Dominating Worlds: Starting with DxD Chapter 1775

Dominating Worlds: Starting with DxD Chapter 1775

The disciples of Irispetal Peak soon learned of the matter, and were a bit confused. Most people didn't pay much attention to it, but there were some Inner Sect disciples who began to speculate about what he was doing.

Humans were really weird. No matter what, they would often have a rebellious heart. For example, when a man met two women, these two women were really good friends. But one of the women fell for this man, so much so that she would throw away everything just to go for this man. The other woman on the other hand, she didn't have any feelings for this man. Under this kind of circumstances, it would be very easy for the man to develop feelings for the girl who didn't like him. This actually had a huge part to do with human psychology, to be rebellious. It might have been because those that were easy to get weren't precious and that the one that was relatively harder to attain would forever be superior because they would never know how attaining them felt.

Bai Xiaochun felt a bit disappointed about that. After all, he wasn't absolutely set on winning another deva soul, but if he could do so without much trouble, he would be more than happy.

10,000 years agoˇ­ these two had fought a battle to the death. And now, 10,000 years laterˇ­ the same spirit of battle could be seen!

Mu Qing helplessly sat down next to Qing Shui and picked up that translucent jade cup. Even the wine in it was translucent like jade, exuding an intoxicating light fragrance.

There was no need for him to say anything. Everyone had heard the confession, and knew that if what the Cai Clan elder had just said was a fabrication, then getting the truth out of him would be impossible.

"Junior Brother Bai is such a good guy."

Back on the north bank, he had never been able to perfect his Human Controlling Grand Magic. He had never been able to exert full control even over the small animals; at best, he had produced some random effects on their limbs.

Big Dipper Sword: Formed from the convergence of the unique silver sand of the Heaven and Earth, the materials were then forged into a sword by a skilled blacksmith. The sword can unleash lethal damage power while allowing the user to gain four times the power, and increasing both speed and attack speed by 20%. There is a 20% chance of increasing the attack damage by multiple times for each attack, subsequently decreasing 10% of the damage received. The user also has a certain chance of receiving an unexpected surprise from the sword.


He had wanted to die on many occasions, and the bitterness he felt had him constantly recalling his past glories to keep himself going.

All of this takes a bit of time to describe, but actually happened in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. Furthermore, what was occurring seemed completely unbelievable; even the clan chief's eyes went wide, before settling back into a mask of viciousness.

10,000 Years Cold Iceˇ­..

As a celestial, he understood more than just how to crush others with power. He also knew how to compromise and make deals. Therefore, it was without the knowledge of anyone that he secretly projected an image of himself into Bai Xiaochun's private chamber.

It wasn't an offensive spell formation, it was solely defensive.

Now that he had mastered his Undying Bones, he was able to easily unleash this peak level of fleshly body power!

He felt the Nature Energy grow stronger by a bit!

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