My Instant Marriage Chapter 1060

My Instant Marriage Chapter 1060

"Isolated families? Does that mean every Saint Ruler has come from a clan or family that hide itself away?" Jian Chen asked curiously.

The man nodded his head, "Although he is fast enough to leave me behind, I was able to see that he left no marks traveling away from this mountain range."

Young master Qi left after saying that.

"I can only assume that something major has happened. I was in Antelope City yesterday and the guards there were plenty as well. The entire city has soldiers moving about everywhere as if they're searching for someone. What an uproar££"

"Ran Feng, your old friend is here again."


However, with Jiang Chen's incredible senses, he could clearly feel an unusual emotion coming from the Imperial Emperor. This man didn't really like him, no Imperial Emperor would like someone who was being impolite to them, because they are already used to sitting above all else. They would never allow someone to challenge their dignity.

Jian Chen had now took on Kendall's wish for his own. He would replace uncle Kendall and make the Flame Mercenaries the strongest in the continent.

"This, this is master's scent! But, didn't master leave this world already? Why do I smell his scent then. Did master return then?"

When this jade bottle appeared, a pure Yang aura instantly leaked out from it, shocking everyone who sensed the aura.

Yan Chenyu then said with a serious expression, "Little Yu understands. Chen Gege is an unrivalled hero, the greatest man in this world, and you still have a very long road ahead of you. Little Yu is Chen Gege's woman, and I don't want to become a useless burden. Little Yu wants to become someone of use to Chen Gege, not someone who always needs you to protect me. The Ice God is just a name; it's a supreme existence, and I'm going to accept its inheritance. Chen Gege is going to the Divine Continent in search for a better place to cultivate, and the same goes for Little Yu. This is the best place for Little Yu to cultivation. I'll pour in all my effort to cultivate her, and one day, I will go to the Divine Continent and find you all."

With an indomitable spirit and an overwhelming aura, the Dragon Transformation skill had successfully evolved. It had brought Jiang Chen huge benefits, 300 Dragon Marks, True Dragon Flames, and the True Dragon Palm. All of this had made Jiang Chen much stronger. Now, what Jiang Chen needed to do was kill Fan Kun despite all the obstacles. Once he did it, he would successfully gain the Dragon Transformation skill's approval and would match it in a perfect manner.

Following the aftermath of the damage from the energy wave, Jian Chen quickly traveled toward where the fight was taking place.

"I heard that senior disciple Guan Yiyun has entered Inferno Hell as well, but he was looking for an opportunity to break through to the Divine Core realm, therefore he made up his mind and entered. He vowed he would either successfully break through, or die in there. However, senior disciple Jiang's potential is much better than senior disciple Guan Yiyun's, I don't see why it's necessary for him to risk his life in Inferno Hell.

This sudden change in development caused elder Bai who was chasing after the cub to stop in his tracks as he stared at the several downed Earth Saint Masters in horror, "Elder Kai, Bentley, Zaegar, are you all alright?"

Jian Chen furrowed his brows slightly and stared at Quan Youcai unhappily, "Why are you following me?"

Yu Zihan said.

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