A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 274

A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 274

Tianmu Ling followed Qin Ji's lead and left after that. Everything inside the cave was no longer recoverable, since it had collapsed, many groups of men began to leave in twos and threes. Yet, some people were still staying behind.

The elder patriarch grew dark as he spoke, "To offend my Guardian clan, you will regret this!" With that, the elder patriarch took out a piece of jade from his Space Ring and instantly crushed it. A strange energy immediately rushed out of it before wrapping the elder up in a strange spatial distortion. He quickly disappeared without a trace.

"I don't care who he is, I have to kill him today no matter what! The dignity of the Green Sanctuary Sect can't be challenged by any outsider! My sword, come out!"

Jiang Chen let out a shrill roar. His eyes had become red, and even Big Yellow had a cruel expression on his face. The duo had become incredibly savage after killing so much, they were like a suicide squad, and no hordes of enemies could make them feel afraid.

"10.8 million."

Han Yan asked as he furrowed his brows.



"How dare that bastard attack daddy's ass? Daddy here is going to eat him for sure!"

If people had any hints or clues to Changyang Xiang Tian's whereabouts that proved to be true, then they would be awarded with 1000 Purple Coins. If their information led to the capture of the person, then they would be rewarded with another 4000 Purple Coins.

"It's gone, again."

The intense battle between two Second Grade Combat King warriors; it was an extremely violent scene! Each collision brought the sky down and made the earth sink, and the entire area was a complete mess. Under the panic-stricken glances of these bystanders, Jiang Chen and the Old Great Emperor had fought for more than ten minutes, and countless attacks had been exchanged between them. However, a winner had yet to be determined.

Big Yellow said while shaking his head.

The Firethorn Savage's cave was really huge, but simple. Right in the middle of the cave there was a small pond, and in the center of the pond there was a golden egg the size of a human head. The head was glowing in a golden light.

Several kilometers away, in a ten meter tall passageway, a large group of the royals of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom and their guards were frantically escaping down the path. There were about 1000 people in total rushing through the quiet but cramped passageway. Occasionally, a sound could be heard from some of them. Some of these people were the concubines of the king and the members of the entire royal family.

Big Yellow asked.

Liu Wei Wang shouted out in disbelief. He was, after all, a Late Mortal Core warrior. He wouldn't give up so easily. He hurriedly started vibrating his Yuan energy, shattering the ice covering his arm. Even though the ice was now gone, he had lost all feeling in his arm due to the frost.

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