The Extraordinary Player Chapter 1188

The Extraordinary Player Chapter 1188

Seeing the poisonous fog float closer, Jian Chen didn't hesitate before immediately holding his breath. His legs glided across the floor as he ran further away from the poison.

The elder's smile suddenly froze as his eyes grew cold and a small amount of killing intent leaked out, "Wu Yun, my patience has a limit. I don't have long to squabble with you, so hurry up and hand over the battle skill. Otherwise, I will force it out of you." With this, the elder's voice paused momentarily as a small sneer took control of his facial features, "If you really don't have a battle skill on you, that makes no difference to me, you will come back with me to the Harido clan and write it down for me. You will also write about how you can control your Saint Weapon to fly in midair."

"Yes, Ru Long, show Xiao Rou around."

His combat weapon was a mighty Superior Weapon, but with just a single exchange with Jiang Chen's longsword, he could actually see cracks on his weapon.

"Yes, young master."

Emotionlessly, Jian Chen replied, "Yun Li stole the Class 5 Magical Beast cub from my Flame Mercenaries and then killed the senior figure Duo Kang. His crimes cannot be forgiven."

Along the way, Wang Heng and another Early Divine Core warrior carried a big rattan chair. Big Yellow was comfortably sitting on the chair while rocking his head back and forth. He seemed to be enjoying himself, as if he was an emperor on an inspection tour.

Wu Ningzhu and Shan Ying both started moving toward Jiang Chen. However, before they could say anything, Jiang Chen turned into a white beam and disappeared into the far distance. He left in a graceful manner.

The faces of those from the Wu family looked extremely unsightly. Today was their ancestral worshipping ceremony, and none of them had expected to face this nasty situation. It was just as Yunzhong He said, they weren't here to talk.

The battle axe and huge blood red palm collided into each other and produced a loud explosion sound. The battle axe had destroyed the huge palm, but at the same time, Jiang Chen also suffered from a huge impact which forced him to fly hundreds of meters backwards.

Gently pushing away Tie Ta's arms, Jian Chen looked up at the bear-like man with some shock, "Tie Ta, a few years ago, you were the same height I was, but you actually grew so much since then."

Even after knowing his opponent was from Red City's Lee family, he still acted unrestrained, stepping on his enemy's face and even scolding a Mid Qi Hai warrior.

"The Bloodsword Sect is a powerful assassination organisation on the Tian Yuan Continent. It has already been around for several tens of thousand years and possesses strength that is equal to ancient clans. The method they practice uses slaughter to increase their strength. Every time they kill a person, they will condense a strand of Baleful Yin Force. The more they kill, the thicker the Baleful Yin Force they can condense. Not only is the force able to stun people, causing them to become all sluggish temporarily, it can also wipe out people's soul. They can kill without any signs, which is a worry to all people on the Tian Yuan Continent."


"We will follow what the president says." The president clearly held a very high status in the hearts of the two elders, as they both displayed courteous emotions.

However, the Restoration Pills were just too attractive, people wouldn't complain even with a buying condition. Most of the people thought that this was a good decision, limiting the quantity of what one could buy daily prevented the rich families from buying them all.

Nangong Wentian looked in the direction of the Nangong family, then both men turned into two trails of light and started flying at incredible speed.

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