The Demon King Chapter 1292

The Demon King Chapter 1292

In the lead position was Shangguan Tianyou, whose expression was the same as ever as he waved a sword through the air, causing several puppets to explode. He didn't even slow down by a bit, maintaining his first place position.

Celestial Ren Ling was a bit weaker than him, but the murderous aura that roiled around her actually surpassed his! In terms of both brutality and number of kills, few celestials in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty could surpass her!

Fei Wuji couldn't even utter a word. He had once reproached Qing Shui for reaching Grade Five Martial Saint and yet refusing to go to Southern Viewing Continent. Now he knew how ridiculous that action was.

The surrounding guards continued to look over at him with odd expressions on their faces.

It could increase one's chances of success by thirty percent!!


However, he had no idea why she would ˇ®set up a stall' around here. Based on her capabilities, she might have already searched for the best alchemist in the world. However, she might have difficulty in finding someone who would be willing to use a divine medicine that bring the dead back to life on someone they barely knew. This kind of medicine certainly does exist, but no one would be willing to part with it.

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"Who wouldn't like such good stuff, heehee" Qing Shui grinned.

Zheng Yuandong's face twitched. He was truly stupefied. In all the years he had practiced cultivation, this was the first time he had ever encountered a disciple as outlandish as Bai Xiaochun.

Although she couldn't be considered as an old friend, they had shortly crossed their paths once. It was a rare kind of fate to be able to meet someone you had met once.

"That's got to be it. I, Bai Xiaochun, am an upright and proper person. Of course the techniques I create are upright and dignified. How could I possibly make anything shady or underhanded?" Having comforted himself in this way, he looked back at Gongsun Wan'er's palace of operations, and considered whether or not to go inside. As he did, the main door quietly slid open.

That was around the time that Bai Xiaochun's cultivation base eventually entered the great circle of the tenth level of Qi Condensation. Apparently, he had reached a barrier that would be very difficult to pass.

Feeling very pleased, he returned to the fan to find Bai Xiaochi waiting for him, an envious look on his face. Without any further ado, they turned the fan and headed off into the distance. By this point, the brothel's spell formation wasn't working anymore, and therefore, they easily escaped the area.

One thing he loved was when night fell and, from his spot at the temple, he could see lamplight filling the little town. Each of those flickering lamps represented a familyˇ­.

AST 247 - Alchemy Recipe? 1st level of the Soulshake Bell.

"Haha, alright! That's what I like about you! He`Er is still slightly inferior to you." said Qianyu Dingjun randomly.

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