The System of a Vampire Chapter 2038

The System of a Vampire Chapter 2038

Qing Shui gently embraced her and felt very warm. He indulged in the warmth of her body and that feeling of soft ecstasy. However, she had made clear that she wouldn't allow him to touch her until after she broke throughˇ­...


Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as bright red clouds appeared overhead. Then, numerous bolts of thirteen-colored flame appeared and began to fall from the sky....

After a while, Wenren Wu-shuang stopped her swordplay and turned around, catching Qing Shui looking at her at the far corner. She was stunned for a while, then regained her composure as she walked closer to him.

Shangguan Tianyou was so far ahead he wasn't even visible. Given his consummate level of talent, he had been able to transform into emptiness and then pass through the area effortlessly. The wind blades didn't so much as touch him. Lu Tianlei, who had previously believed himself to be on an equal level with Shangguan Tianyou, was left with hatred seething in his heart.

Perhaps sensing Qing Shui's impatience, Xi Ri simply said," Both of them know about the relationship between Tan Yang and Hai Ciya. But they are only qualified to challenge Tan Yang after their match is over. They are proving to Hai Clan that they are up to the task. Tan Yang and Hai Ciya have known each other for 4 years."?

Just when Bai Xiaochun was about to step down from his pedestal of triumph, Master God-Diviner's face twisted into a vicious expression, and he shrieked, "Hold on a second! Nightcrypt got lucky just now! Anybody can see that the violet qi rising from this immortal's cave is beyond ordinary. I refuse to believe that he found it by divination!" All of a sudden, Song Junwan frowned, and the group from the Spirit Stream Sect hesitated, and began to wonder if a divination had truly been performed.

Qing Shui straight away put all of the things into the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.


Because Gongsun Wan'er was not actually from the Heavenspan Realm, that meant that Bai Xiaochun was their first celestial, and the Grand Heavenmaster was the second!

"Last time I felt a wave of warmth after eating the energy-enhancing fruit. Why is there no feeling this time?" Confused, Qing Shui sat on the ground, and activated his Ancient Strengthening Technique.

After that, both of them held their children and rode the Cloud Crane towards Sky City. They took a long journey to send Qing Shui off, a distance away from Sky City.

Bai Xiaochun didn't have the inclination to pay them any more attention than they paid him. He could sense the ridicule in their eyes, but didn't care. By this point, the treasured fan already had a seventeenfold spirit enhancement!

Looking at the various people on the streets, he strolled along without a goal, occasionally looking at the beautiful ladies passing by.


Next, the hand wrapped around the fish and pulled it back toward a young man on the deck of the ship, who swished his sleeve to pull the fish into his bag of holding.

"What are you doing here so late, sweetie?" she said, somewhat flirtatiously. "Don't tell me you want to spend the night with me?" Eyes flickering with a mysterious light, she gently licked her lips.

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