The Adventures of the Young Master Chapter 926

The Adventures of the Young Master Chapter 926

"Eee? Why did you stop talking?" He looked over curiously at the grand elder.

Fortunately, the lifespan of people on the World of the Nine Continents was long and they could also retain their youthfulness longer. Otherwise, Qing Shui wouldn't know if he could afford to wait.

Bai Xiaochun felt uneasy about the whole thing, although he wasn't sure exactly why. For one thing, based on his calculations, he was fairly certain that Hou Xiaomei had been taken away at roughly the same time that the dramatic battle had been fought back in the Wildlands.

Even as that thought crossed his mind, he proceeded forward, not only using the Giant Ghost King as a shield, but fighting back with him. His actions, coupled with his shocking fourteenfold spirit enhanced treasures, ensured that he was already getting close to the entrance of Cellblock D.

?"I am actually very strong too. If you do not believe my words you can always try me." The vulgar man persisted in trying to catch the attention of the woman.

"There's no need to worry. The Lotus platform would choose the person that is most suitable to become the next leader of the Lotus Realm. Once it recognizes its owner, the benefits that come with it would be enormous. The inheritance of the Lotus would let you all become peak experts in a short time. This time it had accumulated for 3 hundred years. Okay, let's begin. We'll go according to the number given to you. Come up one by one, there's no difference in being earlier or later. There's no need to worry. As long as your compatible, even if you get the last number, it would still choose you." replied the old woman before sweeping across all the people present with her eyes.

To her surprise, however, he had started out by chiding her. Considering her pride and lofty position, it was impossible for her not to have been angered. When he tossed her the medicinal pill bottle, that anger erupted, and she destroyed the bottle. Of course she had noticed the medicinal pill rolling off to the side. But how could she ever have predicted the next set of words that would come out of his mouth?

When used again cultivators of such a level, Qing Shui could easily push back his opponents. They say that in battle, if you take one step back, it'll be followed with many steps back thereafter. Moreover, although the powers of the Shield Attack would not be able to cause the opponent to be hit by dizziness, when it pushed back the opponent, the opponent's gathered powers would be scattered by half if not completely. It only took that one short moment.

The members from the 3rd generation moved some tables, chairs, and even beds to the clinic. The tables and chairs were moved to the 1st floor, beds on the 2nd floor, while the 3rd floor was empty.

Qing Shui called out from the room like a lunatic, but in the end, he couldn't hear anything from her. He didn't know why, but he felt a bit disappointed.

Unfortunately, the Giant Ghost King was one step ahead of him. It was with an enigmatic smile that he approved Bai Xiaochun's request for the giant ghost battleship, and then gave orders for Duke Deathcrier to help him pilot the ship, and also protect him along his journey.

Time passed. A month later, the words ˇ®Sect Uncle Bai' had become somewhat taboo. Whenever anyone thought of them, they would laugh bitterly.

If he could have his way, he would not see the Eternal Immortal Domains destroyed. However, the sleeping Mortal Renegade had sensed some dangerous crisis brewing, and had given him a very specific mission.

Actually, it would be fine to clear through meridian channels, so there were very, very few people who would choose to clear through their acupuncture points. If not, they would be like Song Lang, able to cultivate Divinity Protection at such a young age.

He was the Grand Heavenmaster!

Time passed. When the incense stick's worth of time was up, there were less than 5,000 plants left, which was significantly better than the record he had set when he had first been tested for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

Qing Shui felt a formidable strength emerging from the deepest part of his body, the increase in strength this time felt a lot more significant compared to those before. In the past, a cycle possessed roughly fifty-hundred thousand jins of strength. But now, it had achieved a strength as great as seventy-five hundred thousand jin!

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