The Fallen Angel Himari Chapter 377

The Fallen Angel Himari Chapter 377

With regards to the seeds that he did not know how long it would that to sprout, Qing Shui put it aside in his mind. Even if it sprouted, Qing Shui felt that for it to bear fruits, it might take more than 10 years outside the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal.

Daoist Heavenspan immediately bowed his head and said, "Yes, sir."?

The base strength of the Fire Bird was close to a star, and its strength was already more than 9,000 countries. Under the effects of Phoenix Dance, its abilities were permanently doubled. Additionally, the Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens and the might of the ¡®Hell's Inferno doubled its strength once again, allowing the Fire Bird's attack power to reach four stars.

Presently, under the State of One with Elephant, he could increase the Diamond Gigantic Elephant's strength by two times. Most importantly, there was also the Instantaneous Diamond Evasion.

Bai Xiaochun smiled. The moment he had seen this old man's face, he knew who he was. He was the owner of the precious treasure that was the hourglass. He was the Master of the Worldly Daoist, as well as the Mortal Daoist, who eventually changed his name to Mortal Renegade. This old man had transformed himself into time itself.

Du Lingfei was in that area, and immediately fell under the protection of the spell formation, ensuring she wasn't harmed at all. Even as the land shook, numerous figures came into view.

Throughout the construction of Giant Ghost City, he had left all sorts of traps here and there. The grand spell formation itself was riddled with smaller spell formations that not even the original Giant Ghost King had been aware of.

He actually managed to successfully create the medicine. As she thought of the other alchemy recipes she made, she felt a sudden excitement. Since young, she did not have many hobbies. The only things that she looked forward to were when medicines were made successfully using her alchemy recipes and of course that she will one day be able to practice alchemy herself.

It is like the difference between the color red and blood red. Even though they are all reds, but people don't feel fear when they see red. However, when they see blood red, their heart will race, they will be afraid and it might even cause them to faint.?

"Fortunately, we do have some Qianji Wood. However, we do not have any Three Tailed Immortal Fox Blood because only fresh blood is useful. There is no way to store the blood unless someone manages to tame a Three Tailed Immortal Fox."

"Heh heh, a lot of people said that the young man would not stand a chance from the very beginning of the battle. But isn't he still standing here all fine and dandy? The men from the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan, on the other hand, were all dead." Another person quickly retaliated, unconvinced that Qing Shui would be defeated by the members of the Eastern Palace Aristocrat Clan that easily.

It was without hesitation that he ignored Patriarch Starry River, and locked his gaze onto the nascent divinity form of Patriarch Polarity River. Killing intent seething, he threw his arms up into the air.

Qing Shui was only there to show his presence and nothing else. After the time to take an incense stick to burn had passed, Old man Qin had finally announced that Qin Shang would be the next head of the clan. When there wasn't any objection from the members of the Qin Clan, Qing Shui finally allowed himself to leave. He had fulfilled his promise to Qin Shang - he only came just for Qin Shang's sake.

The souls began to pour into the thirteen-colored fire, a process which took less time than it takes half an incense stick to burn. It was at that point that a fourteenth color appeared!

"Smells good!" Qing Shui whispered and laughed.

The Lingxiao Treasure Hall was like the moon in the centre of the skies, situated in the most central location while the other halls are clustered around it in varying distances.

"Come, give me a beauty to hug!" Qing Shui lustily called out!

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