Super Gene Chapter 2601

Super Gene Chapter 2601

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes.Chapter 488 - This Dog Is Not To Be Trifled With!

Looking back how Jiang Chen had advanced with his cultivation, he had mostly been using this method. However, since he had the cultivation experience of a Saint, he knew what to do in order to not damage his foundation, and that's the advantage he possessed.

However, the old man at the late stage of the Qi Hai realm kept staring at Jiang Chen.His instinct told him that this young kid was different.His calm attitude couldn't be faked, and it wasn't something that was normally seen on a young kid either.

Jian Chen sneered and said, "I don't care who you are. You will not escape today." Without any further ado, the azure and violet Origin energy immediately grew bright before speeding toward the elder patriarch without mercy.

Daoist Black said with a deep voice.

"Big success! Let's leave Misty Mountain at once and return to the Black Sect."

Sector two, within a remote valley. Big Yellow laid on the ground outside a cave with a bored expression. Inside the cave, Yuan energy was boiling around Jiang Chen, literally making it seem like he was in middle of a storm which might explode at any moment.

Upon seeing this youth come forward, the other commanders began to call out to him enthusiastically.

What he saw was a gigantic monster completely made from solid ice, and it had launched another powerful and extremely fast attack, just like before.

Xiao Dao wasn't the only one having difficulty accepting this; everyone in the Raging Flames Mercenary Group had expressions of disbelief on their faces after hearing those words.Chapter 114: Zhou Mercenaries

Unperturbed by the patriarch's attitude, Jian Chen continued to smile, "Then I'll be calling you that from now on. You may leave now to handle your clan. Meet me in Mercenary City half a month from now and we'll leave together."

"What are you two bastards still waiting for? Hurry up and bring your young master's dead body away! Do you really believe that I won't kill you with my sword and burn your dead bodies together with Lee Chang Ming?"

But too bad, the Fiery Magma Dragon was too fast. In just an instant, it completely engulfed both men.

Jiang Chen immediately turned down the offer. This dog was really despicable. Just moments ago they were trying to kill each other, but now it wanted to have him as its disciple? How did it have the guts to say this? Besides, if he really had a dog as his master, how could he face people in the future?

All disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect were enraged, they wished they could tear Jiang Chen apart right now. Those disciples who were cheering for Huang Feng now had a shitty expression on their faces. In this first round, only the Heavenly Sword Sect had lost a man, and he was killed by a rogue cultivator. Jiang Chen had slapped the Heavenly Sword Sect in front of all the Qi Province residents.

Jiang Chen said. Nangong Wentian was not a man without aspiration, and he wasn't a man who lacked self-confidence, he just lacked experience, as he hadn't seen the world yet. A person who has never gone to the Divine Continent before just didn't have enough experience and knowledge about how huge this world truly was.Chapter 389 ΓΏ Southern Continent

"They belong to those who catches it! There are so many treasures here; can the Myriad Sword Sect take them all?"

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