Odd, the Conquering Gob Chapter 317

Odd, the Conquering Gob Chapter 317

Qing Shui was shocked with how well-informed the Qianyu Clan was. The news about him had been passed on so quickly even though it had only been a while since he arrived.

Yan Ling'er followed him upstairs as a faint smile appeared on her face.?

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As he looked around, fear built up in his heart. After all, the silence was terrifying.

Qing Shui returned to his room. Ever since he learnt that Yan Linger was from Yan Clan, he realized that each time he saw her, he could not help but recall the things which would weigh on his heart.

Waiting for 3 days, the Feng Clan actually held a great advantage!

Bai Xiaochun stared in shock before putting the spirit stones away. Soon, he began to sell Uncaring Pills, which were a byproduct of his experimentation with the uncaring fruits back in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect.

Eventually, the Saint-Emperor strode out and took his place in front of everyone. After looking around briefly, he smiled warmly.

Banquets could be done at any time. For example, when their child was born, or when their child turned one month old, or during their child's first birthday. By then the guests would know whose child that was and naturally knew those two were married when they attended the banquet.

"An alchemy recipe?"

"These are useless to me, take it. It will be more convenient for you to have it. Liu-li is often with you, it will be good for both of you to carry some of these." Qing Shui smiled and thrusted the sachet into Canghai Mingyue's arms.?

Sensing Qing Shui's call, the fire bird joyfully let out a cry and flew towards his master.

Joyous Meditation Sect!

Skysword Sect had alchemists too. The Tiger Vitality Pill given to Qing Shui when he became a Protector was still on him. He immediately took it out, saw that it was a beautiful and shiny blue pill, and consumed one.

"Clothings of different colours each represent a different Hall. I only knew that everyone from the Lingxiao Treasure Hall wears purple coloured clothings, regardless of their levels. Elders and the Protectors however had a different style in clothing." Canghai Mingyue explained when he saw Qing Shui looking at the clothes of the running pedestrians.

When he thought about it in this way, his heart began to race with excitement.

If he performed a twentyfold spirit enhancement, then he would break through into the great circle. After thatĄ­ was the legendary twenty-onefold spirit enhancement, which would make him a deva!

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