Fei Ling Chapter 2960

Fei Ling Chapter 2960

The ancestor said nothing about the matter and instead moved straight to the main topic at hand. "This old man has called you all here today for an announcement." The ancestor stopped for a moment as his eyes observed the several individuals of the Huang family with bright eyes. "From here on out, Huang Luan's betrothment to the Huanggu clan is now absolved. Have someone sent to the Huanggu clan to tell them of this news!"

The emperors and Golden Guards were all furious. The huge character formed from human heads was like a sharp blade poking into the Martial Saint Dynasty's head; it was a huge provocation to the mighty Martial Saint Dynasty!

Jian Chen forced out a smile as he looked at Xiao Tian and the others, "I didn't think you would be able to find me so quickly."

The space was ripped apart by the devastating attacks. The battle between Combat Kings could easily shake the heavens and earth, sending raging tsunamis rolling across the ocean surface. Without hesitating, all the spectators quickly moved back, not daring to stay too close to the battlefield. Although three geniuses of the Asura Palace had worked together, they still couldn't withstand the Island Master's devastating attack. The three were instantly sent flying backwards, their expressions turning extremely unsightly.

With a flap of his blood wings, together with the Dimensional Shift skill's help, Jiang Chen moved incredibly quickly. He was much closer to the entrance than Ye Xiao and the others were, so it was impossible for Ye Xiao and all other opponents to stop Jiang Chen from entering the Island of Ice.

The Master Blissful didn't reply to Mao Sheng, he instead turned around to Jiang Chen and asked, "What's your name?"

The young woman did not plan on letting Jian Chen go at all and chased after him.

After going into consideration for a long period of time, Jian Chen had finally reached a verdict on what to do next before finally settling into a state of meditation to recover his strength.

Someone shouted out loudly. It looked like the outer circle was going to be in a mess today.

Guan Yi Yun patted Jiang Chen's shoulder, then he said again, "Oh right, I'm actually here for something!"

"What, resurrection!" Jian Chen said startled as he stared at them all with disbelief.

Big Yellow's ears instantly stood up, and an evil smile emerged onto his face. A good show was going to play out soon!Sorry for the late release! Power was out for maybe 6 hours, and when it came back, internet was down for 3-4 hours, so I couldn't release any chapters. 2-3 more coming later!

Daoist Black laughed and talked to Guo Shan through his Divine Sense.

Jiang Chen asked Tian Yishan with a smile on his face.

This place made Jiang Chen think of the wasteland area within Fragrant Sky City. That place was where had been reborn. There, he had been captured by two guards of the Jiang family that were trying to take his blood. It could be said that Jiang Chen's new life was birthed from a wasteland similar to this one.

Han Yan said out loud while fighting three Late Combat Soul warriors by himself.

Jiang Chen gave Big Yellow a big thumbs up. Thinking back, when Ruan Ling and the others treated him as Big Yellow's friend and wanted to kill him without any hesitation, it wasn't really their fault. It was just that what Big Yellow did really made him deserve to be hated by both man and god.

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