Akila DarkBrother: Book Four Of The Kasai Series Chapter 895

Akila DarkBrother: Book Four Of The Kasai Series Chapter 895

"Third teacher, why spare words on this man? He has killed twenty disciples, just how could we forgive him for this?" The middle-aged man standing beside the third teacher gnashed his teeth in anger as if trying to convince him.

Jian Chen nodded his head, "Ah, yes, I've only been travelling for two or three years now."

"Jian Chen pays his respects to the four seniors!" Jian Chen spoke with a calm smile to the ones around him. Since he knew that these four were the Imperial Protectors of the Qinhuang Kingdom and were Saint Rulers, he could speak without fear. In fact, he even knew two of the four already.

Before Dugu Feng could even finish speaking, the tiger cub had managed to let out an excited yelp, and flew from Jian Chen's robes as a bolt of white lightning in the direction of the black bear.

"No one can come to a good end when fighting the Martial Saint Dynasty. However, this Jiang Chen is truly an existence that defies the heavens! He has killed so many emperors and caused an unprecedented loss to the Martial Saint Dynasty. Thus, even if he is killed today, his name will still be known to the world."

"No need, I like this place."

"A plate of stir fried flower tiger meat, as well as any two side dishes. I also want a bowl of white rice." Jian Chen casually ordered a few dishes.

The four men stared back at the trio, and they could stop themselves from crying.

A strong shock could be felt running through Jian Chen's arm as it went numb. Glancing at what struck him, he could see a single black crossbolt made of pure steel forged in a unique way to make it even harder.

Yan Hong Tai asked.

"Show me what you got."

Wu Ningzhu moved and arrived next to Yan Chenyu. She showed Yan Chenyu a dazzling smile and said, "My name is Wu Ningzhu, a friend of Jiang Chen."

Mixed in with the furious cries of soldiers, twenty Earth Saint Masters flew toward Jian Chen's position with their Saint Weapons in hand¨•ready to attack him.

The Green Hellish Python screamed out in pain. Its body was ripped into two pieces from where it was struck, and a meter of its body had been completely ripped into pieces.

Initially, the people from Lianyun Castle thought Jiang Chen was just making conversation with them, but judging from how he behaved now, it seemed like he was serious when he said he would destroy them, because after hearing about the strength of the Demon Palace's three masters, no signs of nervousness could be seen on his face, he still maintained the same calm expression, and they could tell he wasn't faking it. With that, they knew this young man had the ability to deal with the Demon Palace. Killing those men in black just now also helped them come to this conclusion.

Some vigor reentered Situ Qing's eyes at that. Glaring, he looked to Jian Chen, "Ji--Jian Chen. You££.what are you...planning?"

"You are about to lose your life, and you still want your combat weapon?"

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