Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 702

Supreme Dragon Emperor Chapter 702


The leader sneered as he stared at Jian Chen. "You're quite intelligent, but there are times that the smarter a person is, the sooner they die. And so sometimes, a man doesn't want to be intelligent. Being stupid would allow them to live a little longer." As he spoke, a great amount of Saint Force was being concentrated within his right arm, quickly forming a long sword.

"Jiang Chen, Black Sect££ good, very good! You have destroyed my imperial family; I will definitely smash you all into pieces and wreak havoc! I will also execute all those useless fools who chose to surrender!"

"Sect Chief, the reason why brother Jiang insists on entering Inferno Hell is to save Han Yan."

The old man saw Jiang Chen coming out. He hurriedly bowed down and said, "Master has unpredictable powers. You will surely achieve the ultimate high in the future!"

Hearing that Jian Chen was awake, the girl tilted her head up to look at Jian Chen before immediately turning back to the dancing flames without a word.

While Cheng Mingxiang fought fiercely against Tie Ta, Luo Jian didn't idle about. Rushing towards Jian Chen, Luo Jian didn't bother to use his Saint Weapon since he was a middle rank Saint, so it would be a waste for him to use it against someone who wasn't even a Saint yet.

"Elder Hunyuan! Elder Hunyuan is dead! Third elder, Jian Chen has killed elder Hunyuan!" From down below where the dust was finally beginning to recede, the first Heaven Saint Master that had fought with Jian Chen could be seen on the ground. From between his eyebrows, a single hole could be seen leaking blood from the spot.

Han Yan started pounding his own chest and yelling. He felt a desire to rip Jiang Chen apart.

"I'm sure he's young master's friend, he must have met this guy when he was out traveling. But, this guy's cultivation isn't really that strong."

After the Devil King took out its mighty Devil Weapon, the duo had once again crushed its attack with their combined might.

Besides, Jiang Chen didn't need any explanation, because the explanation from the crowds weighed more than his alone.

"I can feel a supreme aura from it, it's as if a mighty devil king has just descended from the heavens! My soul is trembling just from sensing a tiny amount of the leaker aura! The beam is coming from Sect Elder Guo Shan's mountain peak, I'm sure it's from Han Yan!"

Jiang Chen cupped his fist toward Nangong Yunfan, then quickly followed after Nangong Wentian.

"Yes, your sister has grown skillful in the art of the zither if she is able to influence the heart and mind of a human with her music."" Jian Chen agreed. The effects of her music had been more than enough for Jian Chen to really believe was possible.


"Why do I have this feeling that Fan Kun has a real grudge against Jiang Chen? Besides, Jiang Chen and Jiang Wei fought a deathmatch, it's against the rules for Fan Kun to step in!"

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