Supreme Truth of Chaos Chapter 2014

Supreme Truth of Chaos Chapter 2014

"Next," Bai Xiaochun continued, "is the moon character, which represents timing and environment. We're all on a ship right now, and the two of you are staying on the same deck. That means you have the advantage in terms of location. With me on your side, you'll definitely succeed!" He emphasized his last words by clapping his hands together loudly, then raising his voice and continuing, "Next is the shell-money character, which I don't think we even need to discuss. You surely have plenty of spirit stones. Last is the mortal character, which is very important, and is the antithesis of the death character. You see, despite embracing a sense of crisis within you, you must also have a calm heart. You must not let yourself get flustered; you have to keep control. And remember, as we proceed, I'll take care of everything!"

Seven days passed in an instant!

As he saw success getting closer and closer, his excitement built. Now that he was an archaean, there were more places within the void that he could actually enter and explore.

Qing Shui recalled that his Ancient Art of Forging had been stuck in the Quad-color for a long time - unable to reach a breakthrough. He finally knew that the Ancient Art of Forging also required an external force to push through the next level, just like the breakthrough of his power. At the same time, he was also wondering if a breakthrough was possible in a circumstance where the external force was absent.

Although the Giant Ghost King didn't show any sign of having heard, his eyes flickered slightly.

In this case, the power of the Lingxiao Treasure Hall should be the strongest?" Qing Shui asked, after the explanation of Fei Wuji.

"Alright, alright. Come, have a seat everyone. Today is a joyous day." Hai Dongying entertained Qing Shui and some people who were directly related to the Hai Clan.

Elder Xing unleashed his full powers and struck at Qing Shui!

A boom rang out, along with a miserable howl as Bai Xiaochun was flung off to the side again, where he slammed into the crumbling wall. Virtually all of the bones in his body were broken, and the flame of his life force was once again pushed to the edge of being extinguished. However, almost no time passed before he bit down onto one of the Godly Vestige Pills he'd put into his mouth earlier. Warmth spread through him again, healing him almost instantly.

The role of the Starmoon Hall had been changing constantly. Misty Hall also seemed to be appearing in public functions more often than usual.

The reason why Qing Shui hadn't left was because he was waiting for the arrival of the experts from the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord. He was scared that if the people of the Residence of the Sky Tyrant Lord came after he left, they would lose their mind and start killing others. But the chances of this happening wasn't so big.

All the waves and ripples in it became solid and crystallized! Inside and outĦ­ the Heavenspan Sea was now as transparent as glass!

He slapped the side of the pill furnace, and a pungent smoke poured out, which he waved to the side. When he saw the finger-nail-sized chunk of white incense inside, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously.

The importance of someone like that couldn't be understated. Not only could he suppress the Blood Stream Sect and reverse the tide of battle, he could provide them with an opportunity the likes of which could rarely be come across!!

Everything in the area was shaken violently by the resulting boom. Even the populace of Arch-Emperor City was shocked. Furthermore, because it was entirely possible that there might be people in Arch-Emperor City who recognized the Undying Live Forever Technique, Bai Xiaochun used the powers of his mask to alter the image of the black vortex and the shadowy emperor.

"Why the rush? There is always time, let's wait for a while longer before I consume the Energy Enhancing Fruits." Qing Shui decided to temporarily shelve the idea as he started reading the >, > and > again. This was already the second time he read them, not to mention the fact that he had already memorized all of the contents in all three books! However, despite that, Qing Shui knew that he should only stop reading them when he had reached the point of forming an opinion regarding the theories behind the contents! It was only when he reached the point of forming his own opinions that he would be able to review the old and gain new knowledge. Only then would he be qualified to be a teacher!

"I knew you would say that. I know, I should have been satisfied to even have one wife by my side. But I did not force them to be with me, and I like them all soĦ­." Qing Shui became awkward as he looked at Yiye Jiange besides him.

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