The Buggiest System v1 Chapter 2795

The Buggiest System v1 Chapter 2795

It was an old man in a simple moon-white attire. The length of his snow white hair was at his ankle. He looked thoroughly kempt. Most surprisingly, unlike how Qing Shui had imagined, the old man was not some tall, large warrior. Instead, he was just a lanky, dignified old man.?

The Inner Sect disciples were arranged according to the mountain peaks from whence they originated. They were also powering spell formations, formations which were vastly more powerful than those of the Outer Sect disciples. Such Inner Sect spell formations emanated powerful ripples which distorted everything in the area.

Ten days had passed since Bai Xiaochun left the Hall of Devil Slayers and the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect. All of Bai Xiaochun's Dao protectors were very nervous. Although none of them really knew much about the mission he was on, after spending a significant amount of merit points, they managed to dig up more information about the Foundation Establishment cultivator he was supposed to track down and kill. What they found was that this cultivator had a fairly significant background.

"For some reason, it almost seems like he's enjoying himself. Look at his facial expression¡­."


After playing around with it for a bit, he found to his surprise that he could actually grab the tail and stretch it out. When he let go, it would snap back into place with a twang.

"Well I guess it doesn't matter¡­ as long as I'm back." She covered her smile with her hand, and yet, that didn't conceal¡­ her bizarre dual pupils!! Chuckling, she blurred into motion, heading toward the location of the exit that had been found in the desert.

But Qing Shui could never know that every time he thought of it, he was actually subconsciously hurting that woman.

"Then why are they now taking action against our Qing Clan, I absolutely feel that Luan Luan would not cause a scene without any reason. I understand that young lass very well, the other party is definitely intentionally finding trouble."

The nearest pavilion building immediately collapsed to the ground, and some people from the Xiao Clan nearby were killed on the spot from the shockwave. The piled up snow and limestone powder were flying everywhere.

Boundless and shocking rumbling sounds echoed out as everyone from the Blood Stream Sect, including Outer Sect disciples, Inner Sect disciples, the cultivators who inhabited the four mountain peaks, the prime elders, and even the blood rippers and patriarchs, were affected.

"It's like all the decisions about this trial by fire were made behind closed doors, and everybody knows it...." Sighing, he looked over at Song Junwan. Song Junwan's eyes flashed as she also extended her right hand, causing the second blood-colored command medallion to appear in her palm.

Almost immediately, Bai Xiaochun's eyes lit up, and he gasped.

Qing Shui patted Huoyun Liu-Li's delicate back and smiled. He knew that he didn't need to say anything at this moment.

Although this trip was rewarding, Qing Shui did not discover any herbs of interest from the trade, which left a little regret.

The cataclysmic nature of the event was thanks in large part due to how well Zhou Yixing had gone about distributing all of the soul medicine. He had hired a lot of people to help, and had sold the medicine just as Bai Xiaochun had indicated, focusing mostly on the area around Borough 89. After all, if the effects were too scattered, they couldn't be considered a true catastrophe.

With that, they began to chase after him again.

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