A Superior Being Will Always Rise ¡­ Even If They¡¯re A Goblin Chapter 529

A Superior Being Will Always Rise ¡­ Even If They¡¯re A Goblin Chapter 529

"I just threw a rock into the hole¡­"

The Misty Hall was the nearest to the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, the three of them walked for about the time it took to brew a teapot of tea, around a distance of 10 li before arriving. The Misty Hall only accepts females, which was similar to Zhu Qing Peak of the Skysword Sect. It was the only hall that accepts female disciples in the entire Heavenly Sword Sect.

"Old Ancestor, will the White Cloud Pavilion help us? Can't you leave with us? We can all go to the White Cloud Pavilion. If they'll help us, you won't need to¡­" the man said anxiously.?

Bai Xiaochun sat in his courtyard on Fragrant Cloud Peak, looking at the jade pendant sitting there in his hand. After activating it with some spiritual energy, the pendant began to glow with a soft, green light that surrounded his body.

"From now on, we are even. You are to choose your own path. With this expert helping you now, there's nothing you cannot achieve on the Greencloud Continent. This has taken up quite a lot of my time, so I shall take my leave now." Qing Shui told Qing Hanye and her grandfather, who had already walked over to Huang Qing's side.

She gently guided Qing Shui into her embrace, unwilling to let him see the children that were currently practicing martial arts!

"If you have to choose between one, what would it be?" Canghai Mingyue smiled. It was quite rare to see this gentle side of Qing Shui.

"Grandfather, don't worry. It's no problem even if we do not succeed this time. I have plans to make eldest uncle and second uncle Xiantian martial warriors until the end of the year." Qing Shui laughed.

The time it consumed was only half of the duration when he had refined the White Jade Jiao, and it made Qing Shui to not expect too much. However, he was overjoyed when he had succeeded in refining the Everlasting Pellet, thus his mood was not affected while he went through this.

When that happened, he came to a shocking conclusion about how the Dragon Totem Ghost Sea Sect disciple he had just seen ended up dying. He simply couldn't fight back against the power of the sand storm, and had been shredded to pieces.

"Alright. Because Heavenly Palace disciple Qing Shui has broken the arena rule and voluntarily accepted Heavenly Palace's and Sword Tower's second rule, he has accepted to duel with nine warriors from the Sword Sect to the death. The battle will begin, and there will only be one of two results, Qing Shui will either die or live from the duel. The nine warriors of Sword Sect will also duel to death before admitting defeat. Only when they admit defeat, Qing Shui is not allowed to kill anymore!"

"There's a mountain¡­ falling from the heavens?" Not too far away from the stunned Bai Xiaochun, Mistress Red-Dust and the Giant Ghost King were also looking on in complete astonishment.

Even as everyone looked on with various suspicions and doubts, the sea of fire reached a size of 60 meters!!

Master God-Diviner, Jia Lie and everyone else from Middle Peak were now freed from Bai Xiaochun's blood master powers. Thanks to the blood rippers, they were now free to fight. Eyes flickering, hearts filled with all sorts of thoughts and feelings, they sprang into motion.

The little monkey, who had once again stood up, pulled on Qing Qing's sleeve like a small toddler. Qing Shui laughed. To think that their trip out this time had actually allowed Qing Qing to have such an opportunity, it was totally worth it.

After an hour had passed, the beast carriage finally stopped. When they peeked out from the window, they could see a luxuriously decorated manor in front of them. There was a certain delicate beauty in it, but the air of luxury had almost overshadowed the beauty of the manor

Qing Shui quickly pulled up the Pure Gold Fishing Rod in surprise.

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