Wife Of The Devil : Book 1REBORN Chapter 2029

Wife Of The Devil : Book 1REBORN Chapter 2029

Obviously, Jiang Chen's True Dragon Flame was much more powerful than Huo Yuner's Magma Flames. Also, Jiang Chen had an incredible amount of yuan energy, as well as help from the Dragon Marks. Because of all this, Huo Yuner couldn't compare with Jiang Chen. The flaming pike instantly shattered Huo Yuner's fire seal, and it didn't stop there, or even slow down. In just a split second, it had impaled Huo Yuner's shoulder.

But there was a flaw in this apparently perfect scenario. Although Jiang Chen had found a large amount of demon and devil souls, he had only found a small amount of crystal cores in these storage rings. The Nine Life Crystal Beast was extremely difficult to kill, and most cultivators would use the crystal cores for their own cultivation upon obtaining one.Chapter 217 ΓΏ Guan Yiyun's Shock

Bi Yuntian shook her head, "I have no idea. Your mother and uncle were still young at the time and so we didn't understand much. So we had no idea who they were. If anyone knew, it would be the elders, but they're dead now."

Inside the monster core was the soul of a magical beast. The energy within was not only pure, but also fairly strong. According to what Changyang Hu had said, the moment Jian Chen started to absorb the monster core, then he would start to feel a long stream of pure and strong energy flowing out of the core. It would flow up through his arm, and slowly be absorbed within his body.

The Crown Prince coldly harrumphed. In his mind, the status of the Imperial Emperor was supreme, and no one was allowed to insult the Imperial Emperor's dignity.

"Nothing worth mentioning, really. The Green Sanctuary Sect offended me at first, that's why I won't feel guilty about using them to my advantage."

Suddenly, Wu Jiu's expression changed. It was until now that he noticed the transformation of the Black Sect. Compared to three days ago, today's Black Sect had become too powerful. He swept his divine sense across the sect, and he immediately sensed the auras of more than a hundred Combat Soul warriors.

In a flash, an ear splitting sound could be heard as a ball of fireworks flew off into the air before exploding loudly.

"Haha, brother Jian Chen, the lord and senior envoys are waiting for you at the walls. Allow me to accompany you." The moment commander Duo Li saw Jian Chen, his voice grew even more polite than before.

Three sounds of metal hitting metal rang in the air as the Light Wind Sword sped through the air quickly and smashed against each of the Saint Weapons. Immediately, all 3 Saint Weapon owners were sent staggering backward with pale faces as they stared in shock at the floating Saint Weapon. Already, a small nick could be seen on their Saint Weapons.

The fat old man felt amazed while staring at Jiang Chen, the other two had a similar reaction.

Following the dense concentration of Saint Weapons smashing against each other, a good amount of the Saint Weapons suddenly broke in half.

Someone asked.

"There might be a mighty treasure!"

Meanwhile, Han Yan stretched out his arm and tried touching the spatial barrier.

Staring at Jiang Chen who was walking away, a confused look could be found in Huo Yuner's eyes. He followed Jiang Chen with his eyes as if that rather thin man had some magical attraction.

Simultaneously, Jian Chen's entire body was covered by the green fog of poison.

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