to herself. She started sizing up Yan Chenyu, then finally nodded her head, "She has a Miraculous Physique, allowing her to fight Late Combat Soul warriors with a Mid Combat Soul cultivation base. Every part of her body is portraying an aura of natural beauty, no wonder that little rascal fell in love with her. Perhaps only a girl like this is a perfect match for that little rascal."

Nangong Wentian asked in a surprised manner.

Even if a group of mercenaries were to come across this pack of Blue Wolves, they would definitely have a headache after dealing with them, even if they had a Great Saint Master with them. A class 2 Magical Beast would have an extremely difficult time hurting a Great Saint Master, but when there was a thousand of them, they wouldn't just stand around and let you kill them, they would all come in for the kill.

Jian Chen looked around and discovered that many of the rooms had a piece of communication jade hung on their doors. It meant that the rooms were already taken.

The elders of the Changyang clan and the king of the Gesun Kingdom began to give their own well-meaning opinions and advice to him. As it were, it seemed as if they were extremely concerned for Jian Chen as well.

Tian Jian shook his head, "Child, you cannot leave every single problem for your uncle to resolve. If there comes a day when I am not around, how will you survive on the Tian Yuan Continent? Right now, you must learn to overcome any difficulties and troubles you come across yourself." Although he was lecturing Ming Dong, Tian Jian's voice was very soft and did not sound too harsh. It gave off the grandfatherly feeling of benevolence.

An explosive sound accompanied by a surprised shout could be heard, making Zhou Be Zhen and the others first shocked before they started laughed.

Yan Chen Yu said.

"I too never thought about this! That peerless monster was actually hidden in the Nangong family grounds all this time! Looks like we've truly neglected him! This is what I call a true genius! Since Jiang Chen is Wu Ningzhu's savior, we're now in an advantageous position!"

Big Yellow said with a depressed expression.

Although Wake City was a Third Class City, it was extremely close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range where monster cores were abundant. So after many years of savings, the amount of monster cores they had stored away were fully capable of empowering ten different cannons for up to two or three days of shooting.

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