The Demon King Chapter 2123

The Demon King Chapter 2123

With the help of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, Qing Shui was able reduce his work by a half to maintain good health. However, only after ten days did Qing Shui slowly get the gist of it. He also barely managed to use the technique to channel the Qi through his body. Qing Shui felt as if his body weighed a thousand JIn. Although a thousand Jin was nothing to Qing Shui, this one thousand Jin originating from his own body made him feel very clumsy. He felt a little stiff, but his strength definitely increased a lot.

Chapter 165 Sovereign of the Skysword Sect, Gongsun Sanqian.

However, even as the young man shouted to himself, the gold light faded away completely, and everyone caught sight of Bai Xiaochun!

"Come, let's all go inside!"

From generation to generation, the faith of the people ruled by the Arch-Emperor would bolster the Hell-Emperor's strength. In fact, over the years, the savages had been influenced by the soul cultivators to the point where they also began to exercise faith in the Hell-Emperor.

Qing Shui didn't reply until after he fully retracted his hands. Glancing upwards, he saw a penetratingly handsome young man standing about two metres away from him. At the same time, a skinny youth stood beside him, unknowingly adopting the posture of a lackey.

As for his mother, Qing Shui always knew, that he thought of her as the noblest person in the world and that she loved him with the most selfless kind of love there was.

"Colonel Ji Feng! Back before Bai Xiaochun rose to prominence, he was considered the Core Formation cultivator most likely to become a major general! I wonder which of the two of them will actually succeed?"

"The Yang Revitalising Grass is one of the World of the Nine Continents' most miraculous herbs. It can revive the dead, heal all diseases and injuries, increase your lifespan by 100 years, and furthermore, it can double your strength. The Great Revitalizing Pellet can be refined by a Alchemist, so even if you only have a breath left, it does not matter if your meridian is broken or your dantian is shattered, this can restore you to your initial state." The old man said in a hurried manner.

Instantly, mist began to roil out in all directions, covering the airship and spreading out to fill a 500-kilometer area!

"If it isn't his cultivation base, then it must be some special divine abilityˇ­. That fist strike is actually a magical technique! But what?" Zhou Wudao's face was ashen as he realized that he had provoked someone he was most certainly not powerful enough to have provoked. Thus, it was without the slightest hesitation that he fled as quickly as possible.

"Possess the strength of a Xiantian cultivator, and take on odd jobs at the Heavenly Palace for three years first. Fulfill those then you will automatically be considered an official disciple of the Heavenly Palace."

This old guy was quite rich. These ten bottles of Spirit Concentrating Pills of sixfold effects were worth quite a lot! Ten bottles would consist of about a thousand pills. Every pill lasted for a day. If he didn't eat, drink or sleep it could last him about three years. But of course, adequate rests were needed in between so this amount should be enough to last him for five years.

It was impossible to say what exactly he was thinking, but something like the light of augury flickered in his eyes, and he suddenly chuckled.

Nature Energy!

Could this beˇ­ Impurities Cleansing?

Di Chen had held his Gold Needles since they were not needed at the start. Sitting on the side of the bed, Qing Shui felt a little at a loss. He only reached out his hand toward Di Chen's thin rug after taking a breath.

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