Let me be your voice Chapter 1762

Let me be your voice Chapter 1762

Translated by XianXiaWorldChapter 199 ÿ The Usage of the Crystal Core

Jiang Chen shouted. Big Yellow immediately understood what he meant, and with incredible speed, he dashed forward and arrived next to the dead body, then he snatched away the storage ring without any hesitation.

Slowly standing up, Jian Chen looked at the headmaster of Kargath Academy with a series of mixed feelings. Several years ago, the headmaster had been an entity that he could barely hope to reach and could only stand to look up at. But now, this figure he had looked up to was now speaking to him in an extremely courteous manner. This was a feeling Jian Chen would never get used to.

Puchi... Argh...

Tyrant was a stubborn man. He didn't understand why his master did this. The Great Leiyin Temple was a supreme Buddhist existence. Anyone following the Buddhist path would feel prideful for being able to join the Great Leiyin Temple. However, his master had turned down every single invitation from them.

"Where did this idiot come from? Doesn't he know the rules of the Blissful Island?"

As soon as the entire audience heard the fact that the white-robed outsider that came along with Ming Dong was the extremely famous Imperial Protector of the Gesun Kingdom, Jian Chen, everyone became stupefied once more. Straight away, a clamor could be heard as they all looked at him with looks of both adoration and fear.

"What did you just say?"

What?! This scene shocked everyone once again. This was amazing, the spectators couldn't believe this was real.

The wind in the air began to pick up quickly before enveloping Jian Chen in a giant gale. Within the cyclone of wind, a bright blade of wind appeared before cutting apart at Jian Chen from every angle.

The man who spoke previously cried out, causing the group of mercenaries to call out their Saint Weapons as they charged toward Jian Chen.

In fact, Jiang Chen didn't want to let Shangguan Ying run away today. The reason was simple. First, Shangguan Ying was from the Shangguan Clan, Jiang Chen's deadly enemies, and there was no way he would set his enemy free. Secondly, Shangguan Ying had found out about the existence of the Ice Demon King, so if he ran away from here, his secret weapon would no longer be a secret. For him, the Ice Demon King was his biggest secret weapon, and it would lose its significant meaning if the secret was exposed.


Words of greeting and conversation were made promptly afterward before the two Saint Rulers moved to the crux of the problem. "Jian Chen, the two of us already know about the aggressions of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. Our Qinhuang Kingdom will certainly not leave matters at this. You can lead the way, and we will meet and deal with that Saint Ruler."Chapter 513: Invitation of the Saint Ruler

Qing Styx shook his head helplessly with an look of extreme disappointment on his face. Judging from today's situation, he had lost all his hope of obtaining Firethorn Savage's demon soul. He was standing in the heart of the Black Sect, and with the presence of Daoist Black, there was no way for him to kill Jiang Chen. The initial plan of having his core disciple, Huo Yuner, fight with Jiang Chen, didn't work out either. Not only that, he had to make sure Huo Yuner didn't act impulsively, in order to save his life. If not, he would just experience the same as Yun Can.


"Jiang££ senior disciple Jiang, most of the Mortal Restoration Pills we collected were given to the disciples from the inner circle! If senior disciple Jiang really wants them back, I can go find senior disciple Cai in the inner circle!"

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