Medical Princess Chapter 1972

Medical Princess Chapter 1972

At that moment, the captain suddenly saw the soldiers start to make a three meter path for a few men to walk through the crowd of soldiers.

Changyang Ba snorted, "Cheng Fei, that year has long since past. It was clearly your son Cheng Mingxiang's fault after he inflicted heavy wounds upon my own child, Ah'Hu. The troubles that happened afterward came from the trouble that Cheng Mingxiang caused himself. If you wish to blame someone, then blame your own child for his lack of skill. A Great Saint having his arm cut off by a Primary Saint." Now that the strength of the Changyang clan was far greater than before, Changyang Ba was not afraid of the Hua Yun Sect. So when it came to them, Changyang Ba freely spoke his mind without any filter.

A newly arrived genius of the Asura Palace coldly harrumphed, portraying an incredibly arrogant attitude.

Even under the helmet, there seemed to be no difference in his emotion as Zhar spoke calmly, "I admit, Caraga and Ka Zhafei both came from the same place as I, but our affiliations are with a different power. We are not friends, but instead competitors. Our relationship with each other is quite subtle, and if it was any worse, then it would have become hostile. With you and Ming Dong killing the both of them, I should thank you; in fact, you've eliminated potential enemies in my future."

"The Island of Ice is hidden in a secret location within the ocean, I can feel it through the bronze plate."

Later that evening in his own grand room, Jian Chen sat on top of his bed in the midst of concentration. He had wanted to try his best to come to understand the energy of the world along with the piece of a Saint Tier Battle Skill to become a Saint Ruler as soon as possible. By his side, the tiger cub wolfed down three heavenly resources and quickly fell into a deep slumber to process it into energy.

Big Yellow kept rushing Jiang Chen.

When the two saw the girl take out her bow they immediately took out their Saint Weapons as a precaution. As the golden arrows were shot, they were already waving their swords in an attempt to cut them down.

The flood dragons and tunes repeatedly clashed into each other. The battle seemed to be in a stalemate at the moment, where neither could defeat the other.

The tiger cub was extremely young and its paws couldn't support its own weight for an extended period of time. So it could only run for a short amount of time before resting and continuing the pattern.

"What is the meaning of this, how did the stones suddenly fly up into the air££?"

If Dugu Feng were to escape, then Jian Chen would lose all chances of being able to learn the Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Nearly half a day later at the imperial palace of the Blue Wind Kingdom, the king had been sitting in his study room when he received the letter. Reading it, his face grew more and more solemn, and the further he read, the more his eyebrows furrowed together.

Huang Zheng gazed at the disciple.

The Martial Palace was located right in the center of a mountain range with an extraordinary landscape. This mountain range was the most beautiful place in the Eastern Continent, and it was constantly covered in white fog, causing it to look like a place from the Realm of Immortals.

The ballad continued on for some time before finally receding away into silence. Her tender fingers paused in its movements as she lifted her eyes away from the zither at last and then onto Jian Chen and Qin Xiao who were nearby. Her eyes had registered them with a bright gleam of light that contained a lively look to them as if it were sentient.

"Yes, that's fine. Then I'll call for a banquet to celebrate the fourth master's return." Chang Wuji retreated into the manor. Although he looked quite old, his movements were as spry as a twenty-something year old youth.

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