The Three Realms Chapter 2358

The Three Realms Chapter 2358

The news instantly brought mixed feelings to many people. This was the end of a genius. Lately, Tan Lang could considered as one of the men who rose to fame among all other core disciples; a man with a bright future. If everything went smoothly for him, he could get along well even within the Asura Palace. But now, he was struck with such misfortune.

"You dared to knock against me, are you tired of living?" The initial speaker cried before fiercely reaching out to slap Jian Chen across the face with his palm.

The invisible Demon Soul was unceasingly pulsating. Without giving it any chance to revive, Jiang Chen directly grabbed it with his hand and burned its mind with the True Dragon Flames. Finally, Jiang Chen had gotten his first Combat Soul Demon Soul!

Big Yellow urged them.


An awful expression emerged on Fan Kun's face, he was not happy with this decision. He didn't know why Daoist Black favored Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen had caused such a huge disturbance today, and even though it wasn't him who started everything, he should still get some relevant punishments. But now, because of Daoist Black's decision, everything had come to an end.

Fan Zhong Tang glared at Jiang Chen fiercely. The meaning contained within the look was obvious, he would never let today's matter be resolved easily.

Even the mansion Jian Chen lived in had a nameĆæChangyang Mansion. The mansion belonged to one of Luo'er City's top 4 families, each had a foothold of power and influence. His own father was actually the leader of the Changyang clan named Changyang Ba. His mother was named Bi Yuntian and was the fourth concubine for the clan leader. Although she wasn't the primary wife, she still had a considerable amount of power in the family because she held the title of a Radiant Saint Master.

The faces of all the disciples from the Black Sect had turned extremely ugly. They were instantly filled with despair. They all knew about the hatred between Jiang Chen and the two mammoths of the Jian Province. However, Jiang Chen had withdrawn from the Black Sect, so why were they still getting involved in this?

"Elder Qin, what matter did you call us three here for?" One of the elders spoke. His voice was quite high pitch as if he was speaking from a horn.

"The fuck, why?!"

Jiang Chen started laughing. His hands were covered with blood red dragon scales, and his palms had transformed into two extremely sharp dragon claws. With a casual movement, the dragon claws tore apart the space. He stretched his hand forward, causing a loud £¦boom' to resound. A blood red dragon claw that was more than 30 meters long descended from the sky toward the Old Great Emperor.

After that, the third and fourth strike had struck out simultaneously with a speed that rivaled the first two strikes.

Han Yan asked.

Jiang Chen was controlling the black-clothed man, so he dared not neglect his orders. He brought Jiang Chen straight to the Demon Palace.

"You££ you really are the fourth master?" One of the soldiers asked Jian Chen nervously. While the other two looked at him expectantly. Only the soldiers behind the three showed confused expressions on their faces.

"Hahahaha, brother Jian Chen, you are far too polite. Whatever it is you need assistance with, I will do my best to assist. There is no need for this politeness." Yun Li laughed.

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