Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1523

Knight Kings : 1st Encounter Chapter 1523

As the two weapons clashed, the elder patriarch suddenly spat out blood and hastily retreated. Looking at his own Saint Weapon, there was a large gap in it.

However, this Heavenly Yellow Finger was much stronger when released by Lee Chang Hao, but Jiang Chen never really cared much about it.

"Yes, captain!"

The items within the Space Belts were numerous; a good majority of them were essentials that were needed to survive within the Tian Yuan Continent. Comforters, tents, food and water accounted for half of the items, while the rest were all items of little worth. There were pitiful amounts of silver and copper coins stacked on top of each other within the Space Belts, but Jian Chen did not feel inclined to take such a trifle amount.

Since it was prime time to eat breakfast, the tavern had quickly filled up its tables. Many of the mercenaries were forming groups to sit together. They exchanged information of what they've heard and seen, filling the room with their clamor.

Startled, the one-armed man held the bottle high into the air and stared dangerously at Jian Chen. "Jian Chen, this synthesis of mine has only one antidote! Do you really want your entire Flame Mercenaries to die from deadly poison?!"

"Bastard, worthless jerks, don't ever call yourselves men again!"

"So he is Jiang Chen? He only looks about 17 years old, what a young genius!"

The monk couldn't accept such treatment. He clearly saw other people entering the Heavenly Tower just now, but when it came to their turn, they were asked to come the next day. Wasn't this discrimination?

"Hold on."

Tyrant's eyes lit up upon seeing this. He had no idea how Jiang Chen did it, but he wasn't willing to let go of this golden opportunity. Without hesitating, he waved the Buddhist Beads and attacked the Devil King.Chapter 550 - Robbing Everybody

"Ha!" Halfway through another strike, Ka Di Yun didn't hesitate at all mid-swing. As he advanced closer and closer to Changyang Hu, his entire body started to emit an extremely strong Qi that imposed itself on Changyang Hu. Taking a swipe, Ka Di Yun tried to chop down Changyang Hu with his golden sword once more.

"Jiang Chen, you again?! Give me back my Emperor Weapon!!"

Jiang Chen cupped his toward Wu Lang. He had guessed Wu Lang's identity, Wu Lang's father was the Ninth Emperor, who was most likely Wu Jiu. This was certainly the reason why Wu Lang had been helping him, he had been instructed by Wu Jiu. Jiang Chen really appreciated the help, however, he just couldn't drag Wu Lang any further into this. After all, there was no easy way out of the conflict between himself, the Shangguan Clan, and the Myriad Sword Sect. He had killed so many of their men, and he didn't mind killing a few more.

The second lady of the Tianqin clan gently glided forward to Jian Chen and stared at him with a strange light in her beautiful eyes. "Lord Jian Chen is quite the famous person now. The glorious title of the King of Mercenaries has been so gained by lord Jian Chen."

"We will fight alongside young master Jiang till the last drop of our blood!"

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