The Soldier Mage Chapter 1488

The Soldier Mage Chapter 1488

No matter who it was, Li Hao or Xiu Rui, both of them had simply excluded Tan Lang when discussing possible solutions. Apparently, they didn't take Tan Lang seriously. Perhaps they were thinking that Tan Lang was not qualified to be their competitor. After all, although Tan Lang had extraordinary talent, he had only recently broken through to the Combat King realm, so it was normal for these guys to look down on him.

"Grand feast? You're going to eat all the herbs here?"

The one-armed man was completely pale with fright now. For the life of him, he had absolutely no idea just how or why the aristocratic young lord in front of him was targeting him with such a tremendous amount of killing intent. It left him speechless beyond belief and indescribably terrified. Neither did he know just when or how he had somehow offended the very same strong young lord.

In the blink of an eye, eight more Bloody Combat Wolves appeared. Nine identical Bloody Combat Wolves stood in a circle, surrounding Jiang Chen and Big Yellow.

Now that his identity was confirmed, Bi Yuntian fell to her knees to cry out, "This descendant welcomes the return of the patriarch!"

The old monk was completely stunned. He quickly sent out his divine sense and tried sending it into Jiang Chen's body, but to his extreme shock, right when his divine sense entered Jiang Chen's body, it was instantly knocked back by a powerful force.

Hung another one.

"Gate of Void, there is another gate here."


The Purple Coin token in the headmaster's hands released a faint purple glow, and soon the purple glow grew more and more bright. At last, a ray of light like a material substance shot out and directly landed on the bindings.

"Don't underestimate Nanbei Chao, he is a man with great talent, and he's a peerless genius. Since he has the courage to make such an arrogant statement, I'm sure he has some powerful approaches."

Zhao Chongyang said with an angry expression.

"Yes, my lord!' The aforementioned people responded.

Within Misty Mountain, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were hiding in a quiet place while counting time.

"Brother Jiang, be careful, this is a Shamanic Fire Ape, and it has reached the Mid Divine Core realm. I don't know how Yang Shuo managed to make this Shamanic Fire Ape obey his command. Also, all the other demon beasts, they are all controlled by Yang Shuo."

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes.

As long as he settled the matters with Yan Chen Yu, Jiang Chen would leave this place. He didn't take the Lee family's threats to his heart. His only current priority was to raise his level, which was why he had prepared to enter Origin Mountain and train.

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