To Walk The Mist Chapter 174

To Walk The Mist Chapter 174

The gathered crowd watched as Bai Hao suddenly powered up, shattered the ancestral mountain, and then took all of its treasures. The result was that they felt like their minds were beings struck by countless bolts of lightning.

After absorbing the madam's soul, fluctuations of satisfaction appeared from Bai Hao's mark, which then faded into calm after a moment. Apparently, it was only the soul of the madam that had been needed; Bai Hao didn't seem to care about the other ghosts at all.


"I betˇ­ that it won't be long before everyone in the Eternal Immortal Domains realizes how shameless he is, and how good he is at causing disastersˇ­."

The thumb was the only place with no blood master. The blood mist which surrounded it ensured that it was a restricted area. That was where the Blood Stream Sect's patriarchs and prime elders resided. Only people in the Gold Core stage could go there.

"You never went to see them in personˇ­. That was smart. And safe. As long as they're alive, that's what mattersˇ­. That's what matters. That's what mattersˇ­." Bai Xiaochun had to force himself to remember to breathe. Eventually, he released Big Fatty Zhang's shoulder, and thought back to how Li Qinghou would often look at him with both sternness and love in his eyes. Suddenly, Bai Xiaochun's eyes welled with tears.

Virtually all types of seals and restrictive spells were useless against Bai Xiaochun. Even as he passed through the sealing power, he utilized his Mountain Shaking Bash, which caused him to accelerate rapidly toward the Celestial. Then he unleashed the Throat Crushing Grasp.

"You tell me!"

AST 438 Huoyun Liu-Li, Success of the Divine Shield Talisman, Doubt!

Before arriving at the Flowerfruit Mountain, he already ran into a strong Divine Black Crow, this cause Qing Shui to be worried about this journey. If it was just one Divine Black Crow, he would not be so worried, the problem was in the Flowerfruit Mountain, such beasts often travel in packs, some of them even powerful to the point where it had no enemies under the Martial Saint Level.


Wenren Wushuang was riding Zhu Qing's White Vermillion Bird when she arrived, but she had already sent it back home. Thus, Qing Shui decided to let her ride with him on his Firebird when the time came to send her back to Skysword Sect.

It was around this time that transmission jade slips began to buzz in all three of their bags of holding. When they scanned them with divine sense, they immediately heard pleas of help coming from their fellow clan members.

Master Cloud Lightning noticed what was happening, and it caused his eyes to flash with bright light. Although he couldn't be sure whether Bai Xiaochun was feigning weakness or not, he was supremely confident in himself either way.

The mere idea of a Nascent Soul cultivator caused his hair to stand on end. Shrieking, he drew upon all the power he possessed to flee toward the teleportation portal.

Fiery Golden Eyes!

Qing Shui looked forward to the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's growth. In his consciousness, he knew that this Diamond Gigantic Elephant could grow up to over 30 meters long, over 10 meters high, in its adult phase, akin to a small mountain. It would be able to soar through the air and dig into the ground. It was an existence which was strong enough to match up to a dragon. It was rumored that dragons and phoenixes existed in the world of the nine continents. They were all legendary existences.

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