Jericho the Bard A VRMMORPG Story Chapter 1575

Jericho the Bard A VRMMORPG Story Chapter 1575

"Greetings, patriarchs!"

Those four huge cities controlled large areas within the Wildlands. Furthermore, far away in a location between War Champion City and Spirit Advent City was a fifth city, which was listed as the imperial city!

Nature Energy raised physical abilities by 70%. State of Immovable as Mountains increased physical abilities by 60%, Frenzied Bull's Strength increased physical abilities by 30%, Heavenly Thunder Slash increased physical abilities by 30%, Shield Attack increased physical abilities by 20%. Heavenly Talismans could increase physical abilities by 50%, this included the Godly Force Talisman, Divine Shield Talisman and Gale Talisman (that increased speed). High level Focused Concentration increased physical abilities by 20%.

There was a commotion of old and young people flocking around the front courtyard to get an idea who caused the explosion. These people were initially furious because of the damage the explosion had caused to the nearby area, but when they saw Qing Shui riding on his giant Fire Bird in mid-air, their faces immediately turned bitter.

However, Fei Wuji remained silent. He appeared perplexed. Cang Wuya sighed when he saw Fei Wuji's expression!

However, in the moment that Bai Xiaochun became a celestial, all living beings in the two dynasties heard the name Bai Xiaochun ringing in their ears!

His aura was different as well; there was an air to it that suggested nirvanic extermination, as though he wished any area he saw to be filled with death!

Without leaking a single bit of energy, Qing Shui used the Single Whip against those huge thick arms.

The sword edge pierced into Huang Qing's chest, penetrating in by 3 inches¡­...

Qing Shui appeared on the arena fully clothed after he had a bath!

However, almost as soon as that gleam of ridicule appeared, and at the same time as Bai Xiaochun plopped onto the ground, the countless early Celestial Realm-level leaves slammed into the turtle wok. And then, the spirit automaton's eyes bulged.

Bai Xiaochun nodded in response.

Once it came out, it started to run and jump about everywhere. Qing Shui was not afraid that it would run off nor was he afraid that it would run into trouble. There were not many people in Cang Lang Country who would be able to kill a Diamond Demonic Boar in an instant.

The Nature Energy had finally reached the sixth grade! Qing Shui was excited to know that the Nature Energy had seemingly been absorbed into his body and was promptly circulating on its own. He couldn't feel it outside his body, but the Nature Energy had indeed began to circulate in full speed in an instant.

Some golden spots appeared on the yellow Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique. When the Qi of the Ancient Strengthening Technique circulated through his injuries, these golden spots would enter the injured areas of his body and heal them.

"It's been so many years, and I know Heavenly Palace very well. That old guy will die very soon, and soon enough, I will be the one to take over Heavenly Palace. It doesn't matter whether that kid has recovered or not."

"You rascal. How dare you tease your elder sister." Qingqing smiled back with a flushed face.

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