Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red Chapter 2997

Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red Chapter 2997

Wu-shuang speechlessly stared at Qing Shui, but questioning could be seen in the depths of her clear eyes.

Zhou Xinqi actually wasn't the only one who had come to such a conclusion. Most people felt the same, even Hou Xiaomei. Of course, much of that was because of how much Bai Xiaochun himself had propagated stories about the little turtle.

This was how powerful supporting martial techniques; supporting the physical body and training it to the limits.

The Golden Jiao!

That having been accomplished, the heart once again withered up, as did the surrounding blood vessels. An incredibly powerful force of expulsion then appeared, wrapping around Du Lingfei. No matter how much she might have wanted to stay behind, she was completely incapable. Mixed emotions could be seen in her eyes as she looked at the spot where Bai Xiaochun had disappeared, and sighed. Although Bai Xiaochun was injured, she knew that the other legacy which had taken hold of him would not fail.

"There's no need to bring up that part, Uncle Li¡­."

After all, the power granted to him by the 5th Heavenly Layer of the Ancient Strengthening Technique, was several times stronger than what the 4th Heavenly Layer granted him. In addition, considering the fact that his defence was increased twofold at this moment, it was strong to the extent of being inconceivable.

"We should travel to the other four continents!" Yiye Jiange explained.

"Ah, Li Donghao got really unlucky¡­. The levels probably don't change very often, he just happened to be in there when it happened."

"Then why didn't you save that little girl?" Wenren Wu-Shuang asked, puzzled.

This was what Qing Shui felt when he had nothing to do and drew for fun, he felt that it could be useful to him. Maybe if he could practice till the level of drawing skin, level of drawing flesh and blood, or maybe the level of drawing bones, the effects of the talismans he drew might be better¡­...

Chapter 379 The thoughts of Women, One with Heaven Taichi.

The ghost face was initially stunned, and his suspicions were starting to grow. After all, the coincidences were really starting to pile up. Now he was faced with a decision: believe, or not believe?

That familiar feeling of soft and gentle little hands, like her countenance, was cool to the touch. Holding onto her hands caused Qing Shui to want to warm it up, together with her ice-cold heart. He wanted to see how Shi Qingzhuang would look like after her icy countenance had melted away!

For a full two hours, Qing Shui practiced like a robot. Suddenly, he closed his eyes, his body suddenly glided, but his eyes remained closed. He then glided once again. This time around, it was obviously more natural.

To Qing Shui, these seemed to be like an enjoyment, but even more so, a torture!

Gritting his teeth, the Giant Ghost King added, "Xiaochun, the Grand Heavenmaster is right. Leaving is the only option. Neither the Vile-Emperor nor the Saint-Emperor will do anything right now. To them, it would be worth it to have this spiderweb erase us from Mistysea Prefecture!"

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