Ultimate Goddess System Chapter 2570

Ultimate Goddess System Chapter 2570

"Qing Shui!"

"Everyone just stood by and watched while he killed eight people?!?! The survivors were forced to hide together behind a spell formation?!"

Soon the bells had rung seven times, and then eight.... Finally, when the ninth tolling of the bell could be heard, rumbling sounds filled the air as the cultivation bases of all of the eighth level disciples exploded out with full force. Like arrows loosed from a bow, all of the disciples shot into action!

"Greetings, Major General!"

Qing Shui didn't give up and ate another one. This time, Qing Shui was stunned. He gained half a star of abilities. The transformation of one's marrows could actually increase one's abilities?

Before he had gone very far, he suddenly realized that he already missed the Blood Stream Sect. He thought back to everything which had occurred there, and couldn't help but look over his shoulder one more time at the sect.

"Let's go see if Li Yuansheng will dare to make a move against me when I go as a representative of the Hall of Devil Slayers! Will he dare to disrespect the hall?!" Seething with anger, he rushed over to the teleportation portal. Just before teleporting down, though, he hesitated for a moment, and then sent a quick message to Hallmaster Feng Youde. He felt much better after that, and quickly teleported down and shot toward the west district, and the desert.

"Who is this Bai Xiaochun? What kind of background does he have?!"

"We were done with it in the morning. Yanfei sister-in-law is also in Hundred Miles City, so we went together. Sister-in-law is very pretty. Brother Shui, your future wife should be very pretty too, right?" Qing Bei grinned and said.

"Stop making a fussˇ­ˇ­"

Yes, Qing Shui saw White Frost Nectar. He had a hunch that it was collected from the mountains behind them. Seemed like it was also known as White Frost Nectar in the world of the nine continents. Perhaps Gongsun Jianwu didn't recognise it the other day because she wasn't an alchemist.

The Live Forever Demigod!!

As the saying goes, powerful men loved meek women that followed their every wishes. Qing Shui had to agreed with this. An example of what he loved most was the holy woman Canghai Mingyue descending to mortality, behaving like a little woman in front of him, as well as ice princess Shi Qingzhuang, melting her ice heart and opening up to him.

"Tempered Bones involve a full transformation of the body, leading to an explosive rise in defenses!

The south bank was shaken. All of the disciples who actually knew Bai Xiaochun felt like they suddenly didn't recognize the person standing there in front of them. He seemed like a stranger. The Bai Xiaochun they remembered loved to make people call him Sect Uncle Bai. He was a somewhat annoying person who made everyone feel like giving him a good beating. This person was completely different.

"Highbrow beast!!

"Fuse, dammit!" he shouted, sending some of his cultivation base power out to block the sea of fire, and using some of it to try to force Bai Xiaochun and Du Lingfei to fuse together.

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