MIMI Chapter 2429

MIMI Chapter 2429

Qing Shui stayed at her side until she had fallen into a deep sleep. By this time, it was already midnight. He got up slowly without disturbing her and left quietly. Qing Shui felt helpless about his situation; he had to continue his cultivation while satisfying his women while being a hero to many at the same time!

The power of the Throat Crushing Grasp erupted, and a cracking sound rang out!

"No wonder it could be so fast." Qing Shui secretly said. Originally, although the Diamond Gigantic Elephant wasn't really fast, it could still be considered to have an average speed compared to normal Demonic Beasts. Its main assets lied in its defense and physical strength.

The thing Qing Shui had mentioned, was none other than the agility-enhancing fruit. He had long retrieved two of those in preparation for giving them to Shi Qingzhuang. After all, after what he did to her, no matter what happened in the future, he still had to take care of her, and share his happiness and benefits together.

Qing Shui estimated that there were thousands of them, running with great power and speed along the valleys. To them, this speed was as if they were merely walking.

"Brother Shui, it is comfortable sitting on this!" Qing Bei interrupted Qing Shui's thoughts.

Almost everyone in the city heard the news, and soon, everyone was talking about the fate of the clan chief.

"Seven-colored mistysea grass!!" Back in the Spirit Stream Sect, he had read some information about seven-colored mistysea grass on a jade slip. It was a spirit plant known to emit a hallucinatory mist that could be used in psychedelic medicinal pills. Not only was it unusually effective, but it had absolutely no harmful side-effects.

Hearing Qing Shui's words, Misty Hall's Palace Mistress looked at Qing Shui seriously. She knew the importance of this acupuncture point and that it would take her at least five years to clear it by herself. It could even take up to ten or even twenty years before she was able to clear it.

The two old men with towering bodies seemed well-built as they continued to walk towards Long Lingyun.

However, there were so many savages and soul cultivators that even with the help of his Frigid Master powers, Bai Xiaochun couldn't wipe them all out in a short period of time. As the moments ticked by, the terrified and despairing soul cultivators looked around with flickering eyes, hoping to find some way of extricating themselves. Soon, some of them began to twitch and move.

A lot of Binding Talismans were torn apart around Feng Shamo. Only one Binding Talisman successfully took effect. It's already worth it, besides, Qing Shui's Art of Pursuing has also hit the target.

"I'm ready," the lady said softly.

Qing Shui's reputation was already quite well-known among the big clans and great sects of the Cang Lang Country. The position of the Hundred Miles City would definitely be raised to a decent level along with this propagation.?

His words were calm but infuriating. The day had finally come!

The possible effects the Mysterious Fruit could bring were too many. It could randomly allow the breakthrough of one martial technique, random increase in an attribute such as strength, speed and defence to be two times as strong or even having the chances of comprehending the essence of a martial technique or allowing him to gain an alchemy recipe...

Shaken, Bai Xiaochun gave Zhao Wuchang a long look, and then glanced at the soul blood. He was no newcomer to the world of cultivation, and had heard of things like this before. After muttering to himself for a moment, he waved his hand, and the soul blood blew over and vanished into the tip of his finger.

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