WIFE!!!! PLEASE BITE ME!! Chapter 2154

WIFE!!!! PLEASE BITE ME!! Chapter 2154

Meanwhile, Tianxiong Lie's earth Saint Weapon crashed into the ground.

At this, the two elders immediately grew excited. "Fourth master, if you have nothing important at the moment, then we can go now."


"Young master Jiang, please have some rest here. We won't disturb you unless those Blood Devils show up."

Jian Chen let out a sigh in dejection before taking back the Light Wind Sword. If he was just faster by a second, then he would have been able to kill Shi Xiangran.

Both men left after saying that.

Yu Zi Han tried rejecting again, but he was stopped by Jiang Chen, "Zi Han, by giving you these items, I am actually treating you as one of my own men. As long as you work sincerely for me, there will be even greater things ahead. If you still want to reject me, that means you are treating me as an outsider."

Yan Chen Yu looked at Jiang Chen with her beautiful big eyes, now filled with desire.

"Is that right?" Jian Chen asked before turning to Nubis.

All they saw was Li Hui's arm being tightly gripped by Jiang Chen. No matter how Li Hui tried to shake him off, or how much energy he unleashed, there was nothing he could do to make Jiang Chen let go.

While Jian Chen and the Lanming clan continued to travel toward the valley in a mad rush, the patriarch continued to explain to Jian Chen all of the information he knew.

At that moment, a middle-aged man and elderly figure came walking over from their own tables. Without even giving a greeting, the two of them sat down with hard looks at him.

Wearing a bright smile, Jiang Chen accepted the treasures, content.


Stifling a pain filled shout, his face twitched erratically in response to the injury. At that moment, the fourth strike came at him.

Yun Can was extremely aggressive as he kept shouting for Jiang Chen.

"Garbage. With such a weak cultivation, you want to kill me? Get the fuck outta here!"

WIFE!!!! PLEASE BITE ME!! Chapter 2154 End!

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