246 Chapter 1156

246 Chapter 1156

The reason why Jian Chen had said these words was simply to increase his knowledge on the strength of a Saint Ruler. The Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had already expressed his interest in the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits. The Saint Ruler was afraid of Jian Chen's identity as an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom, but this did not mean he was not afraid to act in secret against Jian Chen. As long as he could clearly understand the exact strength of a Saint Ruler, then Jian Chen would be able to find a plan to deal with a Saint Ruler should one attack him in the future.

Chapter 384 ΓΏ The Imperial Emperor's Ill Feeling

"It would appear that the problem is most likely because of that." Jian Chen muttered.

Yan Zhan Yun said hurriedly.This was his only hope, and he couldn' t afford to lose it.

The eleven Heaven Saint Masters were quickly sent into disarray as they gawked at Xiao Tian. Knowing just how strong a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was, their elderly faces grew pale and immediately ignored Jian Chen as their opponent. Ignoring the azure and violet sands that were attacking them, they all immediately flew for Xiao Tian in an attempt to kill him before he could use his battle skill.

Tyrant shouted out arrogantly. The image of an eminent monk from the Western Region was simply bullshit for Tyrant.

The floor in the furnace room was made from golden rocks, giving it a majestic look. On top of the furnace room there were some round-shaped windows made from transparent crystals. The round windows on top and square floors on bottom fit perfectly with the natural orders. And right in the middle of the room, there stood a 3 meter tall golden furnace.

"I wonder if Jiang Chen will be able to defeat Li Wu Shuang."


There had been plenty of antidote within the bottle for everyone to have some. Even better, more than half of the bottle remained, contradicting the words that the One-armed Warrior had said earlier about there being a limited supply.

When Xuan Ye sensed Wu Jiu's cultivation, his expression immediately changed.

"Hmph, old man Yu Ping, you should had stayed behind with your Cheng clan, there was no need for you to come visit Phoenix City." Another black haired elder stood on top of one of the rooftops.

"That cannot do, headmaster. You and senior Ye Ming will both have to return with the king. The ten Imperial Advisors and the three generals from the Qinhuang Kingdom will go with me to exact justice on the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. There cannot be an individual not at the Heaven Saint Master rank within our list." Jian Chen didn't hesitate to shoot down Khafir's proposal. Although it would be difficult for the army of the Qinhuang Kingdom to come across danger, precautions had to be made, and Jian Chen had planned on having Ming Dong and the others to be sent back with the army since they offered the best security.

It was Ming Dong's uncle, the grand elder of Mercenary City ¨• Tian Jian!

Agitation; a transformation! Jiang Chen was now becoming stronger.

With Jiang Chen and Big Yellow's current speed, they would need at least another two days before finally arriving in the Eastern Continent. Within this period, some new development took place in the Eastern Continent.

Huang Tianba put away his Solunar Bow in favor of bringing out his giant sword to fight Situ Qing. Each time he swung his giant sword, the powerful energy in the blade ripped at the space in the world.

246 Chapter 1156 End!

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