The Broken Marriage of Xi Lei Hua Chapter 937

The Broken Marriage of Xi Lei Hua Chapter 937

Jian Chen pulled out the bloody sword from the Magical Horned Boar's throat. As he casually moved it, all of the blood on the Light Wind Sword began to gradually flow downward. It slowly gathered at the point's end, before finally dripping onto the ground, drop by drop.

Slowly laying back down on the ground, the tiger lay its head on the ground and closed its eyes again.

Just as the sword and Guan Dao collided, Jian Chen's face suddenly changed. He immediately paled as he felt an intense churning sensation in his stomach, and he immediately retreated.Chapter 76: Using Tai Ji Against the Enemy

Fan Zhong Tang's expression changed. He had never seen anyone so ruthless before.

Countless of people began to mourn out for the death of this person while others glared furiously at Jian Chen.

Jiang Chen said with a smile on his face.


Great Master Ran Feng did not doubt Jiang Chen's words. He was well aware of what kind of person Ancestor Greenlotus was. Ancestor Greenlotus had traveled the entire Saint Origin realm throughout his life, and had saved many people. A nobody like Jiang Chen's ancestor would surely hang up a portrait of Ancestor Greenlotus and worship it. Perhaps the ancestor of Jiang Chen's family would never have imagined that he would have such a heaven-defying descendant.

It was Tyrant who answered the question. His words carried a prideful undertone. Having such a formidable Ancestor Master, Tyrant would naturally feel proud about it.

The strong milky white light of the light Saint Force enveloped Jian Chen's entire body as its strange glow slowly entered his body. As of that moment, the flesh all over his body was being mended.

A terrifying scene presented itself in front of everyone. The arrogant Huang Feng didn't even have the chance to scream, his head was now flying high in their air. It had been severed by the bright light in Jiang Chen's hand.

Xuan Ye explained.

After Xiu Mi Si left, quite a few people from complex backgrounds approached. These people did not want to greet Tie Ta, but only wanted to join his group. However, all of them were rejected. Tie Ta had no feelings for any of this people, and he was unwilling to interact much with them.

Now that they were greeted with such a sight, everyone had come to the startling realization that the two of them were of the same group.

Tian Yishan warned.

The fact that this Little Spirit, a being that had only just been crying over the loss of her long-lost master yesterday, was so pained at his current situation, Jian Chen couldn't help but feel slightly emotional as well. He had taken a liking to Little Spirit, and his feelings of her felt like a fellow orphan that was all alone in the world.

This man was Guan Yiyun.

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