Evolutionary Prison Chapter 2300

Evolutionary Prison Chapter 2300

"I know," Bai Xiaochun replied through gritted teeth. "This guy is definitely anything but ordinary. However, you don't need to worry. Master has a lot of experience dealing with old guys like this!" Bai Xiaochun was mostly convinced that he had just taken the wrong angle. Therefore, the next night, he found a fishing pole, sat down next to the gravekeeper, and started fishing with him.

He had known that Bai Hao had latent talent in flame conjuring. However, latent talent didn't necessarily manifest into action. But right now, Bai Hao had casually conjured everything from one- to eleven-colored flame, leaving the clan chief shaken to his very core.

Ripples filled the area as numerous banesouls appeared in quick succession, their eyes gleaming with longing. Bai Xiaochun's face drained of blood as he contemplated what it would feel like to be ripped to pieces.

It was that same song about the mother whose arm was eaten by her own child!!

"Hmm, after a few more years, I will go and explore the world. I want to leave a legacy in all of the most beautiful places in this world of the nine continents during my lifetime." Qing Shui smiled as he stared at the vast skies.

A blank look could be seen in his eyes, as though he had forgotten something. Furthermore, as he looked around, he got the sensation that nothing around him was real.

Currently, the deputy warden and ten captains from Cellblock B were clustered around him, leading him in the direction of their cellblock.

"I heard a story once...." Bai Xiaochun said.

She smiled, and Bai Xiaochun instantly felt his scalp tingling explosively. For some reason, her gaze actually filled him with a sensation of profound danger. He quickly bowed his head.

Qing Shui hesitated and then called out another beast but this time, it was a Jade Emperor Bee. Similarly, it was not able to let the Long-armed Vicious Monkey King move a single step but its stance was slightly inclined forward.

Almost immediately, he was shaken to the core. He had seen beautiful women before, such as Hou Xiaomei, Zhou Xinqi, or the missing Du Lingfei. They were all exquisitely good-looking. However, there was something graceful and elegant to Song Junwan that few women could compare to.

If a woman liked money, she'd find a rich man. If she was a love struck fool, she'd find a pretty boy. If she was jobless, she'd find a capable and strong man. If she was shameless, she'd be a mistress to a capable manĄ­...

"You have sought your own death, foul creature!" the Mortal Renegade shouted. The entire starry sky trembled as a massive, tempest-like energy spread out, causing even Bai Xiaochun to back up in shock.

"Mingyue, he is your father's Master, and this is your father's younger Martial Brother, Elder Fei." Qing Shui felt helpless. He had initially promised Canghai Mingyue that he would not take out the Heavenly Palace's Token, but he had not expected the old man to be able to sense the token he had given to Canghai.

When an occasional flying steed would pass by in the air, the people around would all lament in envy.

"Um, Jiange, have you ever liked any man? Have you ever thought of marrying or spending the rest of your life with a man?" Qing Shui tried to explain himself but he did not know if he explained himself clearly. Actually, Qing Shui wanted to ask her if she was just cold or did she not like menĄ­Ą­

This was the actual prowess of beauties, to be able to draw one's soul away. This was what it meant to have unsurpassable beauty, beauty which could cause the fall of countries and cities, which could bring trouble to the country and its people. Femme fatale was insufficient to describe her beauty.

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