Ancient Manipulator Chapter 302

Ancient Manipulator Chapter 302

The girl was none other than Yu Zi Yan. Her nervousness and panic was long gone, and now she just looked like a girl from a respectable family.

Hearing this, each Zhou Mercenary began to hesitate, but no one dared to disobey Cross' orders. Five men charged at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons in hand in an effort to stall him. Cross had then fled into the surrounding forests while the unwilling mercenaries had stayed behind at first before quickly following Cross into the forest.

"It's such a waste for him to have that sword."

Huang Tianba chuckled, "My Huang Family is not an ancient clan, unable to possess multiple Ruler Armaments. The more Ruler Armaments there are, the worse it is for our Huang Family. They're like hot potatoes, as with every one of them, more power is needed to protect them. Although my Huang Family is now without any grievances, just one Ruler Armament is enough. Also, there's no one in my Huang Family who uses the spear, so even if I take it, the All-Devastating Divine Spear is useless to my Huang Family. It's better if brother Jian Chen keeps it."

Jiang Chen was startled. When he heard those words, he became lost in memories. The Devil Realm was the home of devils, and it was located right next to the Western Region; an isolated realm by itself. Many years ago, when the devils tried to invade the Divine Continent, they were suppressed by the Buddhists of the Western Region, and Jiang Chen even ventured into this Devil Realm alone, killing many Devil Lords, bringing unimaginable damage to the devils, causing them to completely retreat back to the Devil Realm. After that, no devil dared invade the Divine Continent again. He never thought he would today hear that name again.

"Get down from me, your father!"

"Senior disciple Jiang, Guo Lei is not here."

The Cloud Capital had been a cacophony of sounds that erupted this way and throughout the city. But now, the city had transformed into a ghost city without a single bit of life to be seen. Not a single person had said a word as they watched the spectacle above them. Even the rooftops of the buildings had people standing on top of it, but not a single of them had dared let out a breath of air as they watched the battle.

Force the first time, there was some change to Jian Chen's opinion of Quan Youcai. He could not help but believe what Quan Youcai had said to Lin Bai about how he had a rather great attainment in Radiant Artes slightly, though it was only slightly.

Yan Chenyu immediately chased up. In her hand there was another icy sword made from solid ice. Without heisting, he simply slashed it toward the Crown Prince's crotch.

Also, although the Source of Combat Strength Talisman was powerful, it still has its weaknesses. The talisman can only be used once, and this signifies that Li Wu Shuang can only unleash one attack, after that, his own energy will be depleted, and he would become an arrow at the end of its flight

Guan Yiyun said. Right now, Jiang Chen was their only hope. No matter what, it was still better than having nothing to hope for. Furthermore, they had been following Jiang Chen for quite some time, and it seemed like underneath this heaven, there was nothing Jiang Chen couldn't achieve. All those people who had chosen to become Jiang Chen's enemies had all faced miserable endings.

Without being rude, Jiang Chen could simply give Daoist Black some advice, and he would benefit hugely from it. It could even make him break through to the Combat Soul realm in a short period of time. This was something incredibly simple for Jiang Chen to do.

With the surviving seven Heaven Saint Masters of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom all in their own respective factions, it was no exaggeration to say that these seven powers were fully deserving of being the seven strongest existences within the kingdom.

The remaining members of the clans at the tables all cast their gazes towards Jian Chen. They clearly cared very much about the answer to the question.

It was as Yan Chenyu had said; this place was a perfect place for her to cultivate. The benefits of cultivating here were much greater than it would be in the Divine Continent for her. Therefore, no matter how unbearable it was, Jiang Chen had to agree with her decision, let alone the fact that Yan Chenyu had made this decision so firmly.

"What, the passageway caved in? How could that be? This entire path was reinforced, just how could it cave in so easily?"

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