MAGIC Chapter 84

MAGIC Chapter 84

Daoist Black turned to Nangong Wentian, who had yet to say anything since arriving.

"If you want a war, then I will fight along££ But, I guess turning Red city into a warzone is not something you want to see either."

Practically lifeless where he stood, Yun Li found no words to say. Although he wanted to avoid this subject entirely, Yun Li couldn't find the words to quibble to avoid trouble, especially when he thought about the words he had spoken to Jian Chen earlier before the Class 5 Magical Beast cub came back to bite him.

The Heaven Saint Master from the Moyun clan caused an annoyance to the other powers who quickly tried to report back to their own factions.

This sudden development caused the other commanders to be stunned. After experiencing hundreds of battles and coming across many things, they were able to quickly react and flew at Jian Chen furiously.

"Early Combat Soul warrior, but has the ability to kill Late Combat Soul warriors. Not only that, you were only on a Mid Divine Core warrior yesterday. Now, tell me, what kind of legacy have you found? I might give you a quick death if you tell me."

Jian Chen's eyes flickered over to elder Xiu for a moment as he hesitated. Then, he finally opened his mouth and spoke, "Elder Xiu, have you never thought about Little Fatty going out to gain some experience?" As he spoke, Jian Chen's eyes stared heavily at elder Xiu.

It was an hour before noon, but the square was packed with people. It was bustling with noise and excitement.

At this moment, the cub that had been sleeping around Jian Chen's chest finally awoke. Opening its bright eyes, it began to look around the room before jumping onto Jian Chen's shoulder, using its furry head to rub Jian Chen's cheek.

As the night came, Jian Chen and the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries would often talk for a while before retiring, but Jian Chen would always take out his tent from his Space Belt and then two monster cores in order to spend the rest of the night cultivating.

At this moment, the elder suddenly opened his eyes in a single instant. Two mysterious glows of light flashed outward as if penetrating the space in front of him with a chilling stare. As if he could see through the building he was in, his eyes stared out at the outside scene.

Both of Jian Chen's eyes shined bright with an azure and violet glow. The left eye flashed with violet and the right azure. Suddenly, countless blades of grass flew up around the wolf and instantly transformed into sharp sword like shapes before flying into the wolf's body.

Jiang Chen's eyes became cold. He turned to Li Hao, and with an indifferent tone he said, "Scram!"Chapter 498 - You're Free To Go

Jiang Cheng stood guard and scratched his head with a puzzled expression on his face.Chapter 18Ă¿A Written Challenge

Han Yan threw his glance at the Crystalized Arctic Ice Silkworm. His eyes glowed in the same way as Jiang Chen's did.

The man who teased Jiang Chen earlier, told him to go back home, and drink some more milk said.

This was a land of dead, no grass or trees could grow, no animals or birds could stay. The shivering Yin Spirits were the only symbol of this place.

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