God Among Saiyan Chapter 494

God Among Saiyan Chapter 494

Jiang Chen said casually.His word had become like a warm stream that flowed right into Yan Yu Chen's heart, causing her weak body to tremble.

Big Yellow's face darkened. If it was any other ordinary demon beasts, it wouldn't scare them no matter how many of them there were. However, the black crows were insanely fast, and the Divine Core black crow would be even faster. Surrounded by a huge group of black crows meant huge trouble for them.

Upon hearing that absorbing the energy in this place would be enough to get him to the Minor Achievement realm with the Chaotic Body, Jian Chen had been filled with joy. And when he heard that he'd be able to use Chaotic Force at that point, he had been ecstatic.

"Alright, I'll place Brother Yan in the Blood Banner, after that I will bring the two of you to Redsun Town."

In this Southern Continent, things were different from what Han Yan and Yan Chenyu had expected. This was a good land for demons to live in, and both humans and demons had their own superpowers in this place. Following the eruption of the war, complete chaos struck the entire Southern Continent.

Then the ancestor made a second announcement. "And now this old man has another announcement to make. From here on out, our friends Jian Chen and Ming Dong will be our most honored guests of the Huang family. Every person must ensure to be on their best behavior without any delay or risk this old man's punishment!" With that, the ancestor's voice grew harsh.

Big Yellow seriously reminded. Both Jiang Chen and Wu Jiu's expressions became tense, especially Wu Jiu's. He was the most nervous person here. Being trapped here for ten years; he wanted to leave this shithole more than anyone else.

Li Hao coldly harrumphed.


"Haha, senior disciple Jiang Chen is a man capable of achieving anything! I knew he wouldn't dump us behind!"

Jiang Chen picked up a devil soul and covered it with his True Dragon Flames, purifying it. Then, he began absorbing it while circulating the Dragon Transformation skill.

"Stop there!"

And with regards to the venom sack, it was considered to be priceless. This venom, when refined correctly, would become an odorless and colorless type of poison that could bypass any type of poison detection or people's senses. With this poison, even Heaven Saint Masters would be hard pressed to escape from death, since the only cure was the Silver Striped Golden Snake's blood.

All the people around were shivering, they looked at Jiang Chen as if they were looking at a demon lord.

The trio still couldn't believe Jiang Chen despite the serious look on his face.

"I knew it! They are new here, what bumpkins!"

"Since they have come to the Martial Palace, they will be a part of this place in the future. I'll get Xuan Ye to arrange their identities as disciples later. As for you, you are part of the Martial Palace as well, and you're also my sworn brother, so you don't have to go anywhere. Just settle down here and continue with your cultivation, no one is going to touch you."

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